Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Two VERY short videos of my ROADTRIP!

So I guess I took a blog break.
I didn't plan it, it just kinda happened.
I even have a lot to write about.
And lots of stuff not to write about.
By that I mean I went back to some of my old posts and read some
and I'm a broken record.
Yep, don't want to write the exact same thing I did last year
and the year before that and
That's given me some pause.
Anyway...I had a birthday while I was gone.
Not really thrilled with getting older
but it's better than the alternative.
So, I can write about my thoughts on that...
but not today.
I also took a couple of days vacation...broken record again.
and then there's a dilemma of a dog needing a home, actually it's a pair of them
and I found a home for one but not the other.
I thought I had one but it fell through...
Another long sad story that I won't go into either.
Odd though, how it's breaking my heart
and the people that owned them just walked away.
But HEY! I went on a roadtrip!
Yep! the hermit climbed into a huge pick-up truck,
the kind you grab this handle thing and yank yourself into the air to get into
and rode along with a friend to Minnesota.
Illinois to Minnesota and back in a day.
To get a goat
or should I say a "kid".

My friend lives way out in the country and she recently adopted a baby billy goat
that had a broken leg (which she has been taking him to the vet for and he's almost 100% now)
and while acquiring this billy, a little white girl "doe" goat followed her husband around
and she came home with them too.
So apparently goats are like cats.
Once you get one, you need another
and another...
So now my friend owns 3 goats!


Patty said...

What a great way to start my day...
love your goats! I also love it that
there are folks in this world who
drive so far to take in an injured
animal. Thanks for this!

tammy j said...

there they are... wagging their little tails and playing. just like puppies.
i like how they like to jump.
she needs to put some wooden crates or something up in the middle of that yard.
they love to climb up and jump down off of things like that.
it's fun for them. and in the middle they couldn't jump out!
your posts are NEVER boring.
good lord. do you not know how great they are?
let me tell ya.

Cheerful Monk said...

Neat videos, thanks!

regreta said...

oh boy goats!! they can be a pain!!!! but they produce milk and you can make lovely cheese...

my dearest cindy, i just caught up on ur blog, I am sooo sorry for your loss... poor little ruby, I know you went thru alot for her and we all know you were a great mom to her. Again my deepest condolences...

While I was out dealing with family drama, I was reading your post about your dad and I too reflected on my relationship with my father who I was dealing with and your post brought me some strength, it hard to raise parents, but at the end we only got a pair so what ever we got dealt with you make the best of. Coco cat survived the weeks I was gone, she was kind enough to piss on my bed the day before I came home, luckily my best friend who was house sitting/care taking for little brat cat cleaned up real well and maintained the place in good standing, so thats good news. So Im back at home, optimistic and hot as hell but ready to move forward and progressing. yee haw. give pets to all the animals for me please. hope you are had a good day today....

Cynthia Myers said...

I'm glad it started your day out well. :)
They are not my goats but my friends goats. I just traveled along so she wouldn't have to go alone.
Yep, she's a good person and all of her animals are rescues too!
Thanks for commenting!

Cynthia Myers said...

I know! aren't goats great!
My friend has built almost everything at her home.
She built their shelter area and their feeding area and she has big plans of building my things to keep her goats busy and entertained.
And she, unlike me, actually finishes stuff! LOL!
Thanks for the kind words.

Cynthia Myers said...

I'm so glad you liked the videos!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks for your sweet words about Ruby. Yes, my heart is broken.
I'm glad the post about my Dad gave you strength...I hesitated posting it.
So glad you are back, safe and sound.
Apparently Coco was tired of waiting on you and showed her displeasure! LOL!
I love your positive attitude!

Vicki said...

Gotta love a road trip!
Next to dogs, goats are the best animals!!
We had a small, home goat dairy for twelve years. And, I became very, very attached to these incredible creatures.
I miss their bleats. And the baby kids... oh, such cute, naughty, delightful babies that follow you everywhere and are interested in everything you do.
They have amazing personalities, and never cease to amaze.
They certainly keep you on your toes. But, I would not hesitate to have milking goats again.
Tasty, fresh milk and cheese from your own sweet girls is a real treat.
I could talk about goats all day. Goats and dogs :)

Hubby and I dream of a goat dairy in the French countryside... sigh, one can dream.

Your friend will have a wonderful time getting to know, and love, her goaties! :)

Cynthia Myers said...

My friends goats are "fainting" goats. She has a few acres way out in the country and she wants to get her little girl involved in 4H so that she can "Show" them. It's really more about being a part of the community and having more "pets". I wonder if she knows about milking goats?
My dream would to be to live out in a beautiful countryside with lots of animals. (especially horses) and work from home so that I wouldn't have to be around people! ha! ha!
Thanks for commenting!