Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thoughts and....2 Down, One more to go!

Suddenly I have all these thoughts in my head.
Things I need to write down and post about.
But there's just not enough time and then there's so many favorite blogs that I'm having a hard time keeping up with.
On top of that, my computer at work is down.
First it was the "fan" in the computer tower.
That happened on Cyber-Monday.
Secretly I felt like it might be part of a conspiracy but I really wouldn't have used it for on-line shopping...
Well, maybe on my "break" or my "lunch half hour" so I guess it was just as well.
I just have to go up to the front desk to use one of theirs to check my scheduling and do my "re-arranging" of boarders.
Yes, it kinda irritated me that the staff was up there on Facebook and looking up Christmas cards to order.
I grumbled to myself, if MY computer was working I could be doing important things.
Like reading some blogs.
And it makes for boring lunches. Nothing to surf.
Just eating my lunch as Edgar the cat tries to grab it out of my hands.
(more about HIM later. That's a post in itself).
Now the mouse isn't working. Or rather the place where you plug the mouse into the tower, that thing has to be ordered in.
Yeah, I can't complain about it.
Or rather call too much attention to my need for it.
And in a week, I will be running around at top speed that I will hardly have time to go potty much less Log In.
So I scribble down thoughts on the backs of used cage cards for now and stuff them into my pockets.
Thoughts about stuff I want to write about. Hopefully I can later decipher what my original thought process was at the time.
And here at home?
No time.
I'm painting, I need to clean the house but right now I'm just lucky to keep up on laundry.
and I have posts about Nora and Poppy to update about...
Now that they have both settled in and know they are HOME
and apparently can do whatever they like.

Here's my latest commission painting.
Now on to the poodles. They are driving me NUTS. Trying to paint 2 BLACK dogs.
Black blobs....with eyes.
No definition. I've ruining one painting and have started over.
I'm making this one more "POP ART", kinda Abstract and hopefully it will be acceptable.
The client has emailed me that she would like me to also do her newest dachshund's portrait, a group photo of all her dachsie's and her terrier AND another of her pony.
I emailed her to hang on and that she's scaring me.
I've only shown her the first boxer one. The one I thought would be easiest.
I told her to wait and see the other two paintings to make sure she likes them too.
OK. off to work on the Poodle painting....wish me luck!


thecottagebythecranelaketwo said...

I do wish You all the luck in the world :-) But You won't need luck, You are talented!

To bad when the computer stop working! I use my mobile phone to surf the web now days, the only thing I don't do on it is commenting, my phone changes all words from English to Swedish all the time :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

love the fur on this one. YOu are a painting fool...aren't you. So proud of you for doing these.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I can almost reach out and touch the warm fluff on this puppy! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Robin Kent said...

Looks great to me! Nice work. You'll be getting lots and lots of practice from the sounds of it.