Saturday, August 29, 2015


I got to thinking about how I post to Instagram all the time and then many times I don't post any of those photos here.
I take the photos with my phone and then after I post to Instagram,
I'm able to share to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr with a click of a button and I do
but then I forget about it and never share here!
So, I'm going to start posting them here too!
(Not every single photo but most.)
That will mean more frequent posts.
Yep, some days it will be just random photos with a brief description or thought
and other days I'll be writing and rambling like usual.
Most of my photos are OF COURSE of the dogs I care for at the kennel
but every once in a while it will be something else.

Here's Maggie. One of my "Boarding Buddies".

She's a Sheltie. 
Very shy and timid and really likes to run.
Whenever I take her out to the play area I know that she will spend some time running around and around.
When it's time to go in she won't come to me right away.
She'll get closer but then she'll run.
That's kinda typical of a Sheltie.
To get this photo I had to sit down on the ground and wait for her to come to me and investigate.
Most times I just start walking back inside and she will either follow or if not, she eventually come in
if I will leave the door open to the building and her kennel door to her run open.
Then she will appear in the doorway and walk slowly across the laundry room floor and into her run.
I always pretend to be busy washing dog dishes or folding dog towels
because if I turn towards her, most times she'll run back outside.
That's just how most Shetland Sheepdogs are.
It's just better to let them do their own thing and NEVER try to chase them.
She's a beautiful girl and actually very easy to care for.


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Couldn't help but think your synopsis of a sheltie is a metaphor for life. You just have to leave the door open and possibilities will show up. Sometimes they stay, and sometimes they skeeter out. Have you decided if you'll stay or go yet? Try writing down what the perfect town for you would be. Dream big. Then leave it alone for a week and go back and see if you need to add or delete some things.

Cynthia Myers said...

I think I might have it figured out.....
But as always, my thoughts keep changing.
I like the idea of writing it down though.
My Dad used to say to do that. To write down the pros and cons.
One thing though, if I ever move, it won't be in the immediate future.
I have a lot of work to do on my home to make it marketable
AND I have a mountain of debt at the moment that needs to be worked on.
And my pets...I would never move without them.
But the fact that most of them are 9 or older and could be in Heaven in a few years. That fact breaks my heart but it will make a huge difference in my decisions.
So, I think TODAY the plan is to work towards a goal to be "ready" if the opportunity arises but also to be more pro-active in living in the NOW.
Also, my sister talks about some day moving to Racine, WI and her husband wants to move to Vermont and my eldest niece will probably move soon to Portland and Lily, my youngest niece said she might some day go there too.
Lots to think about, but also I need to start living my life here right now and stop wishing the years away.
Maybe I need to actually take a vacation and visit some places!
LOL! What an idea! LOL!
But I really love your idea of writing it all down.
Thank you so much for thinking of me and giving such thoughtful advice.

Doreen@househoneys said...

She certainly is beautiful, and her expression says 'what are you doing?'

I'm not active on Instagram, but if I want to post a photo onto Facebook from my phone I HAVE to do it via IG. When I installed the FB app after I got my phone ALL my FB contacts showed up on my phone and I couldn't get rid of them so I deleted the app. Anyway, I've thought about that too, but for now I'm sticking to my once a week posting.

Your plan for possibly moving someday sounds like a good one. It seems your family is moving to different places though so no matter where you go some will be far away, but no matter what, NOW is the time to bloom where you're planted.

Christer. said...

I see that I'm way behind :-) But I've read all posts I've missed now :-)

Most shelties I've met has been nervous and shy, too much inbreeding I guess, so they're not my favorite dogs to be honest. But the Swedish Kennel Club has made strict rules about inbreeding so I hope things will get better in all breeds.

Have a great day!


Cynthia Myers said...

I'm addicted to Instagram.
I'm addicted to taking photos for my pets and other peoples too
so it's perfect for my addiction! LOL!
Also, when I finally get myself in gear here, it's supposed to be a good marketing place for my Art. So a win-win.
Yes, very best friend lives here and we meet for breakfast twice monthly. I would really miss that.
MY eldest Niece is already in Wisconsin and to be honest, I don't see my sister that much although she lives in the same town.
My other niece is here too and I almost never see her.
But Lily, I would miss Lily.
She just moved this weekend across the river to the town where my best friend lives and where I work......
But that's easy enough to drive to (most days! LOL!)
But you are so right!
I need to BLOOM!

Cynthia Myers said...

I'm the same with your blog posts! LOL!
I read them while at work with the intent to go back and comment and then I apparently forget.
I'm trying to be better about that! LOL!
Yes, I think Sheltie's are very pretty but not my choice either.
They always seem so nervous and that wouldn't jive with the others in my home!
I agree about inbreeding.
Also, you should see some of the "labs" that come into the clinic.
They might be mostly Lab but there's obviously something else there too.
Our office manager breeds Labradors though and her dogs are gorgeous.
Big stocky and very calm and mellow.
She's the kind of breeder that all others should be like.
Her puppies are raised in the house and she's very attentive to them and very selective of their future homes.
She's in it for the breed, not the money.
Thanks for commenting!

tammy j said...

i know that moving wistfulness well.
every summer here i dream of moving to portland oregon...
or even vancouver...
i've often wondered if i simply would DO IT... that the marine might sell up and follow.
then i chicken out.
i too continue to try to bloom where i'm planted.
but it's like i'm this little green fern that needs shade and moisture and i've been plunked into the middle of a hot dry desert!
i think you could have an amazingly profitable business on the side...
photographing people's pets! your pictures are always WONDERFUL.
and so unique. not the staid old 'studio' type.
and i'm so happy you'll be posting them here too! since i'm not on those other thingys. :) THANKS!

Cynthia Myers said...

I know.
It's like "what might have been" or
"what could be"....
The thing is that I very carefully planned out having a home in a good neighborhood, with super low property taxes (just my house because it's so small and doesn't have a garage and other things) and I live in a town with no animal limits and I'm on a bus route if need be (though I've never taken a bus in my life) and I could walk to the grocery store, and the fire station and the hospital are all close. Yes, an ideal location.
While I live on a main street, which can be noisy, it also means that I will never have to pay to have the street worked on like many other people I know have had to, because it's a main-thoroughfare.
Yeah, I have it all worked out in my head and it's logical to stay here...
but I know what you mean.
Is this it?
Anyway, Thanks about the photos but they are all just taken with my phone.
LOL! I don't think people would want me showing up with my phone to take photos! LOL!
And... have you ever talked to the Marine about moving somewhere else.
Is he at all open to the idea?
Seems like everyone is moving to Portland.
I've never been there but I can't help wonder if some of it's magic will be lost if half of the country moves to town!
I don't even know where I'd want to live.
I've never been to Maine but it looks pretty in photos!
Just the East coast itself sounded great until they were buried under mountains of snow over and over again last winter...
Oh well.