Saturday, February 6, 2016


First, Sharon has written a post about my Jimmy Chew painting that I did for her!
She loved the painting and she loves my bad little Jimmy.
Her words and all the wonderful comments made me cry.
But they were HAPPY tears.
You can read her sweet post HERE

Second, I got a call from a place that I had put my name into more than a year ago.
It's a place that showcases Art and Antiques.
The owner is trying to get more Art into her place.
She apparently had several spaces open up.
Spaces for booths and also wall space.
When I originally put my name on the waiting list I had a plan to sell my Art AND painted furniture and things.
But then I got into the other place and sold some of my accumulation of furniture and things but found that it was taking too much of my time away from what I really wanted to be doing.
Which is creating Art.
So when she called, she asked if I was interested and if so, could I stop in and let her know what I wanted to sell.
So after work yesterday I brought her two little paintings of mine that had been hanging up at work.

I showed her those and then photos of some of my work that I had on Instagram.
She said she didn't have anyone doing animal related Art and I said that was all I did.
She then showed me the wall space and I talked about my vision of how I would display my work.
I said it would be paintings and prints and I planned on doing some "cards" and maybe some little boxes.
Things like that.
Small things.

Then she told me she had called A LOT of people from her waiting list.
That she wanted something new, different and CUTE.
She said she loved my little paintings and was excited.
So.....I'm going to have my Art there.
I'll give more details about the place later but, I'm rather excited.
And the rent is surprising LOW!
At least compared to the other place I had my furniture and stuff at.
But then again, I just need a wall and a bit of floor space in front of it.
I instantly had ideas on what I would do for the display.
I have a few things that I couldn't bring myself to sell at the other place....just in case.
I asked when she wanted me to bring in my things and she said as soon as I'd like.
I had to let her know that I didn't really have much stocked up at the moment so we agreed on mid-month.
I work half days on Wednesdays, so February 17th is the day!
I best get busy!

Third, I'm currently working six days a week.
Some days I can leave a little early if it's not busy.
But Friday was a nightmare. Super busy and I'm not sure why,
unless it's because people want their dogs out of the house during Super Bowl.
It was physically exhausting and mentally too.
Mentally because I learned that some people have been being very hard on my niece Lily.
I knew her life couldn't be easy, working with who she does but I didn't realize to what extent.
I won't got into details here but I'm not happy about this and I need to think on this as to how to help her.
I need to stay calm and breathe deeply and figure out an adult calm way to fix this situation.

Truth be told, info like this makes me see RED and I'm glad I have had this weekend to settle down and think straight.
I've talked with my sister and we feel ultimately it will all be fine.
Even if it means that Lily might need to find a new job.
Which saddens me so much. She loves animals with all her heart.
But then again, there are other opportunities out there...
and she's lucky because she has my sister to have her back.
If the worst happened, she could always move home.
But all this consumed my thoughts and stifled me.
Even after the great news of getting into this place, I couldn't create last night.
Today, I have my head on straight and I realize I need to hustle and get my Art and the display done in the limited amount of time I have.
So that means my third announcement is that I'll be pretty scarce for the next 10 days.
I would say that I'll be off-line but that would probably be a lie.
I'm addicted but I just need the time to be spent elsewhere right now.
I'm gonna try to stay away and
Thank you for understanding!


Janneke said...

So interesting you can show your lovely cat paintings in that gallery. Wish you a lot of succes with creating art and selling. Can understand you love doing this.

CheerfulMonk said...

Good luck! We'll be rooting for you and we'll be looking forward to hearing all about it. That's neat that other people love your style as much as we do. :)

Rue said...

Hi Cindi

I truly hope your niece can work things out so she can stay where she loves it.

Congratulations on getting your art out there! That's definitely good news amongst the bad stuff you've been dealing with lately.

I sent you a private email about your house and other stuff, so let me know if you get it or not.

Take care and hugs,

Vicki said...

I went and left a comment at Sharon's blog - wonderful!

And, I'm so happy for you about your new art space!! So happy!
I can visualise a stand with cards and calendars later this year, and... your book!

This is the year, Cindi. Things will begin to change. I can feel it. The Universe heard...
So excited :)

I'm sad things are not working out for Lily. It's not fair.
I hope that with your and your sister's support, all will be better for her soon.
A brighter opportunity. And, it can still be with animals, in hopefully a better environment.

I'll email you soon - more to talk about... as usual, lol.

Happy hugs for you! xxx

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you!
I am excited... mostly because it's forcing me to get myself out there.
Thanks so much!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Jean!
I really appreciate all your support!
I hope the customers like it and BUY it!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes! I just went back and checked my email and it's there!
I will answer back after commenting here.
Yes, I hope my niece can ride it out and and be happy...
or maybe go to another vet clinic where they appreciate her.
I'd miss her but I want her to be Happy.
Thank you for the kind words about my Art!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you for commenting on Sharon's blog!
and thanks for believing in me.
I agree, it's gonna be our year!

and Lily, it would serve them right for her to leave.
Then they'd finally have to do some work themselves.
I think they are old and miserable and have forgotten what it is to be young and learning.
Yep, I'm not happy but hopefully Karma will set things right.
and email me at your convenience, I know you are super busy!

tammy j said...

oh !!!
you know how I feel about every bit of it.
and I agree with Vicki.
and maybe for little lily too... in some way we can't foresee.
after all... she's in your realm of love.
take care dearest bean. take good care of you.
and well...
as monk says...

Hartwood Roses said...

Sounds like a good opportunity to get your work out there, and I am very happy for you.

Doreen@househoneys said...

Oh Cindi, I'm so excited for you! I've said it before and I'll say it are amazingly talented and deserve to have all the exposure you can get. Kudos to you.

I know how certain things can bog us down, but try not to let whatever is happening to your niece get to you. Do what you can to help, but don't let it still your joy.


Cindi Myers said...

Yes I know how you feel...XOXOXOXO
and yes! this wll be the year! YAY!

Cindi Myers said...

I hope so!
and Thank you!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you for those sweet words
and I'll try to get too upset but when it comes to Lily,
well, it's hard not to.
But hopefully her and I can ride it out,
Thanks again!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

That's exciting news in regards to a space to sell your art. xoxo Su

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, Every exciting!
I'll be glad when it's all set up.