Monday, February 22, 2016


So I finally got the illustrations done.
I drew out the horses, filled them in with Inktense pencils and went over that with a wet brush.
Then I cut them out and layered them onto canvas panels that I had glued decorative papers to.
Then I went over the whole thing with another layer of sealer.
After that had dried, I copied them to my phone and added text in different fonts.
Then I sent them to the printer and when the copies come back, I will glue them onto the canvas squares that I painted black with thick acrylic paint.
I will paint the sides and level them out with sealer. Usually it takes 2-3 coats.
And then they will be done.
Here they are -

I also took some photos when I visited the horse stables.
I picked out a few and altered them until they looked the way I wanted.
I sent them off to the printers too.
I'll end up finishing them in the same fashion.

I've purchased a banquet style table that folds in half and should be easy to carry.
I found a nice quality black tablecloth on sale at Target. I'm thinking the black would work best with the black sides of my artwork. All of this will be my display.
I've got some rough primitive wood things in the basement that I can use to create some height and make it a bit more visually pleasing.

I gotta say, I was getting a bit freaked as all of this has added up but then I realized I was thinking negatively.
If I sell everything I'll be doing great and be able to recoup my expenses.
Besides, as they always say, ya gotta spend money to make money!
So I'm investing in MYSELF!

I also have my space at the Art/Antiques place so I can take what doesn't sell out there and the rest, will go to my work place and hang on the walls there.
I've sold several pieces at work, so there's definitely space for them.

OK! Time to go paint the canvases!
There's SO MUCH to do before Saturday and I still have a group of prints that won't arrive until Thursday!
See ya later!


CheerfulMonk said...

Good luck! And thanks for letting us know how it's going. :)

Cindi Myers said...

Thanks Jean!
I'm crazy busy painting canvased now and then sealing the prints onto them!
I think I will pick up a couple of frames that I saw and place a print in them.
Just for variety and to show people other ways of displaying my Art.
I saw a orange one and a turquoise one, both are distressed on the edges so I think they look kinda "country". BUT if they don't sell, both will fit in the color scheme of my own home! LOL!
I'll be scarce until Sunday most likely and in the meantime I'll be answering comments while I'm on break at the day job (like right now! haha!)
Thanks again!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

love the coloring you use. I don't exactly understand how it all works, but your art always turns out so lovely. Good luck with sales. Hope you have a really big day.

Cindi Myers said...

Glad you like the colors!
I'm always changing my mind! LOL!
Fingers crossed about Saturday!
Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Love your work!

tammy j said...

oh cindi!
these are fabulous.
I like your paintings with the words...
the words are perfect.
and the digital photo art you do... oh my gosh.
they are magnificent! they should be blown up large.
they would most certainly sell. all of this will!
and that horse's eye.
it just makes your heart skip a beat!
the marine fixed my computer today! YAYYYYY!!!!
love XOXOXO♥
will think of you on Saturday. SEEING ONLY GOOD STUFF HAPPENING!!!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you so much!!!
And thank you for commenting!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you so much Tammy!
I do think that I need to get back to my illustrations and I will, after this weekend but I like my altered photos too.
I've had a few people not care as much for them but I like them.
Maybe because each one is a photo that I took myself of one of my boarders. I know each dog (or cat) personally and I think that's why I, myself like them. Most times I remember that exact moment.
Oh well!
I'll be glad to have Saturday over.

I'm SO HAPPY that the Marine fixed your computer! I was beginning to worry!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Ohhhhhhh!! These are fabulous Cindi! You know what they say...if you can draw horses, you can draw anything. Well, I say it anyway ; ).

The words are almost as cool as the illustrations. You are so talented :).


Cindi Myers said...

Thank You!
I'm so glad you like them.
It definitely helped me to go out and see the horses and be inspired by them.
Of course it also made me want to be around them more! LOL!
but I don't think they were that hard to draw after that... as long as I could draw them as I wished.
Thanks again!