Monday, March 28, 2016


My weekend started early.
I left work a little after noon on Friday, sick.
One of the receptionist had left before me and several others don't feel well either.
I've never been one to go to bed.
Instead  I usually curl up in my big chair where I can doze on and off
but still be close enough to the back door to let the dogs out when they need to potty.
So I slept the day away and then the night and Saturday
I just laid around staring at my phone, taking photos of my pets, 

reading blogs and scrolling through Facebook and answering texts from work.
My first one was early morning.
Then another after lunch time.
Another later in the day.
I find it odd that for a job that everyone else thinks is so easy,
no one seems to be able to do it without questions.
And I am the Queen of documentation.
I leave notes about absolutely everything.
Anyway. I read stuff, thought about stuff and slept.
Nora stayed close. 
She's my protector.

My cat Charlie 

tried to push his way in and Harry 

cuddled up to me.
Ghost is with me always. 24/7
And as usual was right in my face watching me.

Here's an Artsy photo of Harry.

Oh yeah. I surfed around on Instagram and posted a few photos.
Seriously how did I ever survive without this phone?
Oh wait. I read books.

Today, Easter Sunday, I woke up still sick.
My head throbbing, my gut churning and aching all over.
I got a phone call from the new guy.
A cat at the clinic had jumped out if the it's cage when he went to clean it.
In his attempt to put the cat back in the cage, it clawed him up and he was bleeding pretty good
he said he couldn't get the cat but he thought he'd be able to finish the shift.
So I had him call Doc and then told him to call me back and let be know what was going on.
So... Doc came in and bandaged him up and caught the cat and put him in his cage.
My worker  called me back and said he was fine now and would finish the shift.

All of THAT woke me up so
I decided to go downstairs and work on the basement.
I took breaks and did it a little bit at a time but
I actually cleared out quite a bit and organized it all.
Looking at it all made me wonder if I had made a mistake closing up my booth.
There's a lot of things I'm sure that would sell and I did ok. 
I made enough each month to pay for art supplies and some of the dog food.
Yep, maybe that was a mistake.
But maybe not.
I'll think about that later.

So then I got some texts from the girl that works evenings.
Different questions and things.
Then my sister, just checking in on me.

I did laundry and then did some more sketches, final ones,
for the paintings that I've been promising my friend.
Here's a quick peek at them.

That's how I spent the weekend!
I only cried once. But that was over some silly video
with a Golden Retriever that reminded me of my dog Maddie who passed so many years ago.
So, I'd say I'm doing better.
Except for the sick part.
So not better physically but at least mentally.
Thank you everyone for your wise words. 
It helps to know I have friends out there!
And I hope you had a Happy Easter.


Janneke said...

Oooh Cindi this was not the Easter weekend you had imagined, hope you are recovering. I suppose you will feel better now with all your sweet furry friends around you. The pictures you made of them are so cute, love the eyes of Ghost staring at you, it is like if she is a bit worried about your health. Blue is very special, lovely dog, but you will understand I cannot look at Nora without tears in my eyes, love these clever dogs.
I don´t think your job is easy, working with living creatures is always a challenge, but the reward from them is unconditional love.
Regards, Janneke

Cindi Myers said...

I'm so sorry that Nora made you sad again.
But I totally understand that.
After I lost my Maddie, I could barely look at a Golden Retriever
and I've never been able to own another either.
So, I understand how you are feeling.
and you are right, it is a challenge but I love them so,
that it makes it worthwhile.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

What darling photos! I especially love Boo's and the stylized one. Love the new line drawing sketches. No rest for the weary they say. :( I hope you feel better soon. Sounds like a nasty bug. xoxo Su

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Su!
Yep, there's always something to be done.
And everyone does seem to be sick around here. Hope we all get well and stay that way.

CheerfulMonk said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling so bad, but it's good that you found out work can survive without you being physically there. As you know, I think you need more time off. And I'm glad you got some sketching done! I especially liked your photo of Blue. I hope you feel better soon!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, work can survive without me.
Although they still tend to bother me when I'm home.
I think that I need to distant myself as much I can but I'm a worrier.
I know I need to work on that.
I'm working on that more time off thing too! LOL!
But I gotta pay the bills, darn it. :)
I can't wait until I'm able to "retire", to some extent anyway.
Glad you liked my photo of Blue and I'm trying to get back to creating daily!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Cindi, I hope you can take the time to slow down. Don't work so hard because it will always catch up to you in the end.

