Saturday, April 16, 2016

ONE MONTH from today!

I've been working on thinking positive
and sending my thoughts out to The Universe.
It has to be said: It's not easy.
But anything worthwhile isn't usually easy.

It's really been a real eye opener though,
on how quick I've been to think negatively.
I hope it's not human nature to be that way.

It's just little things.
Like at work when I encounter people who might not be so nice.
It still happens but instead, I'm letting it go and not giving it much thought
and focusing on the good people I talk to and know.

Instead of letting it build up and eat at me, I'm thinking about my future.
I'm feeling grateful for what I have now and what I WILL have.
What is coming towards me.
I'm believing it into being.

Last post I shared about my car.
How I had traded it for safety, security and happiness.
The next day on Sunday I went out to it to run some errands.
It wouldn't start.
I called my sister and she and my niece came over to jump it and still... no luck.
Since I have my warranty, I called and had it towed into the dealership.

Luckily they have a shuttle service that came to my house on Monday morning and drove me to work.
While making small talk in the Shuttle Van, I started to say to the guy that I hoped it wasn't anything major.
Then I stopped that train of thought and said 
"But I'm sure it will be something simple!"
The driver gave me a surprised look and said with a laugh
"That's a positive attitude!"

Later,  it turned out to be just the battery.
I got a new Honda one. One that lasts for 8 years
and they gave me my first (free) oil change and tire rotation.
Then the shuttle service came and got me on my lunch hour and took me to my car.
Car problems have never been this easy for me!

Then a few days later something else happened to me.
I needed to deposit a check that I had been keeping.
Full disclosure. I save all things paper.
Receipts, coupons, post-it notes, index cards with grand ideas scribbled on them.
I have bills, letters and well... you get the idea.
Important paper is kept in the top drawer of my desk,
or in my handbag,
or in the top drawer of the cabinet in the living room,
or in a book on the shelf

OK, yes I have a problem.
And when it gets overwhelming, I will go around with a plastic bag and fill it with the papers
and tie the top and carry it upstairs and put the bag in a closet.
So, you see... it looks neat, but actually it's just hidden chaos.

So I desperately needed to deposit that check.
After all I had just bought that new battery.
And for the life of me, I could not find it.
I searched for it for quite a while until I gave up and went to bed.
I laid there thinking.. it's probably in the Other cabinet, top drawer....

In the morning I resumed my search.
I was starting to get teary eyed and so very mad at myself.
It was no where to be found.
Finally I made a promise to myself, to Glinda the Good Witch and to The Universe.
If I could only find it, I would once and for all get rid of all my paper clutter!

I took a deep breath, poured myself some coffee and sat down at my desk.
I pulled the top drawer open AGAIN.
There was a card laying on top and I flipped it open.
I know that I had looked inside that card before but
there was the check.
Truly, I had goosebumps.

OK. so here's the plan.
I'm getting rid of the paper.
Burning it and putting what I MUST keep in one box.
One location.

But this has now also snowballed another thought into action.
It's a HUGE goal, (for me) but here it is;
In exactly FOUR weeks from today I will start a one week vacation.
Each weekend until then, I have off.
After my vacation I will start a six day workweek including Saturdays.
The upside being that I will be able to leave early on some days so it's really not as bad as it sounds.
and I will have Sundays off.

Now this is what I'm going to do.
In the past, every single block of time that I have taken vacation time
I have used to clean the house, sort through stuff and do yard work.
I've gotten up early still and worked until I was exhausted and although it was a good tired,  it's always how I've spent my vacation time.

Not this time.
In the time leading up to my vacation I'm going into overdrive.
I'm PURGING everything.
Room by room.
And the yard too.
It's a lot to do but I'm focused.

And on my vacation?
I plan on just waking up when I do!
and not feeling like I MUST get up and get to work on my projects.
I plan on doing or not doing, whatever I want
and also sitting down and working on my Art without the nagging feeling of things not done hanging over my head.

Oh sure, I'll have walls that will need painting
and other projects but I can do that afterwards.
On following weekends...
but the STUFF will be gone.

Now this might sound silly but
it's kinda overwhelming and scary.
But having this deadline and putting it HERE
will make me do it.
AND having that  peace of mind will be priceless.

In the past I've held onto stuff because of the possibility of what I could make out of it
and/or the cash I spent on it or maybe someday sell it for.
But that's not believing in The Universe.
It's not believing that what I need will be there for me.
No, it's like seeing the negative and not the positive.
It's like the paper not being visible
but knowing it's there, crammed and jumbled and chaotic.

So that's the plan for the month.

Other News:
I gave Doc a letter asking for a raise.
A long letter, detailing my value and my reasons.
He will have to go over it with the HR vet.
But hopefully I will get the raise I deserve but here's the oddest part.
I'm not dwelling on it.
Either I will get it or I won't.
The decision they make will just be a piece of my life puzzle that I'm slowly putting together.
I won't know until it's all clicked together to see what the image is.
Although the piece they choose will definitely have an effect on how it all comes together!

