Thursday, October 30, 2014


I have a cabinet in the kitchen next to the windows.
The cats enjoy sitting up there and peering out into the yard.
There are birds to watch and the occasional chipmunk and bunny.
Once in a while the neighbors cat will appear in their window and they will have a stare down.
So I decided to put a basket on top of the cabinet with a little retro pillowcase inside.
Just something for them to sit in because cats like that sort of thing....

and apparently dogs do too.
Yesterday as I sat at the table "pinning" things on Pinterest on my laptop,
I looked over and there's Ping.
How did she get up there?
She was in the basket looking out the curtains.
I picked up my phone and said her name "PING"! and took this pic.
Yep, Ping once again, living up to her full name of Ping Pong.
She probably bounced up there.


Nita Stacy said...

Isn't she a cutie? That is something my Franklin would do. He loves to get up on things. He has great balance and teeters on things. I'd much rather he didn't do this. Considering his long back. But he'll stop when he gets I try to just enjoy it for now. Ping Pong is just precious. Her coloring is so fun!

tammy j said...

oh good lord.
do you think she knows how adorable she is?
i don't think she does.
you have the knack for always being there to get the best pictures. it's as if she's posing.
i love your life.
even with all the c.r.a.p. you put up with at work.
it's such a great place to live i bet. the house of love!!!!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks Nita,
I think she's a cutie too.
She's been in some of my photos before, I just kinda never mentioned when I got her. It was just before the summer before last summer.
Someday I'll share THAT story too but I had been caring for her in boarding since she was teeny tiny. She's still very young. Sigh, yes another tale for another day but
Yes! Watch little Franklin's back! So many dachshunds come into the clinic for adjustments...those little ones are always hurting themselves.Her coloring is called "Parti" the two tone. Very expensive to buy I've been told and actually her name used to be "Bling" but I brought her home and watched her bounce up and down and fly from chair to sofa to chair and suddenly the name Ping Pong popped in my head and it was so close to Bling that she never even seemed to notice the difference.
Thanks for commenting!

Cynthia Myers said...

Believe you me, Ping knows she's adorable! LOL!
I'll be sitting holding a cat or two and maybe Poppy and she will climb up over them and sit on top of their heads and give me the sweetest little innocent look.
She's a real stinker!

I'm lucky to have my phone near me all the time so I'm able to usually capture a lot of antics. I swear this phone takes better photos than my camera!

I must say that work as gotten a lot better. I had a great talk with the vet who is also the HR person and it really helped me mentally. For the first time ever I felt I had been heard.
At least I hope so and so far things have been fine.

Yes, I'm lucky but I don't post about some of the really crappy stuff.
Tonight when I got home and was carrying plants that were outside to the front porch in an effort to save them from the hard freeze thats coming, I placed a bag of grass seed that was left over in the patio area. I was gone maybe less than 3 minutes and returned to find Jimmy Chew had ripped open the bag and was hurriedly eating grass seed in big gulps!
After stopping him and cleaning that up, we went inside.
I started moving things around in the freezer to make more space and I placed an ice cube tray on the table.
When I finished rearranging I looked into the living room and saw Jimmy chewing up the ice cube tray!
I took it away from him and as I walked away he ran after me and one of the cats jumped up and knocked over my library books and Blue started barking at something he saw out the front window and....
Yep, just another day in paradise.

leslie said...

that is such a great pic.

and your comment above cracks me up.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks Leslie!
Yeah, sometimes I'm laughing just so that I'm not crying!

Christer. said...

Some dogs are just amzingly skilful when it comes to climbing :-)

Happy Halloween!

tammy j said...

i just love this blog.

Cynthia Myers said...

Ping is definitely one of them!
Happy Halloween to you too!

Cynthia Myers said...

:D :D :D
Thank you!