Monday, December 28, 2015

Conflicting Emotions

Saturday -
Blue and I felt like this:
Just kinda Blah.
The Holiday is over,
Come on 2016! blue's.

Then on Sunday - I was watching the Sunday Morning Show
They ran the End of Year segment called 
Hail and Farewell.
A memorandum to all the famous and not so famous people who passed this year.
Some, I knew of their passing
but some left me surprised and little bit shocked.
And then I started feeling a bit depressed....
I moped around a bit and I drove out to the place where my booth is.
I need to have everything gone and outta there by Friday.
The NEW Year.
The woman at the counter is always very nice and bubbly.
She told me that SHE was the one moving into my booth space.
She was SO excited! It's in a nice spot and it's bigger than what she had.
So I got to thinking about the retro shelving unit I have that ran the wall.
I hadn't been sure how I'd get it out of there.
And once I did, I really have no place for it at home.
So I looked at her happy face and walked back and marked it WAY down.
Then I stopped at the counter and told her that I just marked it super low and she might want to run back there and check it out.
I ended up stopping again later, to take some more things and she thanked me over and over again for letting her know and then I asked her if she wanted the rug.
She looked at it and asked me how much.
I looked at it and knew I had no place for it.
It had been walked on and looked worn to me, so I told her.
You can have it, it's free.
Then I left.
I drove home and felt good.
I'm not usually able to help people out. Not much, at least not monetarily but
she was always so nice and what was I going to do with it anyway?
Besides, I've had so many thoughtful gifts lately, that I felt the need to pay it forward.
I went home and started reading one of my books that was a Christmas gift to me from a dear friend.
It started making me happy and motivated.

I started feeling lucky again.
Lucky to be alive.
Lucky to be healthy.
Lucky to have the ability to make changes in my life.
Lucky to have wonderful friends in my life.

I started looking at some photos that I've taken and got to messing around.
I altered them and made them more "Artsy".

I think I might include them in my "Shop" too.
I want to have several sections in my Etsy shop.
Maybe some wearable Art. A pin or a necklace of my Art.
Maybe I'll make small little cats like I used to, tiny primitive painted fabric ones.
I did those one year for Valentines Day and sold them ALL!
Yes! Maybe I'll make my broken-hearted cats again!
What a difference a day makes.

Today, Monday - I woke up to freezing rain.
Drove to work and beat everyone in!
I was the first one in and I live in another state! LOL!
But I did set my alarm for EARLY because I knew that
it would be crazy busy, a ton of dogs going home after a Christmas boarding stay.
I tried to get them outside to potty but I'd see them squinting their eyes in the icy rain pellets.

A few on them just won't go out by themselves,so I stood outside with them,
wondering why I had blown-dry my hair straight.
I could almost physically feel it curl up on my head.
The wind would catch the boarding door and wet cold ice would blow in.
I would watch the little dogs tetter and totter in the wind of this ice storm

and I'd run back out and scoop them up.
I'd laugh and hold them against my chest and looking down into their little faces and say
and they'd look up and give me kisses.

I suppose I should feel irritated instead.
Mad that some people didn't make it in.
Mad that it's now a full fledged ice storm.
Mad that everyone else is warm inside and I'm running around being pelted by ice rain.
I'm not.

and then, one more thing-
I had posted on Facebook that I wished that Starbucks delivered coffee
and then one of the office girls decided to do a coffee run and brought me back a Starbuck's White Mocha.
Life is good and I am grateful.


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

you have everything you need in life. Warm kisses, warm careful, life might get too good and then you will lose motivation to better it. lol.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

P.S. I love how you did the pictures. Amazing.

CheerfulMonk said...

I love this post and the pictures! And I'm glad you could do something for the woman at the counter.

I can hardly wait to visit your Etsy shop and buy something. I'm glad you're getting excited about making things to sell.

Hartwood Roses said...

Life IS good! All we have to do is adjust our perception a little bit to see all the good that is around us every day.

tammy j said...

YOU are a pure DELIGHT!
i'm just so glad i know you!
it's already happening.
the new good year.
it's already right there in your heart!
and it's going to be so exciting! XOXOXO♥ LOL more hugs there.

