Sunday, February 16, 2014


A while back I said that I'm not moving
and I'm not.
I've stopped looking at houses for sale.
Now I have a NEW thought.
I have always planned on paying off my home ASAP
I have a huge loan that will be paid off in 3 years
AND the van has only 20 more months left, so I hope to start paying it down then...
(although, knowing me I will want another vehicle by then.)
I've been obsessing over this

but because it might not be reliable, 
maybe a sedan would be something I should think about 
like this
or THIS!


Back to my new thought -
What if I paid off the house and THEN found some property and built a NEW home?!
Anne are you out there reading this?
I've pinned some of your small house ideas!
Anyway, seriously...I think it could be done.
I would not want anything extravagant...the object is still - NO DEBT.
So, here's an example of ONE idea.
They built this for $25000.
Let the (obsession) research begin!
Here's the inside-

Kitchen down on the end, fireplace in the middle, bed in the wall of shelves -

Bathroom? must be on the opposite end -
I like that the shower can just spray down everything!
The walls, the sink, dirty dogs...everything down the drain!

Outside again-
I imagine the wood painted white 
a stone patio surrounding the house...

Night time
I like the security lights.
OK, I'm gonna need a security fence too.
To keep my dogs in
and scary people out.

So what are YOUR thoughts on this?
Is there something that I'm not thinking of?
Have I missed some major stumbling block?
I'll probably change my mind again.
Just my thought for TODAY.


repreta said...

thats a bad ass house!!!! where is it built? omg! that price is insane, but seriously! where?

nice find kid!

Cynthia Myers said...

Hey Greta!
How's your kitty doing?
The house is in Utah.
Here's the link if you want to look closer:

lynn said...

It is a very cool house and I could see myself living in it. Love all the shelves it has.

Cynthia Myers said...

I know! It's awesome.
I would get big baskets or big huge colorful bowls to put my stuff in on the shelves though.
and cat beds up high.

regreta said...

cat is hanging in there... apparently when female cats get old, they dont urinate in the box, they urinate with their butts out of the box so Im dealing with it. other wise shes fine and being a brat... gonna look into that house right now.

Well that explains why the house is so darn cheap!! its in mormon town!!!

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, where would You put all Your dogs and cats? I'm prettyb sure You won't downsize on that :-) :-) :-)

Where would You buy that property, there's still that thing about snakes and big spiders out in the countryside :-) :-) :-) You really need to take care of those fears before You even think of the countryside I'm afraid.

As You might understand I like the idea of those small houses since I live in a pretty small cottage myself.

Personally I'm thinking of buying another car, a Saab with space for all my dogs and me too :-)

Have a great day!

Cynthia Myers said...

Have you tried an extra large covered litter box?
It could give her room to move around but still keep her bottom inside the box.
Good Luck!

lynn said...

Are houses cheap in Mormon towns?

Cynthia Myers said...

You are right. I would never downsize my pets. But this house is 745 sq ft. and while my home is technically larger ( I have 2 bedrooms and the bath upstairs) the main floor is around 450 sq feet and I and my critters do most of our living in that space. So I can still see this working out but I would need a doggie gate in there someplace! LOL!
and yeah, I need to work on being terrified of snakes (spiders don't really bug me too much)...yes, that's a major problem.
I like Saab's but my friend's husband used to work on them and he said the parts are very expensive and most places charge more to repair them because they are considered a luxury car.
Maybe it's different over there.
anyway. I'm thinking maybe a Honda or a Toyota. ???

Cynthia Myers said...

I have no idea!
but I just would want the house plan not THAT house. I think I need to live where the seasons change.

Stephen Andrew said...

I am actually planning to do something along these lines. I hate to really even mention it at this point because it's still a few years down the road...but I'll get there! I'm looking at prefabricated steel airplane hangars. And about ten acres. And then an on-site psychiatrist to stop me from fostering every animal I can fit on the land. :)
My "house" will take a while because the driveway and pond will probably cost more than the house. I absolutely will wait until I can afford a heated driveway. I'm not the macho snow-shoveling man I wish to be. Haha! The Accord looks nice. I've always driven white/tan cars and always intend to.