OK, I best get busy!

I hope everyone is having happy positive things happening in their lives.
I always look forward to you sharing your comments, thoughts, ideas!


CheerfulMonk said...

I love this post! I think it's great that the deadline is your vacation, one that you can use to recharge. :)

My mantra is, "The quality of our lives depends on how we focus our energy and our attention." I think of my mind as a garden If I want it to thrive I need to pull the weeds and nurture the flowers. In other words, focus on what I want/appreciate, rather than on what I don't want/what upsets me.

Yay, Cindi!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Jean!
I think I always need a deadline or I procrastinate.
I love that mantra!
I will definitely remember it.
(ps - I posted some photos on my Art blog and I just realized I need to change the header again!
LOL! Fingers crossed that it's easier this time!)

Christer. said...

I'm like You when it comes to papers I think might be important, I save them everywhere :-) Thankfully checks died out long ago here so no need to desperately look for those, which I most likely would if they still were around :-)

Finally You look at vacation like I do :-) :-) I rarely do anything usefull unless I think it is fun during the vacation :-) It is for resting and gathering energy for the comming work year, according to me :-)

I had that exact problem the month after I bought my SAAB :-) I was stupid enough to think it would be no problems carrying the car battery 150 yards from the store to my work place but sort of forgot that I have rheumatism :-) :-) I almost gave up and called a work friend so he could come and get me :-)

Have a great day!


sassypackrat said...

This sounds fantastic! Great positive attitude and a great plan!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love this post, because your "thinking positive" is spot on! I always tell people who are discouraged to find the one good thing in the day, and I need to take my own advice, and yours too! I also love your goal for your pre-vacation -- And I think that your telling us about it, will make it happen!

I do hope you're enjoying your weekend!

tammy j said...

I LOVE your idea of clearing space each weekend off before your vacation!
OH i'm so proud of you!!! you're on a roll! you're on the right track!
and now that you KNOW the universe will provide your needs when you need them...
you can give up all that CRAP!!! LOLOLOL!!!
I know I know.
it's not all crap. but oh how wonderful it will feel! wait and see!
fresh clean clear SPACE! room for what's really important in your life! is this enough exclamation points or what! :)
i'm grinnin' BIG HERE darling bean!!!

Cindi Myers said...

I either save the paper because I think I will need it or I'm think I need to shred it and I never do!
The funny things is, I always forget my receipts when I return something and I never remember to bring the coupons so... I just need to get rid of them all!
Yes, finally a vacation where the pressure is off to do anything... but it will be hard for me to do! LOL!
and about the battery, I'm glad that my sister was sure it wasn't the battery! Otherwise she would have insisted on us going to a battery place and then we'd have to lug it back and then we'd have to have her husband or someone install it and he'd gumble the whole time and curse and stress me out so....
it was much nicer and easier this way! LOL!
Thanks for commenting!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, I'm going to think positively and plan this out!
Better late than never!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you! :D
Yes, Being positive and finding things to be grateful for, sure feels better!
I find that I keep catching myself but I hope someday that my mind will always go to that positive place first!
I had to throw my pre-vacation plan out to The Universe and to everyone here so that it would happen.
Yesterday I did a massive amount of work outside and got rid of things I've been holding onto for YEARS.
Today I'm gonna keep going and tackle some stuff inside too.
Hope you are having a great weekend too!

Cindi Myers said...

I want my vacation to be stress free. I want to get up and not feel guilty because I'm not doing some project.
I want to have big clean clear spaces to work on my book.
I have SO MANY ideas about it.
I think my biggest stumbling block was (although there were many) was the fact that I might need something or needed to try to make some money off of it. It's been hard to change my mind frame but I suddenly realized that if I was going to REALLY believe that it would all work out, I HAD to let this stuff go.
And truly....most of it is crap.
Thank you!!!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Once you get rid of all that paper, you're going to wonder why you ever kept it in the first place. I can sense things are changing for you...for the better! You go Cindi!

Speaking from experience, I am glad the car issues were an easy fix ;).


Cindi Myers said...

I figure once the paper is gone, it's gone!
No getting that back! LOL!
and actually, I haven't needed it so far!

I feel like things are changing too and it is making me happy.
I just have to remember to think positive and be grateful.
and OMG, I know you've had your share of car problems.
Sounds like you indeed got a Lemon.
Nothing can be as frustrating as that.
I hope that gets resolved so and happily for you!

Nita Stacy said...

I loved this post. I think we need a long phone conversation. I too am getting ready to take a week off some time soon. I have not had one since I started the new job and it's been a year and a I am way over due. I also need to tell you all about my neighbors. I lost it with them...because they are complaining about little dogs that really and truly do not bark very much at all. I lost it and they are scared of me now. Can you imagine? They called to try to get a restraining order against me! Like I really want to even be around them! This because I got mad about their irrational complaints. They suggested I get bark collars for my dogs. Only Harvey and Franklin bark outside and it's for maybe 2 - 5 minutes a day in the daylight!!!!! Anyway...we need to talk.

