Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I'm finishing up my second day of vacation.
But on Sunday afternoon I broke down and went to Urgent Care.
The doctor there said that he didn't think I had shingles.
He thought the pain was too low
And it should be traveling around to my back and since it didn't 
and since I had this for a month, that shingles would have been cleared up in that time.
He asked why I thought it was Shingles and I said that I knew he'd hate this but... I had "Googled" my symptoms.
He asked "and what are the symptoms"
I told him and he said it was nerve pain and that I must have hurt myself.
"Had I done anything that could have hurt myself?" He asked.
I refrained from being a smart-ass.
I wanted to say Yes - Every. Single. Day.
But I didn't.
I just kinda mumbled off a few things
but he REALLY wanted to know why I hadn't gone to my own doctor.
I told him I didn't have one.
So he went into a lecture that I won't repeat here.
Ultimately I ended up leaving with no new 
information about my pain except it's something I'll just have to deal with until it's gone.
No medicine was prescribed so I only left with a lecture about my age and how I needed to have annual check-ups or I could get ill and die.
And then I paid $100. And left.

Monday was a good day.
I was feeling better.
I rearranged furniture and sorted through things in preparation for the big garbage pick-up that I have scheduled for Friday.
I'm getting rid of my big sofa.
I loved that sofa.
I even wrote a post about it once.
But the Naugahyde had cracked from Blue walking on it.
Then Jimmy ripped the crack open and finally Hattie started pulling the stuffing out of it.
I tried duct taping it and covering it with a quilt but....
It had to go.
So yesterday I dragged it out the backdoor.
There's an iron railing just outside the door and by pulling it out and balancing it on the rail, I was able to use that to flip it over and have it land on end.
From there I could waddle-walk it over to the fence where it's low and push it over much in the same way as the railing and flip it over into the yard.
I was careful not to "hurt" myself further.
I must say that I think I have finally found the perfect spots for all my furniture.
(I also moved two hutches and a 15 drawer cabinet) 
Yep. I'm done moving stuff - forever.

Tuesday I felt bad again so I decided to "Moodle".
Jean had suggested I do so and I Googled the word and decided to do just that.

moodle Pronunciation: /ˈmuːdl/

To dawdle aimlessly; to idle time away

I did nothing.
Well, OK, I did get on the computer for a while.
I read some blogs.
I changed my header again.
I listened to a few YouTube things on illustrating children's books.
I researched some garden trellises to block out my neighbors window.
I did several loads of laundry.
I went through some old papers and magazines.
I ignored a message from work.
I watched TV and napped through some of it.
I Moodled some more.
I fed the dogs and worked on some photos I had taken a few weeks back.

I don't think I'm cut out for Moodling.
I hope to get more done tomorrow!


Elle Clancy said...

Girl, you do not give yourself credit for all that you do. I am tired just reading that post....Love your new header & I love those altered photos; they really jump out at you, especially the eyes. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!


Cindi Myers said...

Thank you so much for commenting.
I was just thinking the other day how some people like to go to the beach and lay in the sun.
When I've gone to the beach, I want to be running in the waves. I think I have to be doing something in order for me to enjoy it. :D
I'm so glad you like the header and the photos!
Thanks so much!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

love the dog photos you did. lovely. My mother is 87 now and hasn't been to the doctor in probably 15 years tho she's heavily insured. Her family doctor wanted her to take hormones or such and she refused as she'd read they caused cancer. Doc said "would I give them to Mary (his wife and nurse) if they weren't good for you?" So mom quite going and Mary died a few years later. Then Doc's staff died one by one and last year Doc died. So my mom thinks she made the right decision and I have to agree with her. I'm like you, I go when I'm forced to and then see the urgent care doc. Try googling Dr. Wallach, whose book "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" says it all. And don't beat yourself up so much.

Cindi Myers said...

I love the story about your Mom!
A couple of years ago I was really having a hard time and lots of hot flashes (I still have a few but mostly gone now) but I felt like I was SO out of whack. But I didn't take hormones or such, I just rode it out.
It terrifies me the stuff that we are supposed to take, to deal with our bodies.
My oldest niece is very much into herbs and natural things but she was having problems and the medical professionals wanted to take her gallbladder out even though they couldn't pin point it as her gallbladder.
Instead she did research and did a cleansing fast and then took several natural remedies and she watches what she eats and is very health conscience and her problem is gone.
I'm not saying there isn't a time or place for medical help but...
I view it the same as I view my dogs vaccines. I get what they need for the first 3 years and after that I usually just do rabies unless they are going to be around other unknown dogs. But that's another whole post! LOL!
I'll Google that book! Thanks!

Anonymous said...


I really like this header!

I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. I've never had shingles (or chickenpox) but one of my good friends got it when she was going through a really stressful situation at work a couple of years ago. I felt so bad for her -- it was bad enough she was worried about losing her job and then to have to deal with this painful condition on top of it!

I understand how you feel about going to the doctor. I go only once a year and that's only because I take a medication and the prescription has to be renewed every year. I like my doctor though. She's very easy to talk to and she loves cats -- so, we always have something to chat about. But even though I seldom go to the doctor for myself, I will rush my animals to the vet for every little thing. (A friend of mine used to tease me about the fact that I hated spending the money to get my hair cut but my poodle had a standing appointment to get groomed every 6 weeks.)

