Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I must admit, I've been in a funk.

I suppose the fact that I didn't sell much at the Horse Expo
AND I haven't sold anything at the Art/Antique place, didn't help.
What was really getting to me though was, how I was living my life.

It was getting to me, working at the kennel, taking care of all the pets
and doing through the same thing each morning and evening at home.
In between I had spent every moment working on my Art for these 2 places
and then I suddenly felt as though I had taken 3 big leaps forward
and then slipped off the path and was stuck in the mud.

I try to be optimist and I know I have so many friends out there urging me on
to keep going
but suddenly I just wanted to come home and do nothing.
I wanted to unplug and relax.
I mostly stayed off Facebook and Instagram except to idly thumb through images on my phone.

I felt like my life was just repetition and not fun.

There are a few positives that happened.
There is a new woman veterinarian at the clinic.
I actually know her,  not very well, but she was at the first clinic that I worked at.
I worked very early mornings then and she would be coming in as I was leaving.
I'm not sure if she remembers me or not.
Right now she's taking over all of Doc's surgeries except the bone ones.
He said that he brought her in as part of his plan to scale back.
He wants to just attend to his long time clients who request him
and of course all of his clients that need chiropractic adjustments
and ultimately just do chiropractic care
but he said he's not going anywhere for a while.
I made the comment the other day to my vet tech friend that I plan on Blue being around for another 20 years and he turned and said he wouldn't be around THAT long (he's Blue's vet) and that he'd be retired by then... (Doc is 2 1/2 years older than I).

And talking about age.
I've hired a new boarding person because one of my workers will be graduating soon from college and moving to Portland, Oregon.
I think everyone was very surprised as to who I hired.
Before I hired him, I told Doc that I had an applicant who the girls said was OLD.
I said that he wasn't old and then I told Doc the year that the applicant had graduated High School.
Doc was startled and said that was the year HE graduated and I said,
Yeah! See he's not old!
Truth be told, they might be the same age but if you put them next to each other, you would never guess it.
Doc looks many years younger but I think he has a young mind frame and that makes a big difference.
SO I hired a man who's older.
He's still working full-time and he has a cat that he loves to talk about but he said he needed to fill his off time and and he misses having a dog
and he has a work ethic.
My niece was worried about a man doing the job, because sometimes men can be a bit rough or harsh with animals but one day as she was leaving work she spied him through the window and saw him playing with one of the cats with a toy and then he stopped and hugged the cat and then went on his way to the dog kennels.
Lily called me right afterwards and said she liked that guy.
So there's that.
Although once the college girl leaves, I'll be working 6 days a week... at least for a while.

So all this good stuff and I was still dragging my feet.
I started devising alternative career plans.
I thought about caring for dogs in my home, just smaller dogs
and marketing the fact that they would be in a home environment.
Then I realized I have a full plate right now, several are elderly and
then there's Blue.

So I discarded that idea.... at least for now. Maybe as a side job in retirement, but not NOW.

Then I decided to open a Cat Cafe.
A place where I'd serve, coffee and teas.
Smoothies and tasty treats.
I'd have big comfy chair where people could lounge and read or work on their laptops.
And there would be cats.
Sweet sociable cats, Cats to relieve stress and comfort.
Maybe a big screen in the back area and big floor cushions to lay on and have movie nights....
But after talking with my sister about all the expenses to furnish the place, the rent, the little kids that would want to come in and run after the cats and...
Yep, nixed that idea too.

I did have a great talk with my sister though.
We had met for our monthly breakfast get-together at my favorite family-owned breakfast joint.
I wish we could do that more often.
Afterwards I drove her by a house in the neighborhood we grew up in.
It's for sale and needs A LOT of work but sits on an acre of land.
On either side of it, sits big gorgeous homes and the property taxes would probably be at least 5K a year.
Yep, out of the question.
Then we drove by a house that I've always loved and is now for sale.
It's only four blocks down and one block over from me.
I said to her that I would probably be stupid to move so close to where I live right now.
She didn't think it was dumb, not if I was moving to something better.
So, anyway-
The house is small with a little breezeway going to the attached garage and a nice level backyard.
Usually my sister is pretty bland in her responses about houses I find but she loved this one.
She said that if there was an Open House the next day (Sunday) she would go with me!
She NEVER wants to go to Open Houses.
So I went home and looked it up and found that it was "Sale Pending".
Sigh, Oh well.... it's not like my own home to sale ready.
It needs many many repairs and major de-cluttering.

So... I went to the library.
I checked out a bunch of children's books and poured over the illustrations.
Suddenly I wanted to start drawing again.
I'm going to re-write my Kanga book and making it less wordy.
But I've got clear ideas in my head about it.

I'm then going to start on my Blue book(s).
One for any age and also a series for kids about some of his adventures.
And I can see it in my head!
I'm dropping my altered photos and moving forward on the illustrations.
I'm working on simple little cards and prints and putting them for sale on my blog
and Etsy.

