Monday, February 3, 2014

A Sweet Story and a Gift-Card!

I've been a bit...I don't know,
not blue or sad exactly...
Definitely not depressed
but kinda exhausted I guess, worried about my Ruby
and then due to current events
I'm in the RED.
The other day, I was going through my purse
which is a mess of receipts and things
and I came across a gift-card that I've been carrying around since the Christmas
before LAST.
It's a Marshall's gift-card.
I admitted to friends on FB that I had never been to the store
and I instantly received so many shocked comments!
Apparently I have been missing out on something Grand.

I got this card from a client whose little dachshunds I take care of in my boarding kennel.
She told me a story about her little ones.
Evidently there are three words that can not be spoken to them at her home or they go crazy.
Those words are:
Treat, Walk and Cindi.
She said she will usually let them out her front door and they will run for the car
without a leash.
So one day she was leaving the house with them and as they were running across the yard towards the car they suddenly saw the mailman across the street.
She said they turned and started to run towards him and she was so frightened that she screamed the first thing that came to her mind.
and they stopped and looked at her and she called out to them again-
"Let's go see Cindi!" and they ran to the car.
She told me that the mailman was chuckling and came over and said
"I don't know who this Cindi is but she must be something!"
and she told him that I was.
Isn't that just the sweetest story!
How kind of her to tell me that. It makes up for the not so fun days.
Then she gave me the gift-card.
That's how I had a card to a store I've never been to.

So I drove over there and walked inside and looked around and thought "WOW!"
I saw so many things I'd like to have.
I walked past some bright fun tennis shoes
and then over to the cooking/dish area.
There was one of those big cast iron "French Oven" things, Le Creuset?
that was the color of my kitchen.
It would look so nice displayed on my white rack.
Then to the bath and bedding area.
Thick luxurious towels in the turquoise blue color of my bathroom
by Ralph Lauren!
and stacks of white rugs
and then I spied a duvet cover and spams
in white with touches of silver grey and dashes of light yellow
and finally white ruffle pillows that would be perfect against my black sofa.
Oh! what to buy?
I walked up and down the aisles and suddenly I saw it.
My decision had been made.
A HUGE memory foam dog bed
for Blue's old joints.

I am very Happy to have gotten that gift-card!
and Blue will be too....

as soon as Hattie gets off of it!


Abi said...

How cool to be treasured :) such a sweet story to cheer you up.
I have never shopped in Marshalls, but then we don't have one! it sounds lush though - and Hettie - how funny, poor Blue, I guess he is happy with the couch for the time being :)

Cynthia Myers said...

Abi, I know! that just made my day. It really made me feel good.
Yes, there has been a Marshalls not too far from where I work for a long time but it's over at a shopping center that I never go to.
Now I'm told that I need to check out T.J. Maxx too!
But both places are kinda of overstocked stuff so it's really marked down. Still....
I'm going to try to stay away...if I don't see it, I won't want it!
Hmm. maybe I need to rethink Pinterest too! hahahaha!

Vicki said...

That's the mark of a true dog-lover. Choosing something for a fur-child instead of something personal, or for the home.

And... I would've done the same in your circumstance :)

Nita Stacy said...

That is the best story!!!! To think those dogs love you that much... that they will pay attention to your name and turn around! My dogs wouldn't do that for anyone. Yes, if they were running across the street and I said...CAR! let's go for a ride...they might turn but if they saw a postman? no way.

You have some mighty dog power my friend.

Of course you spent your gift card on dog stuff! I love Marshall's and TJ never know what you'll find there. I don't go though when I don't have money because I can always find something there I want.

Today I went to Hobby Lobby to get a few art supplies and took the time to roam the store...oh I found so many things I would have bought if I could have.

But yes, prices at Marshall's are so good.

That little Hattie is a little mess hope she shares with Blue.

Jan said...

