Sunday, February 23, 2014


It's Sunday again.
How come the days are so long
but the weeks fly by?
Anyway, here's another small house
and I'm in love!

Although I do think the landscaping really adds a lot to the outside appeal.

I love that poster!

I'm ripping off the idea and making my own!

I like how the walls in the middle of the house don't touch the ceiling.

Wow. I do love all the light!

I wished they showed the bathroom area.
But, here's a blueprint - 

The only thing that I would change is to divide the garage.
I would make a dog room area at the very end of the garage,
with a wall dividing it and a door
and have an another door going to the backyard area too,
which would be enclosed with a privacy fence.

But  this house is very cool....

although I suppose I could just someday replace my current counter-top with light butch block
and put down a light wood floor laminate
and put a bigger window in the back bedroom
and maybe a skylight in there
and in the bathroom too,
if I removed the clawfoot tub and put in a tiled shower/tub...
and well, also added a small garage
and then I'd never have to move!


regrerta said...

nice house!!!! gurl you need a subscription for architectural digest.... have you ever thought of interior design?... And Im loving the new look of the blog!!! Just in time to bring in the spring... hope y'all are keeping warm! happee sunday!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that the outside is the most ugly I've seen in years :-) But I really like the inside! With some colors onnthe walls it should be really nice and welcoming. A home entierly in white or black and white that is popular over here at the moment is cold and unwelcoming I think.

Have a great day!

Cynthia Myers said...

Greta, I love this house!
So bright and light.
I could never do interior design, I keep changing my mind! LOL!
Glad you like the new blog's a work in progress.

Cynthia Myers said...

OH Christer! LOL!
I love that you always give an honest opinion.
I gotta agree, without those cool trees it wouldn't look as nice.
Thanks for commenting!

Nita Stacy said...

I can just imagine you and all your brood in that very modern house!

Cynthia Myers said...

Me too!

Vicki said...

Very cool, modern-retro looking. Which is "in" over here at the moment. The lines are very clean. I like the neutral decor and minimal styling.

And, the natural light is so beautiful! The artist in me sighs at that lovely soft light :)

I prefer something with a bit more lived in character.
Still very tiny, with neutral walls, but complemented by recycled materials (chipped/scuffed) and reclaimed wood - in keeping with the minimal theme - beautiful, but must be useful. And, to have been through (hopefully) many years of experiences and use. Not too "shabby chic", but with a slight industrial edge, without being too masculine, IYKWIM :)

If I could have my life over (and, among other professions, like herpetology) I would have studied architecture. Fascinated with houses and plans. I used to create maps in a previous job, and just love plans.
I could pour over blueprints for ages, placing rooms, doorways etc. to create just the right "flow".
How about you?

If you love where you live, you could make those adjustments to your house, as you mention. Good thoughts.

Great post Cynthia!

An Urban Cottage said...

I love everything about it except the weird lights in the kitchen that look like ceiling fans. I wish I could live with so little. The place would be easy to clean.

Here's a few places in Cambridge that I think you might like. The first one is just three blocks from here.

In this one, you'll see a house that's three cubes stacked on top of each other. I looked at it when it went up for sale but in person, it looked like shit. Very cheaply done. It's not in the best part of town and at the time it was about $350K.

Cynthia Myers said...

OK, first I must ask, herpetology as in sssssnnnaaakes?
AARRGGHH. I'm terrified of them!
I mean I think I would lose my mind if I was trapped in a room with one.
Wow, you caught me by surprise on that one.
If I thought of what I'd want to be in another life...maybe to be Jane Goodall? or an animator or design movie sets or be an independently wealthy horse ranch owner or a successful writer who started right out of school.
Anyway. I do love modern and am drawn to NEW because my home was built in 1918 and it's so old that everything has fallen apart at some time or another but YES! I do love recycled and industrial with some folk art thrown in.
As far as architecture, No.
I mean would like sketching out plans but I'd hate the math.
so hey! thanks for this comment. You got me thinking.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks for the links!
I really like the first one a lot.
I even "pinned" the bathroom. LOL!
I like all the windows and the light and one of those garages could be fixed up as a dog area!
and we would be neighbors!
Ha! scary for YOU!
I'd be picking your brain for ideas for my house and dropping off strays at your door! LOL!
That second link? no, too dark and not enough windows and then you said it's 350K? no way!
and cheaply made? Wow, how could they ask that...well I guess it's location.
Anyway, Thanks so much for the links!

Sarah Krouse said...

Love the interior. It reminds me of the bare Scandinavian dwellings that focus on natural light. The exterior... meh.

Cynthia Myers said...

I do agree and I'm not even sure what this place costs to build.
So...the search continues!
Thanks so much for commenting!

tammy j said...

i don't know why they don't like the exterior!
i do!
but then I admit to being a bit weird. the setting makes it though. trees will always make a place look better.
and inside... love it!

Cynthia Myers said...

Actually I don't care of the exterior all by itself.
It definitely needs the proper landscaping and I do adore what they've done here, those trees are perfect!