Friday, December 18, 2015


I'm really sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Could there be anything more boring to read about?
I doubt it.
But this might surprise you -
I actually left work and went home sick!
Yep. I was trying to tap this post out on my phone (in between letting my boarding dogs outside to potty) and my head was swirling every time I stood up, it occurred to me that I have never been completely 100% well, in a long time.
I'll get to the edge, almost feeling really good and healthy and  then BAM!
Back to sick and tired.
SO, I finished up what HAD to be done.
I wrote out notes and instructions and then took my files up to the office and told them that I was sick and going home!
I know. How dull. This is such a fascinating blog post.
Blah, blah, blah. 
Truly, BORING!
I used to read a particular blog and while I liked the author, she moaned and belly-ached so much that I had to stop, it was too depressing.
I thought about her today and realized, I'm pretty much the same.
I mean, who wants to read that?

So, I'm focusing on the NEW YEAR and all the things I will accomplish!
I'm going to blog more about Art and no more whining.
But FIRST, just a tad bit more! Lol!

Currently it's packed at work.
One of the differences between our clinic kennel and a regular kennel is that we cater to the old, frail and sick.
That means boarding animals that other places might turn away because of all the "extra" medical issues.
Right now I'm caring for this guy -
To be honest, his face looks like I feel!
I make sure he's eating and that he gets his twice daily medications.
Luckily he's a sweetheart.

I also am taking care of a couple of diabetic dogs (different families) who must have insulin injections twice a day.
But only after they have eaten something.
If they don't eat, I need to get creative and find something they do like.
One of them is a regular boarder and he's easy to care for.
The other is elderly, blind and finicky.

He will be here for 3 weeks.
Yep, no pressure on me there! Lol!

Then we took in a rescue dog.
He actually jumped into a client's car as she was delivering meals to house-bound people.
She said she couldn't bring herself to make him get out.
He had a huge prong collar on and was filthy.
Big patches of hair were missing from his back

And his head tilted and he walked at an angle as though he had been hit by something or someone on that side.

One of the techs gave him a good bath and I've been taking care of him ever since.
The Rescue is going through the proper steps and fortunately his old owners haven't bothered to look for him.

One of the rescue people said that sadly those owners probably will just go get another dog.
He actually has been very easy to care for.
He's calm and quiet and gently takes treats from me.

He pays no mind to other dogs as they walk past his kennel.
No aggression at all.
But when he sees a cat! Omg! He does NOT like cats.
I find that odd, that he could care less about little yappy dogs but hates cats so much!
Who knows, maybe something bad happened between him and a cat?!

Here at the clinic, they did a skin scrape on him and it's not a staph infection or anything.
Hopefully with proper diet and care, it will grow back.
Rescue will be taking him on Monday.
(Which is good because I will need the kennel space for the Holidays.)

Finally, and I suppose I should just put this in a separate post but...
I fostered (?) a little dog for 3 weeks.
She had boarded with me a few times.
Her owner had told me that he was getting allergy shots so that he could keep her.
He said so far nothing was working and I wished him luck with that.
Then one Friday night as I was about to leave work, they called me up front.
The owner was in tears. He just couldn't keep her, he said and he couldn't bear to take her to a shelter. He wanted to know if I'd take her or find her a good home.

So I took her.

I told everyone that she was much too young for me to keep and that I would find her a home.
No one believed me.
But there was no doubt in my own head and even if there had been, I quickly realized she would never work in my home.
My other dogs have clicked into place like puzzle pieces, like it was always meant to be, but not CeCe.
My Ping, who always has to be in my lap or close to me, quickly hated her.
CeCe wanted to be in my lap!
Ping would climb on top of her and push her away with her butt.
When I slept, CeCe would try to snuggle up to me but Ping would have a fit and they would battle and I would have sit up and stop it by throwing the comforter over them.
In the meantime I had contacted a very sweet woman I knew whose little dog had passed months back.
I told her I had THE dog for her and sent photos.