Blue, so sad and patient. I hope the little one moves over so Blue can try it out. You will have to hope for another gift card so you can buy more. That was nice of your client to gift you this and nice of you to spend it on Blue. Your story reminds me of when I got electric fence around my property to keep my llamas in and had to then teach my dogs to be wary. Of course they touched it a couple of times and I got to where I would say "HOT!" when they were near the fence and they learned to beware. Then I found I could use that word in other instances and they would pay attention immediately. (I hated when they got shocked but once they learned they learned real good to not go through the fence)I never misued the word, only used it when it was very important for them to pay attention to me. Like if they were about to walk into the road and a car was coming or something. I shouldn't even tell you that story because it makes me sound kinda bad but there you go. My llamas don't get out either. But I don't have to use the word on them.

Cynthia Myers said...

Vicki, yes I do believe that it's a dog-mom thing. I've been trying to make myself buy for me. I mean some frivolous stuff but then I always end up returning that kind of thing because I don't really need it.
This is much more functional.
Yep, it's functional love!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks Nita!
That story will stay with me. It's a tale like that, that makes me continue doing the job I do.
I know what you mean about Hobby Lobby. Sometimes I want to buy lots of things but then I try to talk myself out of it by telling myself that I don't need more "stuff" (or more debt). Or that I could find something more unique and original at an estate sale but sometimes it's hard to do because they have some really petty things. :)

Cynthia Myers said...

Jan, Blue is being good in the photo probably because the bed is on the sofa. I had walked in and tossed it there and this is what happened!
If it was on the floor, he would have just walked over and sat down and left the little ones scurrying away so that they weren't squished.
I totally understand why you need that fence but I never realized you had Llama's!!!! I wanted to raise Alpaca's in a post that I did last year. I think it was Grand Life Plan #3678? :)
I am always thinking up new life plans.
Thanks so much for the comment!

Anonymous said...

That was a really nice story :-) and those are the ones that lift our spirits when we're down.

I would like to have something like that for my old boys but I know the two smaller soon would destroy them and then I would have pieces all over my cottage :-)

Have a great day!

Cynthia Myers said...

Christer, I really needed that story and it was nice to have the giftcard to remind me of it.
Luckily most of my dogs are past the ripping up stage, although Jimmy still has his moments.
My current problem is Rosie. She keeps "peeing" on the beds in the laundry room! She doesn't do it to the ones in the rest of the house, thank goodness, but if there's one if there, she will eventually go squat on it! She will be 15 this year so I'm just dealing with it (and she is so tiny that it doesn't soak through but...)
I only put little machine washable ones in there.
THIS bed is not going to be anywhere near the laundry room!

tammy j said...

it's a cindi one for sure.
straight from the heart.
apparently... next chance you get... there must be at least two!
one for hattie AND best blue. LOL.

Cynthia Myers said...

Ha! Thanks Tammy.
Don't worry about little Hattie, she has a bed of her own...she just wanted the new big one.

regreta said...

i cannot stop laughing!!!!!

yer totally turning into a st. francis!!!! other dogs recognize you by name!!!!???

and why have you not been to marshalls!? guuuurl, if you think that place was fab, under the tjmaxx corp. (which is like another marshall like store, come to think of it same co. too) they have a chain called 'home goods', same thing sans clothes, if u find one out there check it out, mucho fun as well. i find it comedic you ended up gettin' something for your babies than yourself, you are too funny, glad to see SOMEBODY likes it :)!!!!

whats up with ruby-doo? is she going up and down again?

Cynthia Myers said...

Regreta, I've heard about Home Goods and I just Googled them and there isn't a store within a 100 miles of me. So that might be a good thing!
I wish there was a IKEA close by though. I love that store but only get to go every few years when we drive up to Chicago.
and Ruby...well, she's spunky and even gives her usual warning growl when any of the little dogs try to lay down next to her (though they all ignore it and smush in beside her anyway.) But, she's still having trouble getting up the 3 steps from the patio to the back door, so I walk out into the snow and carry her in. (I don't want her to try too hard and stress herself.)
Thanks for asking! and for commenting! xoxo

An Urban Cottage said...

I love the Cindi story. So cute.

What color was the Le Creuset? Don't tell me white.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks Steve.
no, not white...actually an olive green color.