Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An Awesome Surprise

I remember always having something in the mailbox.
Nowadays most of my correspondence is done online.
I get my bills online.
I pay online.
I got most off my birthday greetings online.
Unless I've ordered something I usually expect to find the mailbox empty.
Last week I ordered some dog belly bands for Squeak and Louie.
Squeak had been leaving little spots of urine around and most likely it's all related to his bladder stone issue. It's not like he's taking a full potty, just a sprinkle but now I think little Louie is coming behind him and sprinkling over it. I find myself running around with a damp mop non-stop and before Jimmy decides to mark the sprinkles, I've ordered belly bands.
So I went to the mailbox to see if they had arrived and found a soft package.
Then I noticed that it wasn't from the belly band place.
No! It was a surprise gift from my blogger friend Jan!
Something that she created, which made it all that more Awesome!
Different dogs stitched all over it!
The back looks like this -
There's a place to slide a rod in and hang it.
I plan on using a tension rod and hanging it in one of the windows of my front porch.
Probably the side one so that the sun doesn't fade it.
Yep, TOTALLY made my day!
Thank you so much Jan!


Vicki said...

That's so very sweet. What an awesome surprise!
And, I spy a Blue Heeler in the mix...

Doreen@househoneys said...

Unexpected gifts are the best kind!

Cynthia Myers said...

I know! So sweet.
and yes! a blue heeler!
among so many great breeds!
such a nice thing for her to do.

Cynthia Myers said...

I know!
What a great surprise.
Made my day.
:) :) :)

tammy j said...

i see jack! he's right there almost in the middle!
poor little squeak. what a life he's had.
i'm glad you don't have wall to wall carpet.
too bad they can't dissolve that stone for him.
but today...
it's about your gift!
and lovely people like jan.

Cynthia Myers said...

His special food "might" be dissolving that stone.
In fact I choose to believe it is.
I just visualize it getting smaller and smaller....

OMG! I would NEVER have carpet.
I did years ago and I was so happy to get it pulled up.
I just couldn't stop thinking about all the "cooties" in the carpet,
to say nothing of pet issues.
I currently have wood floors but some day plan on covering them in vinyl or tile...
Or maybe painting them white. Upstairs is all painted in primer white but I want to go over it in glossy white.

But back to Jan, YES!!!
Both she and the gift are truly lovely!
I'm so lucky to have such great friends!

Jan said...

So glad you like it! always fun to surprise people with unexpected gifts.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you again!
I love love love it!