Wednesday, October 1, 2014


was Poppy's birthday.
She's six.
She's been mine for..two or is it three years?
I don't really care how long she's been here,
I prefer not to even think about that except to wish she had been here her whole life.
It was hard for me to imagine anyone giving her away. I know I could never do it.
But when she was given to me, her then mom said she was a very picky eater and most times just wouldn't eat.
She also said that Poppy refused to come out her kennel and be with their family.
She said she'd take her out and she would run right back in and just sit there.
She eats just fine here. In fact she runs up to me and gives me one or two tiny little "barks" in the morning
and then again in the evening, that clearly says "Where's my food?"
I used to put her in her kennel to eat and she would hurry so fast and then bark to be let out, that sometimes she would throw up.
Now she just waits for her turn to eat in the laundry room.
I feed Blue first, by himself.
And then I feed Jimmy and Nora.
Then the rest of the little ones
and lastly, Poppy, Claude and ancient blind Rosie.
They get the "special" little teeny tiny dog bites food.
Those three eat very very slow, so that's the reason they eat last.
Poppy likes to take a piece of kibble out one at a time and place it on the floor, look at it and then place another and another.
She's like a kid with M & M's, sorting them out by color.
She does it at every meal and then she goes back and eats them.
Sometimes Rosie will stumble upon one and eat it and Poppy will stand there and just look at her, kinda stunned
and then she will hurry and go get another piece.
And Claude? He tiptoes between the girls, takes a mouthful and backwards away and munchies.
Back and forth he goes
It's like a well choreographed little dance.
And the thing that really gets me about Poppy is how, somehow...
by some miracle, she has helped heal my heart after my Ruby's passing.
Just looking at her little face or feeling her tiny little body pressed against my shoulder as I drift off to sleep,
suddenly makes it very clear why she didn't fit into her previous home
and was meant to come live with me.


Nita Stacy said...

Loved reading this. She is darling and it was meant to be. She is the cutest little thing. I'm so glad you have her. That is how I feel about Franklin. He's getting sweeter and sweeter and is ALL about me. Thank goodness....I really needed him. But he was still young when I got him and it's taken him awhile to settle in to needing me. You know boys...when they are young they are too busy being boys to love you completely. At least that is my experience. Both in men and dogs!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks Nita!
I love all my pets but Poppy was definitely meant to be.
and you are probably right about boys! LOL!
except for Blue. Blue was attached to me from day one. Maybe it had to do with the fact of his deafness and also that he was just a puppy separated from his litter.
Yes, each of my pets have come into my life for a reason I think....
Still not sure what Jimmy's reason is though! Hahahahahahaha!

tammy j said...

this post has soul.
yours and theirs.
you write about it so beautifully.
i'm like deborah kerr in affair to remember with cary grant.
she said ... "beautiful things always make me cry."
it's not really crying. not like crying when you're hurt or sad.
i can't explain it.
my heart fills up and spills over into my eyes i guess.
the japanese call it 'cry for happy'!
and this post and that tiny face . . . it's beautiful.
and happy. that's all.
they do come to us. and always for a reason like you say.
just meant to be! and jimmy . . .
well . . . maybe just for laughter! LOLOLOL.

Cynthia Myers said...

Oh Tammy,
I didn't mean to make you cry.
but I'm happy that it was a happy cry.
Yes, I do believe that there is always a reason that animals and even people come into our lives.
Sometimes for good reasons, sometimes to teach us something and sometimes just to make us laugh.

Vicki said...

Like Tammy and Nita say, things do happen for a reason and are meant to be...

There is always a reason why a dog won't eat, or, "is picky". Poppy was clearly not happy where she was. That is so clear now that she lives you.
And, I'm so glad she does :)
I love your description of tea time with your furcrew. I took in the words and pictured them eating in their own way... smiling all the while.
I can almost sense the great energy in your house - and it's all good.
Just wonderful, Cindi.
And, Happy Birthday, sweet Poppy xx

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you, I hope the energy is good here. Although just 5 minutes ago Jimmy climbed up and dragged something off a shelf and chewed it....
a few moments of bad energy but...
it's passed! LOL!

Jan said...

So sweet that you have the patience and intelligence to know your pals need feeding the way they do. They are all beautiful souls and individuals, as are you. There is a song by Greg Brown titled Joy Tears. That is how I always refer to tears of happiness: Joy Tears.

Cynthia Myers said...

Joy Tears. I liked the sound of that.
I don't think it's so much intelligence rather than just common sense. LOL!
But thank you.
In my tiny pet filled home I kinda have to have "routines" or it would be utter chaos! and it still sometimes is!
(i.e. Jimmy Chew)
Thanks for commenting!

CheerfulMonk said...

How sweet! Thank you.

Cynthia Myers said...


leslie said...

she's a doll.

Cynthia Myers said...

I definitely think so too Leslie!
Thanks for commenting!