Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me to keep my mouth shut.
Saturday night and a couple of times Sunday morning, my laptop kept shutting down and going black.
I have no idea what's going on with it. Maybe it's just tired.
I was burning it up into the wee hours Saturday night
Yeah, maybe it just needed a rest.
Sunday I got a few things done on it and it seemed fine again
but then that night my wireless went out.
Still out all day and night Monday.
I tried unplugged and re-plugging and all sorts of things.
So here's a brief post from my work computer,
done while I'm on my non-smoking break
and sadly no photos.
(Thank god I still have a phone.)
I can still do Instagram and read and comment on Facebook.
But no posting with my photos off of my computer
and I can't get the hang of posting comments via my cell.
And....the plot has thickened.
Apparently the back stabbing of the other day is not an isolated incident.
Nope, going on for more than TWO years.
I've had people come to me and apologize for believing her in the past
and for "hating" me.
I'm told even the two new vets were "reserved" around me
because they believed me to be a "Pot-stirrer".
And here I was, pretty oblivious to it.
Just in my own little world.
Sure, I could "feel" that bad energy
and I've caught the look of narrowed eyes sometimes but...
I just went back to my boarders in a quandary.
Yep. Yep. Yep.
So, her confession turned things around.
That and the fact the I had to swear on my Blue's life.
Once again my dog was there for me.
Thank God for Blue
My best bud, my confidant, my hero.
(Blue's photo would be here if I had the ability to access it.)
Just goes to show what I've always known.
Dogs are better than most people
and Blue is better than them all.


Gillian said...

I hope this piece of work gets the sack. Or has the tables turned on her and feels the narrowed eyes on HER for a change.

Why would the others BELIEVE that stuff when clearly you are not like that at all. People are weird.

I hope things keep on looking up.


Cynthia Myers said...

I work in the back by myself.
I'm not part of any cliques nor do I want to be.
And I eat lunch by myself in the back and send my time looking at homes that I can't afford on the internet during my lunch break rather than sit in the lunch room with everyone else.
So... I guess that made me an easy target to blame everything on because no one really talks to me.
Oh sure, they "talk" to me but...
I only really talk to 2 people and one goes home at lunch time and then other comes in, so they tend to be out of the major gossip loop too.
So lies can be made and I would never hear about them and no one ever had the "balls" to confront me.
I would gladly tell them the truth on any topic, even if they don't want to hear it.
But truly, it's exhausting.

Anonymous said...

As I said, You came out stronger from all this :-)

Have a great day and I do hope Your computer stops acting stupid.


tammy j said...

well she has finally been found out.
they will know now.
that alone has to make you feel a little better.
but. your way is the best way.
for your own sanity.
you don't need their gossip or their brand of fickle friendship.
hang in there dear one.
and yes.
beloved blue...beautiful blue...
is worth TEN THOUSAND SEVEN MILLION THIRTY SIX more of all of them!
hugs to you. and blue. xo

Cynthia Myers said...

Yeah Christer,
Well, after 2 hours of being on my phone I found out that I need a new wireless router modem. So I drove out and bought one rather than wait for them to ship it to me. After the long discussion, they covered 75% of the price in the form of a credit on my account.
Sigh. (It's always something.)
and then I installed it.
They said it would be quick and easy....more liars!
Now I just hope the laptop keeps working...fingers crossed!

Cynthia Myers said...

Yes, I have my Blue!

I still wish they would fire her.

CheerfulMonk said...

I'm glad you have blue! People can be such pains at times.

Cynthia Myers said...

I'm glad I have him too!
Some of these "friends" are already talking to her again.

Vicki said...

People really can be a pain in the arse. Many of them not worth the bother - not like dogs.
You are fortunate you have some lovely people who read your blog and who care. And your family and close friends. That matters.

The Universe does have a very interesting way of telling us things, I believe.
Shut down. Shut out. Fade to black.
A message to shut "her" out of your mind/life. And, to take some time to care for you.
You and Blue.
Beautiful, constant, reliable, loving Blue.

Nita Stacy said...

Very interesting....so you were not paranoid at all...you felt the weirdness around you. I always take part in office outings and lunches...just to be sure I'm not the odd one out. I go whether I want to or not. Go when I'd rather be alone. I hope this all works it'sself out now. Keep me updated.

Cynthia Myers said...

Yes,I'm just shutting her out of my mind.
I'd be happier if she was fired though, then it would be easier to shut her out!
and I've got Blue.
He's all I really need.

Cynthia Myers said...

Yes, I could feel that something was going on but...whatever.
I used to go to outings and eat lunch with people but I found that it made no difference as to whether they stab you or not.
I have gone to a few things but I'm old enough that I just bow out of most of it.
Especially when people would go out for drinks. They mostly live in Iowa and I would have to get home to Illinois and I don't want to be drinking and driving.
And life is too short to waste it doing what you don't want to do.
I'd rather be home with my pets.
Thanks for commenting!
xoxo - Cindi