Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Morning 2015

It's Christmas!
Wake up Jimmy!
Maybe Santa came?!
Are you getting up?
Maybe there's something in your stocking?
Like coal LOL!
Oh come on, get up!
Sleepy head dog
OK! He's UP!


CheerfulMonk said...

How precious! Thank you!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Jimmy always brings a smile to my face. Love his red jammies.

tammy j said...

Disney needs to know about YOU! well. and jimmy too.
this made my morning!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Merry Christmas! What a cutie!

Hartwood Roses said...

Oh-Em-GEEEEE!!!! I love Jimmy in his snowman jammies!!

Doreen@househoneys said...

He's a doll! Love him so much, and I hope his stocking was filled with more goodies than he could handle!

Cindi Myers said...

He is pretty cute but he's a little stinker too! Lol!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Cindi Myers said...

He makes me smile too...
And sometimes scream!
Glad you like his jammies, they are another Goodwill bargain! Lol!
Hope you had a great Christmas!

Cindi Myers said...

Disney?! That would be aiming pretty high! Lol!
But glad it made you morning!
Hope you had a great Christmas!

Cindi Myers said...

Merry Christmas Su!
Jimmy says Thank you!

Cindi Myers said...

Jimmy loves his jammies too, I think.
I mean, he doesn't seem to mind them at all!
Hope you had a great Christmas!

Cindi Myers said...

Well, I wouldn't call him a doll...
Unless it's the Chuckie doll! Lol!
But yes, he's pretty loveable too.
He actually has to wait for his stocking (along with the other critters) because I always wait for the after Xmas sales so that I can really load up!
Don't worry, he'll get his share (otherwise he'd just take them from the other dogs anyway!)
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Vicki said...

Oh Jimmy Chew-Chew! I LOVE you, ya little sweet rascal.
Nooo, never coal for this wee boy. He knows not the trouble he brings - not in his sweet little mind.
It's all good :)

Hope y'all had a fabulous Christmas filled with warmth and joy.

ps - how, do you mange to have such lovely, lacey white bedding with your fur crew on board?? I'd LOVE to have white linen on the bed, but I have to stick with neutrals - because of Jack and..... a grubby hubby :/

Cindi Myers said...

LOL! I think Jimmy knows exactly what he's doing and doesn't care! LOL!
I had a nice mellow Christmas.
Christmas Eve was at my Step-mom's home and then Christmas and Christmas dinner was at my sisters. All my nieces were there, so it was very nice.

About the white sheets. I need to do a post about that.
It's actually quite the opposite of what people would think.
I have to have white. Thankfully I love white but white can be bleached and white shows if there is a gooper or such. Nope, has to be WHITE!
YES! I will do a post about white and decorating with pets! Lots of pets!
The white lace bedding I got when the retired CEO of the largest company in the area, possibly the country, decided to move from our area and retire where it's warm.
My sister did their gardening and when they had a "moving/get rid of excess" sale, I bought these sheets for $15.00! They had been ironed and starched and in a special case. My sister said the wife is from France and visits often so they could have come from there!
That's where I get a lot of bedding, from estate sales at expensive homes!
LOL! although my flannel ones come from Target! LOL!
and I do laundry a lot...
I'll have to right a post about it! LOL!

leslie said...

this reminds me of maisie some days.

Cindi Myers said...

I love your photos of Maisie!
She's got the sweetest little face.