Your photos are precious, and that Blue is quite a character! No wonder you love him so much!!


tammy j said...

even on your 'sick bed' your creativity shines through!
maybe you should think of making calendars for a living.
all those you see that sell for almost 15 or 20 dollars
well... SOMEBODY takes those pictures! why not yours??? :)
elizabeth makes them of her atlas. or she did for a long while.
there's a company that puts them together for you.
another great etsy thing maybe! and you wouldn't even have to take new ones! you've got enough in your instagram and these to cover many years! 'cindi's world' or 'best friends' or... what fun to come up with a name for each calendar! or keep it the same so people would then wait to buy JUST YOURS!!! oh the possibilities!
and it wouldn't take long either. not like the paintings and the book.
as if you don't have enough creative irons in the fire! LOLOL
i'd look at it as the peanut on the table project. to free you to do the REAL STUFF!
I feel so bad for your being sick.
I think it's the crazy weather. and you're all cooped up in that clinic passing the germs back and forth!
another OVER LONG comment.
love and hugs to YOU darling bean! and ALL your furries. XOXOXOXO♥

Cindi Myers said...

I've taken your advice and advice of others... I left work early both today and yesterday!!!!
Shocking! I know!
but it has slowed down so much that I was able to.
Both afternoons I worked in my yard,
I'm sore now but it's a good sore.
I needed that sunshine!
and Blue.. yeah, he's pretty special!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes I had thought of calendars.
Vicki kept urging me on last Fall to make some and I dropped that ball.
But Hey! If I start really soon here, I should have them done in time for 2017!
I don't think I know ELizabeth, could you send me a link to her Atlas?
I'm assuming that's her dog, definitely a great dog name! LOL!
Sounds like a big dog name. :)
I'm feeling better now... a little bit of it is still nagging at me but I'm ignoring it.
I left work early today and yesterday, I used some vacation hours and LEFT!
It was slow enough, so I came home and worked in the yard.
I'm exhausted but it's a good exhausted.
And I truly think the sunshine helped me.
Thank you so much for your great comment!
I always love them!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

you sound in a better frame of mind. hoping you are able to rest and recuperate in the next few months. you sound exhuasted, and not just physically. hoping everything works out just when you need it to. xoxoxo sharon

Cindi Myers said...

Thanks! I do feel better.
I guess it took getting sick, for me to rest
and then t get some sun, that always seems to help too!
I'm going to work on trying to keep in a "positive" mode
and also work on my situation with Dave Ramsey's help! LOL!
Thanks again!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Cindi, Dave Ramsey has a 3-hour radio show M-F, which can be downloaded from the web or if your phone does podcasts you can get them sent to your phone automatically. The radio show is so inspiring. Dave takes phone calls from people asking for advice or calling to do a debt-free yell on the air. You will learn a lot from listening. I listen to the daily podcasts even though I can practically answer the questions myself before Dave does. I've listened to his show for about 7 years now and never fail to get inspired or cheered by the people who call. You can find a radio program in your area on his website or download. The show is from 12 noon to 3 pm Eastern time I think. or any time with podcasts/downloads.

Christer. said...

I hope You are better and that easter was good.
That's usually how it is, everyone knows how easy ones job is but no one manages to do it themselves :-) A good thing to remember when talking about how much one earns with the boss :-)

I hope You're better by now but some of these flus going around are stubborn.

Have a great day!

Cindi Myers said...

I didn't know I could download podcasts to my phone!
I haven't even learned how to listen to music yet, but my niece is going to show me,
So anyway...
I just downloaded it!!!!!!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Cindi Myers said...

I am feeling much better
but now I've yanked out my back! LOL!
Oh well, THAT is nothing new. It happens pretty often.
I need to lose some pounds and learn yoga.
I hope you had a good Easter, I need to catch up on my blog reading.
Sometimes at work while they dogs are exploring the yard I will thumb through the images on your blog.
The birds, your dogs and there was a recent one of adorable Teodor.
Yes, I gotta catch UP!.
and funny you should say that about talking with the boss because I've been working on a "letter" of sorts on why I deserve a raise!
Thanks for commenting!
:D :D :D