Saturday, April 23, 2016


I could break this down into several posts but
I won't.
It seems to work better for me to post a weekly post,
at least for now.
So, what happened?
My sister's dog Olive had puppies!

To be honest, I'm always torn about puppies,
knowing that there are so many dogs out there that need homes but
her older Husky "Nuka" was getting up there in age and when they adopted Olive a year and half ago the plan had always been to have puppies so they could continue his lineage.
It just happened sooner than they expected.
I won't go into the whole story but... things happened and BAM!
Olive was pregnant.

Luckily for them and the puppies, Olive delivered them easily and instantly went into momma mode.
It's amazing how Olive knew what to do and from what I've been told at the clinic, not all dogs are natural mothers.
She ended up having 7 puppies!
4 boys and 3 girls.
Stay tuned for a lot of puppy photos in posts!

Also this week my niece Lily turned 21!

How did this happen?
I mean last week she was six!

I wish time wouldn't go so fast.

Another bit of good news.
I had a woman buy one of my prints that was at the clinic, that looked like her Goldendoodle.
But I didn't have one of her other dog, a Westie, so she asked if she could bring her Westie in
and have me take his photo and then do an altered photo of him.
So I did -

I also did an altered photo of Lily's little dog and her two cats as part of her birthday gifts to her.

Oh, I also turned in my letter for a request for a raise.
I tried to focus on it, using the Law of Attraction and...
it worked.
I mean, it worked to as how I was thinking.
Got to be careful how you think! LOL!
I requested an amount that I considered GOOD and fair.
As I contemplated the amount, I couldn't help think how happy I would be to get it.
And how if I got that amount, there was even the hidden fear that I wouldn't be as motivated to do my Art.
Then I thought about how if I got...
Well, it had been three years since my last raise and I had taken on a lot more responsibilities and if I got nothing, well...
that would force my hand.
Then I thought about an amount I COULD live with but still be driven to do something more.
To concentrate on my Art and my books and...
The Universe listened and that's what I got.

I have found lately that the power of positive thinking is working.
I have caught myself so many times, starting to think negative and catching myself.
I have had several "dips" this week, going up and down.
It's a struggle but the goal is to eventually just be positive and have faith that all will turn out as it should.

On that note, I have been having pain on my side and above the belly button area.
Nothing internal but rather it feels as though I have a bad sunburn but there's no rash, no bruise, nothing.

I'm not going to the doctor.

Everyone at work thinks I should but I'm going to ride it out.
My sister, who works in hospital, agrees with me.
We both think it might be residual effects of Shingles that I had several years ago.
I had them on the same side just higher up.
It feel like that, like a burn, only there's no rash or redness.
I'm going to remain positive and focus on other things and one day I will wake up and it will be gone.
In full disclosure, I've done that with many ailments and it's worked.
(I must admit that passing a bladder stone several years ago just about killed me! But Hey! looked at the money I saved by not going to the hospital! LOL!)
OK, anyway....

Back to the LOA-
The other day I was talking with someone and she brought up someone else who we have discussed before.
In the past, we have been envious, maybe jealous is a better word for this person's good fortune.
She hasn't had to really struggle for much and she's reaped amazing things.
She's traveled many times to Europe and gone fabulous places in the USA
and it all just falls into her lap.
Things seem to always work out for her.

So as her current adventure was being brought up and the conversation started to go on about how unfair it was, I interrupted and said -
"We should feel happy for her. Happy for her good fortune, for the opportunity that she's going to have and then we should feel happy and positive for ourselves because something good is going to come our way too!"
"But it never does!" is the response I got and to which I replied
"That's the problem, instead of feeling happy, The Universe is tuning into how we feel that nothing happens to US like that. So the Universe gives us more of nothing. If we instead focus on gratitude for what we do have and what is in OUR future, The Universe will bring us that instead!"
I could see the frustration in her face.
I know it's hard to change and she said as much.
"But this is how I've felt my whole life! That crap just keeps happening to me!"
I nodded and said "Yes, but you can change it. It's hard but you can. Some days you will forget it and start feeling bad but you have to STOP yourself and be grateful. I tell you it's not easy but you can do it."

The other day I started to feel sucked in again by mean people.
People who always have something to complain about.
People who always want to repeat a mean story or make someone else feel bad.
People who would rather scowl and frown and grumble and it's hard not to be upset.
I started thinking negatively but then I remembered- 

and I started to think about the NICE people I do know.
People that are funny and make me happy to be around.

Yep, it's not easy but it's so worthwhile.
And... if people don't want to even try to focus on something good,
then maybe it's best to stay away from those people as much as possible.
At least I'm gonna try to do that!

Finally, the decluttering continues.
Boy, I have a lot of crap!
I've focused a lot on outside stuff, yard things and such
but now I'm working on inside things.
So much to do!

