Friday, December 11, 2015



CheerfulMonk said...

Good for you for drawing this --- please keep them coming! If you keep them simple and keep doing them you will have plenty to stock your store. If you express your own emotions as they happen there will be plenty of people who feel the same way. Once you get a good supply then it will be time to start marketing/getting known on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ (?) etc.

I spent some time last night reading reviews of society6 by artists posting there. They say if you want to be successful you have to do your own marketing using social media, your blog, etc. But the first thing is to build up your stock so you have something to sell.

Vicki said...

And when those moments hit... do nothing. Just be.
Goodness knows, you deserve to take some quiet time off...

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you.
Yes, my plan is to do marketing on as many social media sites as possible.
I'm on Instagram and I'm building a Following. I have my Art page on Facebook and I've been Pinterest for quite a while and get hits from there, I just posting pics on Twitter, no tweets of information but I need to learn more about that. I got a book off of Amazon all about Twitter and also one on marketing and another on creating my Brand.
I've actually got some Followers from Twitter who are connected to childrens books publishing. But I realize all of this is futile if I don't get the WORK done.
Lisa Congdon is someone who's work I've followed and by just doing the work EVERY DAY, she was able to put together a book. After that it snowballed and now she's mega-successful.
I'm just so frustrated as I haven't had a lot of time to read my books or to create Art. Makes me so mad.
I know it's improper time management on my part but I finally come to realize that I can't do it at night, after work and after caring for all my pets.
I'm exhausted and creatively drained.
I'm much more productive early in the day. Weekends are best for me, so now that I've dropped the booth, I'm hoping to have more time. Of course there's the fact that in mid-January, I will be working Sunday mornings again BUT, I am going to figure it out.
I've decided to draw it all out on a poster board or something.
I'm more visual and I need to SEE it to realize it.
Yesterday I was able to do the drawing during lunch. I was feeling very ill and just wanted to go home, so that's where my mind was at.
Yes, I'm going to start off 2016 BIG and just keep going.
Thank you, thank you SO much for being my friend and all the encouragement and research, it's greatly appreciated.
I need to get the plan in place and also my work space and then just do it.

Cindi Myers said...

It's hard for me to do nothing as I have so much to do.
Yesterday I felt very ill and almost actually went home but then I realized I'd feel sick either place, so I might as well work (and be paid).
Oh well!
Hopefully I'll kick this bug quick.
Although Doc, who NEVER is sick and even when he is, works.
He went home yesterday! Yep. Took care of a few appointments that he felt he had to and then left.
Everyone seems to be ill.
So, yes. I will try to do Nothing.
Which to me means, just not doing as much as I usually do. LOL!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I know that feeling pretty well! :-)

Cindi Myers said...

I'm sure you do!
You have so many to care for and little time to yourself, I would imagine.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

This is such a great cartoon that you drew. xoox Su

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Su!

tammy j said...

it is NOT improper time management on your part!
you're working your head off!
just to keep 'the peanut on the table.'
that's what that means you know...
bob had his own business.
and he would say at the beginning...
"honey... if we can just get the peanut on the table we'll be okay."
meaning there would be time and money for other things. basic life first!
i think you do AMAZINGLY well. given all that's on your plate!
and i can't believe i'd forgotten that when i left on my trip you were sick. i hope you're better now. it sounds like a really bad bug.
especially if the doc caved to it. white light all around you girl.
xoxo♥ and p.s. that picture is perfect! nothing relaxes like a kitty... rain OR shine! LOL. and you've captured it to perfection.

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Tammy.
I just have to figure it out.
I feel like I'm stuck in a pattern and need to break free from it so that I can figure out a better schedule.
It's like at work, I have a system that I do on automatic pilot. I just have it down and can accomplish a lot as long as no one comes in and messes me up.
It's like when I've come in to help or train people, we would end up taking just as long to do the work because the pattern becomes all messed up.
Maybe I'm not making sense here but I just have to get a system in place and I haven't figured it out yet.
Yep, eventually it will fall into place for me.
and... still haven't kicked this dang bug yet.
Here's to 2016! LOL!