She was very excited!
She said she had to have her!
She was getting her carpets replaced and then she would be out of town for a week over Thanksgiving.
So I told her no problem. I'd take care of CeCe until she got back.
So... CeCe was mostly good.
She LOVED playing with Ricochet.
But she was bossy and would get into the other dogs faces.
One day she decided to take Jimmy on, over a toy.
He quickly wrestled her and pulled it away but she was having none of it and tried to battle him!
She ended up with a good scratch on her head. 
You can see in the photo where the scratch (tooth mark?) was still healing above her right eye.

Then came the night that CeCe got into Blues face as he lumbered up on the end of the bed!
Luckily I was able to grab CeCe away before a major incident!

Finally the day came and CeCe met her new mommy!

She had bought CeCe a coat and jeweled collar and a matching leash and a new bed and lots of toys.
They were both overjoyed to meet each other and were instantly the very best of friends.
My friend then suffered a loss in the family the very next week and she said having CeCe to hold and love, helped her through such a difficult time.
Yes, it was meant to be.

So, yeah.
Just a few of the things going on that have left me tired.
So now I will stop complaining.
I'll try not to write about it any more.
I'm even pondering about possibly letting this blog fall silent....  for a while,
or maybe forever?

I'm thinking about just go full force on my Art blog after the New Year.
(once I get it up and running and connected to my

I mean, I'd still write my stories...
I have a few more things to share.
But NEXT year maybe just short ones
and doing an illustration with them.
Or maybe some days-
just the illustration...
Oh, I don't know!
I'm starting to feel very achy and I'm getting the chills....maybe it's the flu!?
Oops! No more belly-aching!


Lesley UK said...

Please, please, please, don't stop blogging. I really look forward to hearing the tales of all your wonderful dogs. I am disabled and it's not practical for me to have a pet anymore, but I live and love vicariously through all your four footed friends. Please reconsider. I hope you feel better soon. Have a wonderful Christmas. Blessings

Cindi Myers said...

What a sweet comment to wake up to!
You've made me want to cry.
ok, I will continue but maybe just stories and such here
and then post my Art over on my other blog.
Thank you for the Get Well wishes. I'm still feeling achy and sick but at least I'm off the weekend so I'll have time to get better.
Tonight there is a work get-together for cocktails and I won't be going but that doesn't break my heart! LOL! Nope, staying home and sleeping!
I wish you a Merry Christmas too!

tammy j said...

oh cindi!
your posts always leave me speechless.
and then i proceed to write a ton of meaningless drivel.
i think in a way you're like audrey hepburn.
she had such a pure and loving heart.
traveling and seeing all the suffering children she did.
i think it affected her health.
you can only see so much of that kind of suffering.
and like the beautiful gentle boy that has been so abused...
the one above who hates kitties!
just looking at those pictures affect ME! i cannot imagine what it would be like to have your job... where you care for each damaged or sick one every day of your life.
it has GOT to take a toll. it simply has to.
you are NOT belly-aching darling girl.
you are sharing your life with us. and we wouldn't have it any other way.
thank GOD and the universe for people like you who CARE for these beloved creatures. creatures that have more dignity and worth than a lot of human beings.
she was speechless alright! i dare not preview this comment.
the little white box here is deceiving! it looks small but you publish your comment and realize you've written war and peace! LOLOL!
just rest little sister.
get some rest if you can.
love and a HUGE snoopy hug coming your way.
don't know if you got my last email. it's a new address. the other died.
now is

Cindi Myers said...

You give me too much credit!
You would be the same in my position.
i work with a few girls who do the same.
(unfortunately not all of them though)
I'm pretty sure my being sick and tired has more to do with my improper diet and lack of sleep.
I never seem to get to bed on time and although I must get up early on work days, my critters don't allow me to sleep much longer on off days so....
oh well! it is what it is.
I guess if I'm not boring everyone to tears, I'll continue with my ramblings.
and never worry about the length of your comments, I treasure them.

oh, and I did get that last email! I thought I replied to it.?!?
maybe I just did in my head. but thank you for letting me know.

