Thursday, August 20, 2015

Grace Ng Dung

Is one of my most favorite of artists.

This is a recent self-portrait.
She also happens to be my eldest niece.
I just had to share her creation. 
I'm amazed at how she was able to capture herself.
Here's a photo of her. 

Didn't she do a great job!
She is super talented.
She's written and illustrated a childrens book but still trying to find a publisher.
It's all about trees.
She's very much about Nature, the Earth, the Universe, Energy and Good Health.
She's very laid back and has an old soul.
I'm very fortunate to have three amazing nieces.
Each very unique and different and I love them all dearly.
So just had to share!

And now for an update.
I finished the signs.
It's sort of embarrassing to show them here after Graces creation
and added to the fact that I once again did not take proper photos but here they are:
The "Dogs at Play" one was done years ago
and I just basically repainted over the faint faded words and dogs.

This one is the commissioned one with the Basset Hound on it.
I definitely do not think this is my best work
but it's in keeping with the "Dogs at Play" sign so I thought she would like it.

The lady was very happy with them. 
In fact she was "Over the Moon Happy" about them,
especially the "Welcome" one and if she's happy, then that's all the matters then.

Update on the Booth.
I've added more and I'm still working on it.
I'll save the details for another post.

Another update.
Squeak is doing well.
He's lost weight because of my measuring out his special food
and also because he suddenly has become very active.
Yep, he's on the go all the time now.
At first he'd lay on the floor and just watch the little dogs play.

Then one evening he just got up and ran to them and started playing!

This makes me so happy, to see him happy.
Once again, sorry about these blurred photos,
I just snapped them with my phone as it was happening
but you get the idea.
Life is Good here.
and... I've been reading your comments from my last post again.
Over and over.
Lately I've been thinking about ALL the comments.
Especially about taking action and making it happen
but deciding first just exactly what it is that I REALLY want to happen.
Like me pining away about living somewhere else.
Would I really want to move away from loved ones?
Home is where my family and best friends are.
(Although my best friend lives in Iowa and now LILY too,
is moving across the river to Iowa.
Hmmm, LOL!
So...I'm spending time walking around the play area with dogs at work
and pondering so many things.
One thing though, that I do know for SURE is that
I can't express again how much the friendship I have HERE in blogland means to me.
I'm blessed to have REAL friends out there taking time to comment and support me.
Yep, truly. I'm blessed.
I need to remember to count my blessings.


tammy j said...

oh your posts always touch me on so many levels!
what a talent.
i see it runs in the family.
and just knowing there are young people like grace and lily out there makes my faith in youth today renewed! they're both so beautiful too.
i love the blurry pictures of your gang! they're happy and playing and it shows!
and i know just what you mean about the wistful longing...
i keep saying i need to move from here. i want to live by the sea or in the mountains before i die... and each year i'm older.
but then i think of missing my marine. and we have no one else really!
it would be silly of me to run off. the tug is there though.
maybe he would sell up and follow me!
i feel the same way you do. moving so much in my younger days i never made friends. now i have so many wonderful internet friends i can hardly believe it! i mean true friends! who KNOW me! know my heart. and my foibles... and like me anyway. you can't ask more from friendship than that in my book!
have a good night's sleep dear bean. rest just a tiny bit too! LOLOL.
XOXOXOXO♥ give beloved blue a hug from me... and ALL the little furries too!

CheerfulMonk said...

Yes, your niece is very talented, but her picture doesn't warm my heart the way your signs do. I can well understand why your client was over the moon with hers. Please stop selling your talent short! How about writing a whimsical book about a little puppy who is lost/abandoned, is treated meanly by some, then finds friends and a good home? I would buy it.

Vicki said...

I am overjoyed to see wee Squeak up and about and playing! So, so sweet. And, he's better because of you - you're a very special person, you know :)

I like your signs. Especially "Dogs st Play". I love it! I seriously would have had that on my farm gate years ago, when I had three German Shepherds and a Rottweiler bowling each other over all day.

Your gorgeous niece is extremely talented. That is a perfect likeness, and very magical in style. I wish her all the very best and hope that her book is published soon - and please let us all know when it is.

Yes, you're blessed, and we are blessed to have you. And importantly - all the animals that come into your life, and benefit from your love, help and kindness are so very blessed that you are/were there for them.

As for moving away from your family and friends, I can only say that, if you are fortunate to have a good family and close friends, don't do anything to tear yourself away from your support base - unless you really want/have to.
I moved 5,000kms away from my dearest friends and the pining for their friendship and the sadness in my heart never goes away - even after seven years. I miss them so. I didn't realise the pain would be so immense.
It's true, "you never know what you've got till its gone".

Artistically, I agree, time spent working out what you really want to happen is very important. Totally.
But, you also need to take a definite step in the direction you want to go. We can all sometimes over think and spend time dreaming/hoping/wishing/planning - I know I do. And sometimes, that time could better spent on actually making a start and physically creating that life we want.
I guess all I'm saying is that, yes, spend time evaluating, but don't overspend that time. It can confuse and muddle us. Putting us - and what we want to do - on the back burner, if it all gets too overwhelming.
And then time passes.
Time seems to fly by so fast after a certain age, and we find ourselves years down the track regretting not setting our goals and making a start earlier. We feel we have plenty of time, but life creeps up on us...
The time to get cracking is now.