Stephen Andrew said...


Anonymous said...


Over here both SAAB and Volvo is the most common cars :-) Both are made here in Sweden so You see them everywhere. Saab is especially common here since the factiry isn't far away :-)
Yes Saab went bankrupt but they have started to build them again in a small scale so spare parts are easy to find.

Cynthia Myers said...

An airplane hangar?
That sounds SO cool! I can imagine it decorated like a loft.
I love the heated driveway idea too, especially after dealing with all this snow this year! Grrrr.
I know what you mean about needing needed a psychiatrist when it comes to pet rescue. I think the only way I can keep it in check is realizing that I need to be able to afford necessary medical care and when I retire, my huge discounts will be gone.
Yep, sadly that will keep me in check.
Hey! Thanks so much for commenting!

Cynthia Myers said...

I love Volvo's even more than Saab's. But not as much as an Audi or a Mercedes.
Yep, I'm not materialistic about a lot of things, I mean I actually prefer my mid-century furniture to anything new but...jeez, I love nice cars.
and here I am, driving a van...

tammy j said...

LOVE that house.
and debt free is the best!
could you do one wall in your house with those simple pine square storage thingies? those are beautiful! like you. i'd put pottery in some... books... plants... colorful storage boxes.
WOW! xo

Cynthia Myers said...

I know! I think it's super cool.
And in 3 yrs I hope to START paying down the house. Seems like whenever I have a "plan" something happens to my $$.
But that is the goal.
Do you mean that I should do a wall in my current house? If so, it would have to be the spare bedroom because every other room has a window or a door or a heat vent or something...
Oh well. I have it "pinned" for future reference.
:) xoxo

An Urban Cottage said...

Your house will be paid off in three years?

I can't imagine building that house for $25,000. It can include things like water, electric, sewer, etc. And what does it cost for land around you? I love the house though, It looks like a good retirement home. I want it with a water view though.

Cynthia Myers said...

I just went back and read my post and I see why everyone is thinking I will have the house paid off in 3.
Nope, I will have a HUGE loan paid off in 3 years and THEN I can start adding extra to the principal on my home...and I'm HOPING to pay it off in like 6 or 7 yrs, fingers crossed.
I do know someone that did that but then turned around and refinanced to add a huge addition. I might do a few things after the payoff, just to cosmetically make it nice for resale but no more big loans.
Anyway, I have no idea where I would want to buy land...but I have YEARS to research that! LOL!
(someplace where I could have a horse maybe)

Vicki said...

Well, I'm a HUGE fan of tiny/small houses, and I really like this one.
One day, I'd love to find myself living in a tiny house.
Over here, they're still building stupidly big McMansions - to "be the envy of their friends", yuck.

Love that bathroom too. Once, long ago in an old rental house, I used to bathe my German Shepherds in an open, easy clean shower. One big communal bath - great fun!
And sooo much easier to clean afterwards.

Really like that blue "truck". Very cool. Is it a truck or van? Over here, we call them "utes" - utility vehicles.
But they're not as cool as this blue one :)

Cynthia Myers said...

I live in a small house now but I would like something the same size or slightly smaller but more open spaces and newer more efficient features (like that shower!)
Everyone here is still building BIG too and "beige"! They all look alike.
Yes, that is an old truck and I currently drive a boxy van. The van isn't pretty but I must admit, it's easy to haul stuff around in. I think the only ones that we call utility vehicles over here are Jeeps. I like those. (in blue please ha! Ha!)
Thanks for commenting!

Abi said...

Oh my god. I got that feeling of excitement and desire in my stomach. I love this build. It looks amazing, and I love the price.

I also LOVE the truck - it has so much character, and is multifunctional! I've wanted to do up an old 1940's pick up truck, since I saw a bright red one in a 'home' magazine. It was amazing.

Cynthia Myers said...

I know that feeling.
Just the thought of everything new and tidy.
Sigh...I hope, someday.
Thanks so much for commenting!