And thanks for broadening my vocabulary -- I'd never heard of "moodle." I have to agree with you and say that moodling is not for me. I can't just sit and do nothing. In fact, even being online sometimes makes me feel like I'm wasting time. I can sit and read a book for hours but sitting at my computer for too long makes me feel like I'm being lazy! Isn't that crazy?

I'm taking next week off from work and it sounds like my week's "vacation" is going to be spent like yours. I'm going to clean out my basement and garage. I'm not really looking forward to it but I know I'll be very happy once it's done.

I love all the pictures in this post!


tammy j said...

those first and last pictures are like looking right into my beloved zeke's face!!! oh. I love them cindi!
I think moodling is wonderful.
you need to do much more moodling. LOL.
what a putz. that doctor.
you could have spent that same money on going to a salon and asking for a lovely shampoo and scalp massage and then treating yourself to a delicious guilt free FABULOUS lunch. and maybe even pick up a nice little spring top to go with shorts or something.
and for his information...
monk's shingles lasted a LONG time! she will tell you.
so he knows ZILCH.
ok. i'm through.
your house sounds lovely. I love getting rid of big things.
what will they all lie down together on now though? :) oh yes.
your bed! LOL.
love and huge snoopy hug coming your way. XOXOXOXO♥

Cindi Myers said...

I don't know if this is shingles or not but when I Google Shingles without the rash, I have all the symptoms.
Whatever it is, I hope it clears up soon. I don't know if it could be stress related because my stress level is about the same as it always is! LOL!
Maybe I will got the doctor next year, after I lose some weight and if I'm forced to get Obamacare.
I'm the same way about my pets, but I'm super lucky that I can just run them into work and have them looked at.
And I always am buying things for my pets without a thought and yet I never buy stuff for myself unless it's something I REALLY need.

LOL! the word "Moodle"! I got that from Jean. I had to Google that myself.
I don't know if I'll ever be able to really do that but maybe... someday.

Have fun on your "vacation". You are right though, it might not be fun doing the work but it's a great feeling when it is done!

So glad you like my photos!

Cindi Myers said...

The photos that looks like Zeke are of a dog that a client asked me to do some altered photos of.
I sent her those two pics and she never got back to me...sigh.

I'll try to Moodle, but I don't know when I'll have the time. LOLOL!

Yeah, I went to that doctor because so many people, especially my co-workers, were bugging me to go.
I laughed at your suggestions. That sounds wonderful but I don't think I could ever spend money that way.
If I was going to splurge, I would buy flowers for the yard! :D
Oh well, live and learn.
I do wish I knew exactly what this is, although I really feel like it's shingles.

I got rid of a few things already! I set three chairs outside and they were gone in less than a half hour.
Tomorrow my sister is stopping by to help me drag the sofa to the curb and a few other items.
Right now Blue is sleeping in the chair and the little dogs are in MY big chair and on the ottoman and on their little dog beds that are scattered on the floor.

I still have lots of things to get rid of but at least the BIG stuff will be gone and I can chip away at the rest.
Thanks for cheering me on!

CheerfulMonk said...

I love the pictures! Especially the second one. How did you do it?

Cindi Myers said...

Thanks Jean!
I'm glad you like them.
For the second one, I took the photo out in the play yard because I was thinking the rocks would make a good background.
Then I altered the photo with a stylized filter.
The eyes didn't look right so I added a tan dot and on top of that I added a small black dot to give it the look I was hoping for.
Then I adjusted the contrast and the highlights and the shadows and the black depth
and voila'
:D :D :D

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Well my friend, moodling is about all I've been doing lately. I'm STILL sick believe it or not.

Now let me just say what you were doing was NOT moodling! You did more in that one day than I do in a month :)

I have to agree with you about doctors. We really need to be our own advocates, and I'm going to google that book too.

My grandmother had a very bad case of shingles. I remember it well, and it scares me to think I might get them someday.

I love your header :)


Cindi Myers said...

I'm so sorry that you are still sick.
My side is still hurting too and I've been Googling like crazy.
The newest thing that I've found is... maybe I have a fatty liver?
That would stand to reason! LOL!
Now I'm going to get some Milk Thistle and see if that helps.
But in the meantime I'm still rubbing cream on it in case it is shingles.
Maybe next time I'll get the shot to prevent it? Maybe you could get one too but then again, some have had reactions to it I guess. Sigh.

I'm working on Moodling today!

Vicki said...

Doctors. Don't get me started.
Save yourself the dough and buy a top quality herbal infused oil which has St Johns Wort.
It will greatly help any neuralgia, aches and pains. Especially effective for nerve pain.
Try sourcing from the better herbal suppliers, not a pharmacy - they're crap.

Go to somewhere like Catskill Mountain Herbals, here is a link http://www.catskillmountainherbals.com/herbal-oils.htm#plantain

Love your artwork - and glad you post them on IG too :)

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Vickie!
I will go look that up!
Yeah, I'm not too crazy about doctors.... not at all.
Although I have met some Nurses that were very nice and knowledgeable!
and I'm glad you like my Artwork.
I'm loving IG and you are creating the coolest most magical creatures!