I ordered a couple of books off of Amazon about
non-traditional retirement ideas and also about de-cluttering and why a person accumulates so much in the first place and can't let stuff go.

Then the weather turned and it suddenly was nice outside.
I worked outside for a bit and finally was able to breathe.
Literally and figuratively.
I had forgotten how much I missed working outside, it's garden therapy.
I texted my sister that maybe I'll grow and sell cut flowers!!!
She didn't respond but I think I wear her out with my grand schemes and ideas.
She's probably just waiting to see if I change my mind again!
But whatever!
At least I'm full of ideas and motivated again!


Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Sometimes creative people get in ruts, and boy did you work your way out of that one! I really like your art, and I'm really hoping something special for you. xoxo Su

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you!
I think the warmer weather will definitely help me.
I don't mind being safe and warm inside during the winter.. for a few weeks but then I start going crazy.
I need some sunlight and some outside time, LOL!
I'm also hoping to leave work early on a few days when I start working 6 days.
It might actually be a good thing! LOL!
Thank you about my Art. I really appreciate your kind words.

CheerfulMonk said...

I loved the post and especially the illustrations. I'm not surprised you needed some down time after the big push to create things for the Horse Expo, but I'm glad your enthusiasm is back!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, it did drain the energy out of me!
But thankfully I'm optimistic again.
Thanks for being there!

Nita Stacy said...

I finally managed to get a post written this evening and came over to see what you are up to. I don't plan on being gone again. But then I didn't plan on being gone this time. I've been consumed with my job. I miss doing stuff for me. Such as the blog. Franklin is very good. I posted some videos but I made them sideways so they aren't very good. Oh well. I need to be working on a painting for a customer and can't get myself to do it. I did buy a few plants this evening. Looking forward to spring...although the weather has been very spring like here for weeks.I'm glad you found a nice guy to work with you.

Cindi Myers said...

Omg, I was just thinking about you.
About you and Steve and Pam and...
How all the people I used to "chat" with daily, via the blogs and email...
how they kinda disappeared and how much I missed you all.
But of course I didn't want to bug and pressure anyone because I know that life gets in the way sometimes.
You have been missed!
I'm going to your blog right now!

tammy j said...

nita is FINALLY BACK! I kept meaning to ask you if you've heard from her.
I guiltily admit to following her wonderful blog and being one of those who never comments!
but I've missed her so much!
and YOU.
OMG again.
I literally loved this post. like a peek into your soul.
I would be interested in the title of that creative retirement book!
I have ALWAYS wanted to have some kind of little café type place.
I could always SEE it in my mind. it would be called the
bean pot and salad bowl.
all I would serve would be beans (two kinds pinto and navy) and corn muffins and fresh salads. there would be homemade desserts made not by me! LOLOL.
I'd find a place with brick walls and hang real art work by artists to sell... and each evening some one who wanted to could sit and read their poetry or sing their songs and make music. oh... the dreams!
I related to every dream in this post! LOLOL!
we HAVE to have our dreams! and I LOVE YOURS!
someday soon it's all going to come together.
I think concentrating on the BOOKS is the BEST!!! get one out there.
the rest will come easily. the peanut on the table as it were!
ok. this is too long.
XOXOXOXO♥ and p.s. hiring the older guy. BLESS YOU! and you're right. he'll have the work ethic you want. they usually do anyway.

Cindi Myers said...

I know! I'm so happy that Nita is back.

I just flipped through the retirement book but so far it looks very interesting. It appears that retirement might be much more social than my current everyday life! LOL!
it's called "The Joy of Not Working" by Ernie Zelinski
I have another book of his called "How to Retire Happy Wild and Free".

Yes, I'm always coming up with grand plans.
Several years ago I was sure I wanted to have and Alpaca Farm... sigh.

Yes, BOOKS! and prints and things!

And the older guy is working out pretty good... He has a smart phone and doesn't know how to text though. That's very frustrating. I mean, he OWNS one and he doesn't text and everyone else just shoots me a quick text when they have a question.
And.. he's pretty slow but next week will either get him speeding up or he'll have lots of dog poop! Next week is Spring Break here and all Hell is going to break loose.
Also, we have to sign in on our computer as our timecard and I've shown him several times and he just can't get it. So the Office Manager has to manually go in each time he works and correct it. But I'm super happy with how much he cares and how thorough he is, so that stuff doesn't matter so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindi.

I debated whether to email you or just post a comment. I'm posting a comment but you don't have to post it online if you don't want to. I have an idea for something I think you could easily do. Last week I went to a "paint party" fundraiser. I don't know if you are familiar with paint parties -- I'd never heard of them until I signed up for this one. Anyway, it was hosted by a company called Paint Like Me (basically just a woman and her husband). Their website is here: http://www.paintlikemeparty.com/

They provide an 8x10 canvas and the paints (they put small dabs of each paint color on paper plates at each table) and everyone paints the same painting (with slight variations) with a few instructions from the woman. The fundraiser I went to had about 50 participants. It was a LOT of fun. It gave people who do not think of themselves as "creative" a chance to be creative. And I think it would be a great way to earn a living.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that (and you can take this for the unsolicited advice it is) when you posted the picture of your space at the antique mall and at the horse show, the first thing that popped into my head was, "You would probably sell more paintings if you put fewer of them on display." My thinking is that when people see a lot of something, they tend to think of it as being mass produced and it doesn't seem as special as when there are only 4 or 5 pieces of it. You could always put a sign up that says that you are constantly painting and that you will be replenishing the space with other works on a regular basis so that if people don't find something they like right now they'll know to keep checking back later to see if there is anything else they may like better.