Cindi Myers said...

Don't worry, something always snaps me back.
This morning I had to shovel for over an hour to get out of the driveway.
Yep, I'm motivated to work from home!
I'm glad you like the altered photos!
Last year a friend of mine sent in her dog's photo to an artist and paid BIG bucks to have it look something similar to this and I had a little fit!
I said that he hadn't even taken the photo himself and that it was all digital and she told me to stop being nasty.
At the time I thought about trying to see if I could do something similar just to show her....and then I didn't, of course! LOL!
But I do have a lot of photos that I've taken so.....
maybe I'll jump on that bandwagon!
Thanks again

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Jean
Yep, just trying to pay it forward!

I hope to have the shop open by the beginning of the year!
Fingers crossed!

Cindi Myers said...

I'm so glad I know you too!
and YES! I want it to be next year.... NOW!

Cindi Myers said...

You are so right!
Perception is everything.
Some days it's easier to SEE than others but
The future is very BRIGHT!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I love what you did with the photos, and what a sweet thing to do for the newcomer. A new start sounds good for the new year. Sweet dog babies. xoxo Su

CheerfulMonk said...

"This morning I had to shovel for over an hour to get out of the driveway.
Yep, I'm motivated to work from home!"

Yay! The most powerful thing you can do is use the many inconveniences of working to motivate you to create something better. A lot of people described in Be a Free Range Human did just that. So bless the snow shoveling, the co-workers who don't show up, and the freezing rain. The universe is just reminding you it's time to move on and that you can do it.

You have a lot of people rooting for you!

Vicki said...

Keep on wishing Cindi! The Universe is listening :)
May the coming year be bright and beautiful and filled with wonderful creative ventures for you!
You deserve everything you wish for... and more :)

Love arty images, and the wee cutie with the wind whipped ears.

Cindi Myers said...

I'm glad you like the altered photos!
and I've been very blessed lately, so I was just paying it forward.
I just signed on and saw a sweet little white face in my blogger reader!
I must get to your blog!!!
Happy New Year!

Cindi Myers said...

:) Jean!
I hesitate to share this but...
I'm sick again!
Now it's in my head, my nose, my throat
and I HAVE to work because there's a FULL house.
I'm taking care of 3 diabetic dogs and several "special" ones
so I really have to be here.
BUT, as you say, The Universe is SCREAMING at me! LOL!
Yes, time to move on...
2016! Here I come, cough, sneeze, cough cough!
I'm gonna be healthy next year too!
Thanks so much!
Happy New Year!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Vicki!
I saw a quote, an image somewhere (I must find it)
but it said something about - if you never jump, you can't use your wings!
I picture you and I, standing on the edge, Thelma and Louise style! LOL!
and FLYING!!!!
Here's to 2016!
The best year yet!!!!

Doreen@househoneys said...

Doing something good for others is truly a gift to ourselves.

I know I've said it before but you are truly talented, and I can't wait to see your etsy shop when it's finished. It's challenging, but exciting I'm sure.

I love the last picture of the little white dog. Not sure how you managed to get that angle, but it's adorable.

Janneke said...

Your altered photos are so beautiful Cindy, I certainly must have a look in your Etsy shop. I think when you love animals and you even work with them life must be good. These furry creatures are our best friends. The little one in the snow looks so brave.
And for you take care of yourself with your health, take some more lemons and oranges to build up your resistance, haha, hear this mother say.
Wish you and your friends around you all the best for 2016!

Christer. said...

I just popped in to wish You a good ending of this year and a good new one :-)


Cindi Myers said...

Thank you!
And I plan on opening the shop soon!
That last photo? I'm left handed and little Ozzie is in the crook of my right arm. You can still see the rain/ice spots on the sleeve of my sweatshirt! I just took the photo with my phone in my left hand!

Cindi Myers said...

Thanks Janneke,
That makes me so happy that you like the photos!
I must get that shop open soon!
I've eaten more oranges in the last two days than I have all year.
I am lucky to work with animals, too bad there are people there too! Lol!

Cindi Myers said...

I'm sick still, so tonight will be rather uneventful but tomorrow I will wake up Healthy and Well!
Here's to a great 2016!