I guess this is as much a reminder for me as it is for you, lol :D

Wishing you well and sending heaps of creative energies across the ocean to you.
Hugs xxx

Doreen@househoneys said...

Your niece is not only talented, but beautiful!

What a joy to see Squeak running and playing with abandon!! It warms my heart.

I'm so glad everything is going well (or at least better) in your life. You do indeed have many who care, and that's the most important thing there is in the end.


Cynthia Myers said...

Yes. I am so lucky to have these girls in my life.
I haven't talked much about the middle one, Maggie.
It's the family joke that she's really mine because she looks more like me.
She's gotten her degree and was going to be a teacher but then suddenly decided to get her certification to be a doula.
She loves babies and loves caring for people so it's the perfect job for her.
Those 3 do indeed give me faith in the world.
I know that I think moving would just be a magical ticket to happiness
but maybe I'm like Dorothy and need to look for it in my own backyard.
Although I've always thought she should have gotten the Hell out of Kansas!
But maybe as long as she had Toto, she'd be happy.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you.
Really, thank you so much.
I have SO many books in my head.
and of course every single one involves a cat or dog!
Thanks again and I will,
I mean I won't and I will. LOL!

Cynthia Myers said...

I'm so glad you liked that sign.
I guess I should make some more to sell at the clinic?

Grace is gorgeous and very beautiful on the inside too.
She's not worried about the book, she says that when the time is right it will happen.

About Squeak, I told myself that I would keep myself a bit detached. I mean I'd be loving of course but keep my heart guarded at the same time.
Sadly I've failed. That little guy is such a heart-stealer.

I think you are right about moving. I had breakfast with my friend at her house this morning before work. I have never done that before but I had stopped to pick something up and she had coffee and banana bread waiting. It was very nice. She lives in Iowa, 5 minutes from my workplace. I told her maybe I should move across the river and she laughed and thought it was a grand idea. Of course, there's many things about my home that I would hate to leave and the fact that it's much more economical for me plays a HUGE part.
Yep, for now I will stay where I am.

And finally, I think I've got it figured out as far as artistically goes.
I will open my Etsy shop.
I will sell through the blog.
I will sell through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
and here at the clinic...
and write books.
THAT should keep me busy!

and continue emptying my home of unneeded items into my booth until it's all gone!
Anyway, that's the plan for today!
Thank you so much for your comment.
I cherish them and read them over and over.
I value your perspective so much.

Cynthia Myers said...

You are so right.
Friends and family are what matters most.

Thank you about Grace, she's been creating the most amazing things since she was small and she's always been a cutie. of course I'm partial! LOL!

And Squeak, I know now how he earned that name. If I leave the room, he starts "squeaking". He's almost finished with his medicine but he no longer cries out when he potties. I'm so glad he's doing so much better. Thank you for the kind words about him!

Christer. said...

That is a really good self portrait!

You have a completely different and unique style in Your painting so why do You compare? Yours are just as good as hers.

Of course Squeek took it easy the first days, he had to check who was the boss and if he possibly could become it instead :-) :-)

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia.

It feels like such a long time since I last checked in on your blog. I was just catching up and I'm sorry to see you've gone through some rough patches lately.

I agree with everyone that Grace has some amazing talent but I would be willing to bet some big bucks that both she and Lily would not have turned out the way that they did without your influence in their lives. If they hadn't had such a wonderful, artistic, animal-loving aunt to inspire and encourage them as children I wonder if they would have pursued those interests. They say you know you've really succeeded as a teacher when you feel as though your students have surpassed you.

I can understand your desire to move someplace else. I have started to feel the same way recently and I think that it's because my work situation has been so unsettled and draining this summer and I really don't know if there will ever be any resolution. I really love my job and I never thought I would ever want to leave it, but I have recently begun to seriously consider leaving this department (and the unbearable boss) and trying to find a job somewhere else. I truly hate the thought of leaving this house but at the same time the thought of starting over somewhere else sounds like the best thing to do. Of course, I'm not thinking about the loneliness and stress/anxiety that accompanies moving somewhere new and all of the problems that you deal with when you completely uproot yourself. So, yep, I totally understand how you feel because I keep going back and forth about this myself.

Good luck with your booth and everything else you have going on right now. I'm glad your animals are healthy and doing well.


Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you Christer.
You are right about our art being completely different.
I need to remember that.
And Squeak, LOL!
If he was doing that, trying to figure out who is Boss?
Well, he must have realized Blue is and decided to be his right-hand man, I mean dog! LOL!
Thanks for commenting!

Cynthia Myers said...

So nice to see a comment from you and what a sweet thing to say about my having influence on my nieces. I know that Lily and I really bonded and I probably had some input, especially with the animals and her helping me here at home and also at work since she was small. But my sister is a great mom and she and Grace are super close. But thank you for that wonderful compliment!

Yes! you completely understand!
I'm so sorry to read that you have an unbearable boss who is making you miserable. It's so sad to have a job that you love, only to have others take the joy out of it. I so understand that.
Sometimes I wonder if I am missing some big wonderful life that is some place else but just the other day I got to think how I'm such a hermit HERE that maybe I'm not doing enough myself to find joy.
Although there are so many lovely places out there...
Hey, here's a thought! maybe I should actually go on a vacation out of town!
LOL! what a crazy idea!
I don't know...I wish I could look into a crystal ball and find the answers.
Sigh, xoxoxo
Thanks for commenting and maybe your boss will move!