CheerfulMonk said...

I love your posts! Please keep them coming, even if some are only a line or two, or even better, a doodle or quick sketch. I'm sorry you're sick but glad you're taking time off. You need to do that more often, but it's hard because of the animals.

tammy j said...

i have re-discovered my crockpot!
it's only a 4 quart.
but i love it!
i'd forgotten how easy it is to eat well with it.
my kind of cooking. no effort! or very little.
it just cooks there all day and makes the house smell heavenly.
i never would do it when i wasn't home... too afraid of fire and zeke alone by himself at home. so i waited til the weekends.
but on weekends you could do it. and you'd have good meals for at least three days!
boy. do i preach or what! LOL. just can't help it i guess.
i'm the town crier. :)
soup is especially wonderful. you don't have to stir it or mess with it. ok. enough. go back and rest down dear bean. xoxoxo

Vicki said...

Cindi! I read your post and have only just stopped crying and crying.
I'm all cried out now.

That poor neglected rescue boy..... my heart aches for him. Those eyes tell the story...

If it's possible to get some quality coconut oil in his diet a few times a week, and, if anyone can - I know, I know, it's difficult to dedicate any more time - but, Calendula ointment - or even (organic) Calendula tea - brewed, cooled and dabbed on his skin will soothe and heal.
OH!!!... if ONLY I lived near you - I would come over and help you, especially help to care for this poor boy. I'd make it my mission to get him well. He speaks to me...

And now I'm tearing up again.
Damn my emotions. And damn this heatwave that makes me a puddle on the floor...

Darling little CeCe. She and her mum have found eachother. Kindred souls. Companions for life.
She looks so cheery sitting on her mumma's lap.

A happy ending...

The darling blind boy reminds me so much of Jack. Dear sweet old souls. They need extra special lovin'.

They all need such special care.
You do EVERYTHING you can... and more.
And give SO MUCH of your kind heart.

Thank you for that ♥

I'm almost beyond words now.

Yes, your art. Next year.
We BOTH will.
We have new and exciting paths to explore.

Be my arty cheer leader.
And, I'll be yours.
We'll gee each other up and support when the other needs it.

I WANT to see you fly...

Vicki said...

And... my stupid finger clicked "publish" not preview :(

Be well soon.
Please take care of yourself.
For you FIRST and foremost.
For your beautiful fur crew - who love you deeply.
And, for ALL the precious souls who come under your care.

You're an angel.
And no, I'm NOT exaggerating.
You are.

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Jean,
I will try to at least post a short post when things get crazy
and my goal is to include more Art.
I'm glad that I took part of yesterday off and that I didn't go to the get-together tonight as I still feel under the weather.
I'm going to really try to take better care of myself this coming year!

Cindi Myers said...

I have a crock-pot!
It's a pretty silver color that I picked out to go with the decor years ago.
I dust off the lid every now and then.
I might just try using it though.
Maybe cook some chicken that I could eat for lunch at work!
Thanks for the idea.

Cindi Myers said...

Oh Vicki,
I didn't want you to cry!
I'm sorry.
I will tell the rescue people about the coconut oil and also about the tea.
He did get another bath on Friday just before I left.
One of the receptionists is a member of the rescue group, so she did it.
To be honest, his skin looks much better than the day he was found.
We use grain-free dog food and that's what I fed him. (and some canned food too, plus treats every time he came in from going potty and sometimes... just because.)