Cindi Myers said...

OMG! you must live next to lunatics!
Outside noise is just part of life.
The neighbors behind me have little kids who scream bloody murder and shout and yell.
They don't do it all the time thank goodness but it is kinda annoying when I' trying to be all zen-like in my yard working on my flowers.
But for them to be annoyed with just a few minutes of barking? that's just craziness and they must not like animals! so right there you know they aren't right!
You poor thing, I know how you must feel because I'd be sick with worry if someone complained about my crew.
and yes, we need to talk! it's been a couple of years now and we need to catch up.
I'll facebook you a message. ;)

Jan said...

I admire your resilience and determination! Great goals you have set. I was at my friend's house last week, the one I gave your cat portrait to. My art group had gathered there to help her get her studio organized. It had become a pit of despair! She had been thrusting things into there without a thought for too long and it was out of control. When it gets like that is is overwhelming to even try to start! She had started though, knowing we 5 were all coming to help her. She had moved all the loose boxes into the other room so we could at least walk into the room. Then we all started going through the drawers, emptying them and putting things back into them and labeling the drawers. Then we began bringing the boxes back in one at a time and organizing the stuff into the appropriate drawers. There was pizza and margaritas involved, and lots of sweat and laughter. We didn't finish the job but we put a huge dent in it and she ought to be able to slowly go through the rest of the boxes and at least now she has labeled drawers so will have a place to put things. I relate all this so you will know you aren't the only person who has let things get out of hand and also to suggest that possibly you could recruit a helper or two. Bribe them with something delicious and get 'er done! We had a huge pile of garbage, and a couple of boxes destined for the thrift store. I was the most ruthless. Someone might ask, "what shall I do with these ------?" and I'd say "throw them out!" It was quite satisfying for all of us. Now we want to tackle the other gals places, two of them just moved into smaller homes and are trying to find space for the boxes of stuff brought home from the storage space. Let me at that stuff!! Good luck to you, I'd come and help if I was close. I'll bet your niece would come help.

Hartwood Roses said...

This post made me smile!

Cindi Myers said...

Your friend is so lucky to have you!
I have a lot of stuff but I'm happy to say that it's not to the point of having to move boxes to walk.
Most of it is crammed into closets, drawers, rubber maid containers in the basements and things on racks in the laundry room. I guess you would call it "organized chaos".
I doubt that I could get Lily over here for very long but I will be enlisting her help to drag pieces of furniture to the curb.
I'm lucky that I live on a busy street because nothing sits out there for very long!
Unfortunately my sister would be no help as she is worse than me. But honestly when I'm done with my own home, I'm gonna go help her too!
My best friend suggested getting nice magazines holders so I could store them in a pretty and neat way and I think I shocked her when I said Nope! I'm getting rid of them all!
I must say, something has just "clicked" and I'm finally ready to purge it all!
Thank you! I wish you lived close though too!
We could have great fun throwing everything away.

shortybear said...

really like this post

Cindi Myers said...

I'm so GLAD!
:D :D :D

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Shortybear!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

You invigorated me with your post. So happy the car problem was so easy to fix. Wondering if you put out to the universe that you need more money to accomplish your life goals and stated your plan was to ask for a raise, but that you will happily accept any way the increase in money in your life comes from? You may be seriously surprised how much money actually shows up this year, and also you may be surprised where it comes from as it may not be from your current job. You have a lot of good things coming your way this year. I can feel it every time I read your posts. Also, letting go of unneeded things opens you up to have room for the new things (and money) that have been waiting so long to show up for you. Good luck.

Cindi Myers said...

I just found your comment!

I didn't put out to The Universe that I need more money to accomplish life goals but rather I just focused on asking for a raise. I'm learning that I need to think much bigger.
I started reading the book Creative Visualizations and I'm seeing that I think rather small.
But I'm definitely feeling that there is more than I ever realized that could come into my life!
i just have to dream BIG!
and as I get rid of things, I must say... it's refreshing!
Thank you SO much for all your great advice!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Cindi, I had to come back and re-read this post and my comment and yours. Mainly because I got a sense from your current post that you realized you dreamed too small on that raise business. You are your own worst critic girlfriend. I mean that in a loving way. Use this as a learning experience and let any frustration go. The world is your oyster as they say. Life is full of abundance. All the wealth in the world is already created, all you need to do is expect more of it to come your way.

Cindi Myers said...

I guess I wasn't realizing that I'm dreaming too small.
I mean, I have started to realize that I actually deserve more.
There's a lot in my past that happened that made me feel this way and I need to leave it in the past and move on to BIG things.
I need to dare to put it out there and scream it to The Universe -This is WHAT I NEED! and I need to open myself up to expect it and accept it.
Thank you SO MUCH!