I'll leave you with this image.
While I type this post.
My Blue naps.



shortybear said...

you are a very wise woman, speak on dear

Cindi Myers said...

I don't think I'm all that wise! LOL!
Just learning as I go and trying to share in case it might help someone else too!
but Thank you!!

Janneke said...

That was a good read Cindy and I'm touched by your Blue, look at his crossed paws, so adorable.

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Janneke!
I know, I just love how Blue folds himself up like that!
Love that boy!
Thanks for commenting!

sassypackrat said...

Glad you are still focusing on the positive! It will make a difference in your life.

Cindi Myers said...

Yes! The positive!
I just know that it will make a huge difference!
I hope that it will just become automatic and I'm determined to eliminate as much of the negative that I can!
Thanks for commenting!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Cindi, this post is like you became a grown up girl almost overnight! It was such a pleasure to read how you overcame the negative and persevered. I love that you are pulling others along with you, as there's only two choices: you can pull them along or they will pull you down.

The last two altered pictures are so lovely. They almost look like material. so beautiful! You must find a market for your beautiful work. Send it out to the universe.

Last of all, but most important, I have to comment on your raise efforts. I'm so happy that you spoke up for yourself, but seems maybe you might have sold yourself short. My daughter was offered a job at a different company at a salary higher than her current salary, which she was going to accept. A male friend explained to her that a man would always ask for more than offered. She asked if she should state an amount and he told her NO. Said just to ask, can you do better? They raised the amount to way more than she was thinking of asking! I kind of think you sold yourself short because you were afraid if you got a bigger raise you would lose momentum. Stop that thinking! When you get more, you have more to give to others. To share with your fur family, etc. OK, ending my sermon. I'm blessed to know you.

Christer. said...

Congratulations to the raise :-) Three years since the last one is a long time! I'm so glad the union does that for us, many people no matter how good they are at work can't speak for themselves so the raise goes to those who can even if they donä't deserve it. I would most likely manage well if we had individual raises since I'm the one negotiating at work :-) and I do know how to speak for myself :-) :-)

Yes there's always a torn feeling when it comes to puppies. Love to have one but still I know there are so many out there who needs a home. Still it is easier to make a puppy fit in in the pack and I would hate to have to let a new dog go back again just because it didn't work with the other dogs.

My old Erna was anything but a natural mother, she wanted to kill Hector and the rest she leaft as soon as she could after they had fed. She really didn't want to be close to those tiny demanding things :-) :-)

I know that feeling of pain in the skin. I've had it several times for a few weeks at a time and I didn't go to the doctor either. Have no idea what it is but I have survived so far :-)

Have a great day!


tammy j said...

you've GOT IT!
I loved every picture.
thank you for the inspiration here!
and I don't know which is cuter... the little butt in lily's face
or lily's face! LOLOL.
and blue.
what is there to say. he's blue. one and only beloved.
he's your puppy. especially when he's sleeping like that.
it's full of heart and wisdom.
I especially love the one with the umbrella...
"tiptoe if you must but take a step."

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, I'm going to be positive and block the negative.
It would make me even happier if I could turn the negative into a positive!

Thank you so much about my photos, I am forming a plan for it all and I'll post about that soon.
I'm going to lay the groundwork and send it off to The Universe!

And about the raise. You are right, I didn't expect more.
But not because I think I deserve less but rather the fact that in the past, Doc has said that I have a "cush" job. In fact he's said it to other people more than once and a few times to me. Another time in a review before this (I get one every 3 years, the other years he won't even discuss it) anyway, one year I wrote out 4 pages and sat there as he read it. He actually laughed a couple of times and I had written the line "and while I'm not perfect, I think that..." and at the point he laughed and said to me, "I'm glad you know you aren't perfect!" and 3 years before that in my review I had to ask him 3 times during the review for a raise!
Then, not too long ago in a staff meeting when vacation hours were being discussed and everyone caps out at 2 weeks. I said that I thought if a person is around for a long time, like 15 years, (which it will be 15 for me next year) I said they should get THREE weeks and he said NO! and the vet who is HR laughed and said they'd give me a muffin with a candle in it. Yep, they laughed in front of everyone. Totally unprofessional and rude.
So... as I type this out and think about it all, I realize I did assume and expect less, which happened. I got less than I asked for.
But you are right, I need more but I need to just forget about getting it from my current employment. I need to put it out the The Universe, and it will come. I know it won't be from my current work because I've probably topped out there. But who cares! LOL! I need to think so much bigger and more will come my way. Thank you so much for helping me see this.
You are the best! XOXOXOXOXOXO

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Christer!
I'm happy for my raise and I'm sure if you had negotiated it for me, I'd had gotten more because I've seen men get more at work, just because they were male but with you asking, you'd be more skilled and demanding so I'd be sure to get a better one. LOL!