The blind old boy is very smart and I know how he must remind you of your precious boy, Jack. xoxo
This old boy has already figured out the path from his kennel run to outside. My Rosie is now completely blind and so is my tiny Claude and also my bratty Button, so I'm kinda used to dealing with blind dogs. I find it amazing how well they get around but then the other day when I rearranged the whole downstairs... well, I forgot what that would mean to them. Rosie was very confused for a while but Button just bulldozed around and found her way. Unfortunately Claude tinkled his path to remember and at first I was confused why there were sprinkles on the floor near things and then I figured it out. Sigh.
Thankfully he's got it figured out now and I can stop bleaching everything.

You are so right about CeCe finding her kindred soul.
My friend was so funny, she asked if she could call her SiSi instead and I said she could call her any name she wanted. I asked if it was pronounced as Sissy and she said no, it's pronounced as CeCe. I just thought that was so funny! Although I kept that to myself.
She sent me a message via Facebook that the other day. She said that she thought CeCe was having a seizure in her hallway! Then when she got closer she realized that CeCe had a live mouse and was thrashing it around and then ...well, killed it! She was shocked but then said she felt that CeCe was just protecting her! Yep, it was meant to be.

And finally, Yes! We will be cheerleaders for each other!
In fact I feel like I have a whole cheering squad with all my wonderful blogger friends cheering me on.
But YES! 2016 will be our year.
Your rabbits and bears are AMAZING and MAGICAL!
I'm so excited for you!
and also this coming year we will both become HEALTHY!
So much to look forward to.
and again, sorry that this post made you cry.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

They are so lucky to have you, and I hope you feel better. Cece and her mom are so cute together.

Christer. said...

I do like that rescue dog! Too bad I don't live closer. I'm not sure how Nova would feel about him though :-) Sune loves everyone so he would have no problems :-) Lets hope his old family never comes close to him again, unless they actually took good care of him but he just ran away one day.

Nova tilts her head like that when her right ear is going bad again, she doesn't want me to know because she hates those ear drops :-) but I can always tell :-)

I'm glad CeCe found a new home :-)

Have a great day and get better!


Doreen@househoneys said...

Oh Cindi, please don't stop blogging! So many people love and admire you, there would be a huge hole in blog land if you stopped. Your blog is so refreshing. While it's nice to see beautiful homes all decked out for the holidays, sometimes it's just a tad boring. (Can I say that??) But not you! How can we be bored when you're sharing your fur babies with us and all you do for them?! I wish I could do what you do. You're helping not only the animals that need it so very much, but people too. Just look at the smile on cece's mommy's face!

I hope you're not getting the flu. Please take care of yourself first and foremost.

Give your babies a kiss from Aunt Doreen and have a Merry Christmas!


Cindi Myers said...

I'm feeling a bit better, thanks!
And yes, CeCe and her momma do look happy! I'm so glad it worked out!

Cindi Myers said...

I wished you lived closer too!
I would drive him to your home!
Unfortunately it's not an ear infection. Doc checked that right away. He said he was "hit" and there could be some neurological damage but time will tell. But I noticed he seems a bit better. Although he did stagger when he stepped off the side of the step. He had to regain his balance.
Oh wait, no you couldn't take him... He really does NOT like cats.
I'm glad CeCe found a good home too And before there was a real dog fight!
I have to be better by tomorrow! I gotta work!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you! That's so sweet of you to say!
I guess I'll stick around. LOL!
It makes me happy that CeCe and her mom worked out so well!
I hope it's not the flu but whatever it is, seems like several people at work have had it! Sigh.
Anyway, Merry Christmas to you!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Stop saying you're quitting! you know you would miss us. so just write when you can and stay happy. Loved the story about CeCe. It made my Christmas.

Cindi Myers said...

LOL! I won't quit,
and I would NEVER quit visiting all my fav blogs!
I'm glad that you liked the story of CeCe.
Merry Christmas!

leslie said...

so behind on my blog reading…

blind dogs… break my heart now.

cece… what a great story.

actually, all of your stories are wonderful. really, truly.

Cindi Myers said...

Yep, blind dogs really get to me too.
I've got three at home now... it's hell getting old.
I'm so glad you like my stories!