Anyway, I'm glad you are feeling more positive and cheerful. Like you, I am loving this warmer weather we're having right now!

-- Grace

sassypackrat said...

I LOVE these colorful sketches!!!!! No pressure but I'd love one of me and my two pups or just the two pups together in this style. Come up with a size and a price and take whatever time you need, but I really want one.

You absolutely should do a children's book! Self publish if you have to, but get it out in the world girl!

Jan said...

Hi, sorry I haven't been by in so long. I love your art work, please send me a link to your etsy shop, I don't find one on your blog, maybe you could put one on or make it stand out more if you do have one. I used to try and sell my art work but it was very depressing when it didn't sell so I quit and am happier now. Not that I'm saying you should quit trying, please do keep trying. I don't have a clue how to guide you to success. Your illustrations are sweet and funny. I'll try to stop in here more often.

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you SO much for commenting. I really appreciate you giving me such well thought through advice.
As far as the parties, I think that's a great idea but there is a team of a couple of women who are doing that here about town. They get space from a restaurant on an off night (like a Tuesday) and hold "Wine and Van Gogh" parties doing much the same thing. It was good for them and the restaurant.
They had been doing really well and now it doesn't seem like I hear as much about it. But what a great idea.
Wow, about the amount of paintings, hmmm. I never thought about that. I was just in a frenzy to get as many done as possible! I'm also wondering if my price point is too high. A friend said they might be.
I was charging $20. and these are prints, not the originals. I think I will drop the price and also bring some home! Thank you!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Jen!
(Email me a photo or two and I'm sure we can work it.)
I think I will first try to send off my book(s) to a few publishers.
The ones that publish the books I love and if that doesn't work I will try to self-publish on Amazon!
Thank you again!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you!
I don't have link yet as I don't have anything in my shop, not even the policies and things that need to be written for it.
I really don't know why I keep stalling on that! Grrr.
I drive myself crazy.
But as soon as it's up and running I will post a link and also send you one.
Thanks for coming by and commenting!

tammy j said...

aren't these GREAT comments and support!
I never would have thought of the 'having too many out' ...
but then I remembered working in a very elite gift shop when I was in college.
the owner insisted on only displaying two or three of any kind of thing. I spent most of my time running up and down the stairs replenishing the items! LOLOL. I stayed in great shape!
he was a superb marketer. I had forgotten about that until grace's comment! very interesting.
ONWARD with the BOOK!!! this is the YEAR! :) ♥
and ... even when you're just doing pictures like these in the post...
they're so cool! LOLOL

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

If you do self publish, please let us know (several times so we don't miss it) so we can buy one. I really wonder if you don't sell your artwork too cheaply. Suzie Orman has a book out (look in library) from long ago called something like Nine Steps To Financial Freedom. She speaks in the book about how women tend to undervalue their work and suggests how to overcome that.

Also, putting finances in order helps with everything else, even clutter and time management...honest. Anyone who needs help with budgeting can listen to FREE podcasts from Dave Ramsey. My phone automatically downloads his daily podcasts for free. I listen to him everyday. His book, Total Money Makeover, help me get completely out of debt and pay off my house. Millions of people have done this with his process and it frees you up to do anything you want to do with your life.

Cindi Myers said...

You know what?
If I see something at a store and I'm not sure if I want to buy it, I won't if there's a whole bunch but if there's one or two, then sometimes I do!
But with my Art, I was trying to show different breeds.
I had people say, OH! you don't have a Heeler. Or where's the Corgi's? and I'd point them out and they would say it had different coloring from their pet.
Yep, I'm done with "shows".
From now on, it will just be online.
Onward! to the book!

Cindi Myers said...

I'll definitely let everyone know if I self-publish! LOL!
and I'll blog about it A LOT!

I have been following your advice and doing as Dave Ramsey says about paying off one thing and moving to the next. I'll have to get Suzie Orman's book from the library too.
Thank you! Thank you!
That's the dream! To be debt free!
(and clutter free too! LOL!)

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

My comments keep disappearing :(.

Your ears should have been ringing because I saw some artwork in an awesome gallery that reminded me of you so much. They were rather small and priced at $180, and your work is even better!

Keep dreaming my creative friend. We are here cheering you on.


Cindi Myers said...

My ears have been ringing!
Just kidding, kinda!

Wow, $180?!
I best get busy on making and marketing!
Thanks for being there for me!