Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Today I worked a half day.
I had hoped to get some of the many many bags of mulch that I still have, spread on my backyard hill.
The temps were in the high 50's and who knows how long THAT will last.
But as I got close to home the raindrops started to hit my windshield.
By the time I got inside, it was really raining.
At one point the thunder rolled so long and loud that all the little dogs were all running around and barking in a panic.
It does indeed seem like the night before Halloween.
Unfortunately this year I am totally unprepared.
I haven't painted any Halloween paintings or pumpkins except the ones for work.
More importantly, I haven't come up with anything to scare my sister with.
I did get her really good last year when she drove to her third shift job at the hospital and got out of her car in the dark parking lot to retrieve something from her back seat.
Yeah, I had left her a few "friends" (dolls from Goodwill with repainted faces) who had come along for the ride.

Sadly I stymied this year.
Maybe I will just have to be happy with the thought of her looking over her shoulder for the next couple of days. 
Sigh... and I can't seem come up with a good spooky stories either.
Well, OK  I could talk about my Mom and the freaky superstitious stuff she used to tell me, then I will be spooked out tonight.
So, like an old person who keeps repeating a tale over and over again, I will refer any newish Followers to my Halloween tale of when I lived in the Looney Mansion.

My apologies to all those that already read this post.
(and...I don't know how to re-post it without losing it or making it pop-up as this date, which would be confusing to at least me.)
Here's the link to that Tale:

and Have a Happy Safe Halloween and remember to keep your black cats inside!

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Anonymous said...

That is a really good story :-)

Rain here too but no thunder, they might get it further south tomorrow though.

Too bad You can't place some creepy dolls to scare Your sister :-) It would have to be clowns if You would like to scare me :-)

Happy Halloween!