I'm torn about puppies too, For the reason I mentioned and also your reason.
I know some people who are totally anti-breeding but I think if it's done responsibly and in a home environment and not a puppy mill situation... I mean if they stopped breeding then how would there be Goldens or Poodles and such.
I agree that puppies fit into a pack a lot easier too, most times... although I've had great luck with all the seniors that I bring home! LOL!

You had that pain too?! That makes me so happy! Well, not happy that you had it ! LOLOL!
but happy that someone I actually know had it and survived it.
Thanks so much for commenting!

Cindi Myers said...

Ha! yes, Lily actually took that photo of herself and had a comment below it saying that apparently she only has cats because her little dog hangs out in the window too, just like her cats!
and Blue, yep, he's always my puppy
but every now and then he acts like a cranky old man.
Lately he will sit up or even stand in the living room and do a grumbling bark.
It's like he's irritated about something and the other dogs just look at him!
He's still very active but I have noticed that he doesn't run up the steps after me immediately as he used to.
Now he waits and only comes up if I stay up there for a while.
Conserving his energy I guess. LOL!
Yep, my puppy, the old man.

and I'm trying!
I doing my best to stay focused and not sweat the little stuff.
Although YOU know it's my nature to worry and obsess!
I gotta let it go and stop doing that!
Thank you for your kind words and as always for your support!

CheerfulMonk said...

Good for you! The quality of our lives depends on how we focus our energy and our attention. Yes!

CheerfulMonk said...

PS My left eye still waters a lot from the shingles I had in it a year ago. At least the itching has mostly gone away. :)

Cindi Myers said...

Sorry you are still feeling effects from Shingles!
I feel bad for you that you had it near and in your eye!!!
I am lucky that mine is hidden.
My dogs jump on my tummy all the time and I'm screaming a lot from that!

and Yes! I'm trying to stay focused and hope one day it will not occur to me to think negatively
but instead just find the good.

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

You had shingles Cindi?! Ugh! I remember my grandmother having that when I was young. I won't be one of those people telling you to go to the doc. I wouldn't either ;).

New puppies!! What could be sweeter? Nada.

Lily certainly has grown up, and yes, why don't these kids listen to us when we tell them to stay little? The nerve.


leslie said...

my friend had shingles while going through chemo -- oh. my. god. i had no idea before that.

i so believe in the law of attraction, but i have trouble actually doing it. (like many things.)

Cindi Myers said...

Yeah Shingles. :(
I didn't know about them either when I got them but now there's TV commercials running all the time.
I'll just wait it out. I don't have health insurance and even if I had signed up again, my deductible was $6000. So... I won't be going and besides, I don't want to hear how fat I've become. I'm working on that but I still don't want to hear it! LOL!
So I''m going to put it out of my mind and/or will it away!

I know! PUPPIES! I hope she finds good homes for them all ASAP.
My sister and hubs are going to retire in Vermont and he said if they were already there, they would keep them all! LOLOLOL!
I bet he won't be saying that in a few weeks and they are pooping now stop!

I wish Lily would slow down! It's hard for me to accept. Her sisters always seemed older to me.
But Lily is the last one, the little kid. Sigh.

Thanks for not telling me to go to the doctor! ;)

Cindi Myers said...

Yeah, Shingles suck but at least they weren't on my face
or in my eye like Jean's!
Talk about brave. That would be worse to deal with and scarier.
SO I'm done complaining and counting myself lucky!

I think the Law of Attraction is easy to forget.
and I think there are so many people who want to be negative
and pooh pooh it.
My good friend gets upset with me and starts talking religion
and while we aren't of the same mindset exactly on that
I tell her that there are bible verses that say as much.
Yep, it's hard to do.
But also very easy.
I keep catching myself.
But just posting about it here and reading comments
and "talking" with my blog friends, is making a HUGE difference!
So you can do it!
Look at all that you've already done!
Living as you do, you are AMAZING!

Hartwood Roses said...

I saw a meme on FB the other day, and it hit me right between the eyes ... not for me, but for a few people that I know. It said, "If you have the same problem with everyone, you are the problem."

I have challenged myself to reduce the number of times I say "not". It's a vocabulary and lifestyle exercise.

Cindi Myers said...

I've seen that one too! LOL!
It instantly makes me think of someone I know who has been fired from her last 4, yes FOUR jobs.
She is always saying how they were idiots and didn't know how to run their businesses.
I would like to point out that she must be the problem but I know that she wouldn't believe it and just get mad at me.

I like your vocabulary/lifestyle exercise!
I think my word might be Yes. Too many times I agree to do things that I don't want to do, or shouldn't have to do. so I'm trying not to say Yes! as much.
Thanks for commenting!