Saturday, May 21, 2016


Sometimes something happens and while it's definitely not funny at the time, it's kinda funny later.
While I still am not to point of laughing at it, I can say that it did end up giving me some unexpected insight.
So here's what happened.
Wednesday I needed to run to the grocery store for a few items.
I thought about which one I'd go to.
I didn't want to drive out to Target and I considered running over to Aldi's but then I remembered that the one not too far from my home had hanging flower baskets on sale.
Like I said, it's not too far and I could buzz up there and back without being gone for very long.
I usually close the windows in the house when I leave but it was a nice day so I decided not to close them.
There's a window in the laundry room/dog room that I ALWAYS close.
One reason being that if the dogs start barking I don't want people walking by to hear them, or the neighbor.
But the main reason is because it's at the back of the house, hidden from view and I worry about someone trying to break in.
Sure, maybe the neighbors would see but I still worry that they might not be looking out their windows at the right moment.
So... I grabbed my phone, my wallet and my keys.
I stop at their garden center and picked out a nice full basket of Calibrachoa.

Then I drove up to the store and went inside. I was kinda in my own little world as I wheeled the cart around and considered what to buy. I always look for what's on sale and consider my purchases. I got to the register and laid my keys, phone and wallet on the little spot next to the credit card thing.
I had worn jeans but this pair didn't have pockets so I had to hang onto my stuff.
So I took everything out to the car and opened the trunk. I had forgotten I had cat litter and a big package of paper towels and a bag of potting soil in there already.
So I set down all my stuff and arranged everything. Then I picked up my phone and wallet and slammed the trunk shut.
Just as it clicked shut, I knew my keys were still in there.
I stood there for a second.
Then I gave the trunk a few tugs. I walked around and tried the car doors.
Yep, it was locked up tight.
I had stuff that could go bad and some other stuff that could melt in there (ice cream) to say nothing of the fact that my house keys were on that key ring too.
I could have called my sister and see if she was available but to be honest,
while I love her with my whole heart, the girl will be late to her own funeral. 
I started walking.
I always say that I'm going to start taking daily walks but I never do.
One reason is that I think if a person is going to walk, they need to take their dog.
In my case, I hate to choose, so I don't.
Another reason is, I just get distracted with doing something else.
So there I was, walking.
I walked at a good pace.

Time was of the essence.
I vaguely had a plan.
But as I walked I started to notice my neighborhood.
I mean REALLY notice it.
It's a nice neighborhood.
One that I feel totally safe walking in.
I liked looking at the different homes and yards. 
It's an eclectic mix that's not like some neighborhoods with the same styles of homes lined up one after another.
If I wasn't in such a hurry, it would have been enjoyable.

Finally I got to my driveway.
Mine isn't like the others which are made of concrete.
Mine is dirt with some gravel and lots of daisies.

I walked around the back, opened the gate and went up to the laundry room window. 
I pushed on the side of the screen and it popped right out!
The little ones were now in a barking frenzy. 
Then with all my might I swing my leg into the opening and pulled my fat butt through the window.
Kinda scary that I was in my house within a minute or two!
I hushed the little ones but I could hear Jimmy having a fit upstairs.
I ran to my handbag and grabbed my spare keys.
I locked the window and left.
I walked back to the store.
Halfway there I wanted to stop

but I trudged on.

Finally I was in the parking lot.
I opened the trunk and grabbed my keys and then got in the car and drove home.
I threw everything in the fridge and freezer and sat down.

Thank goodness I lived close enough to be able to actually walk.
Thank goodness I left that window open.
Thank goodness it was such nice weather.
Maybe where I live isn't so bad.



CheerfulMonk said...

I'm glad it turned out all right!

Cindi Myers said...

Thanks Jean!
Me too.

tammy j said...

you are WONDERFUL!
and these pictures with the story are priceless!
it is late (for me anyway) and i'll be going to sleep with this HUGE smile on my face!!!!
good night!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

I don't know if i enjoyed your story more or the pictures more, but they were perfect together. Especially the last one. Lucky you had a second set of keys, which I don't so I'd be S.O.L.

Cindi Myers said...

I'm glad the pictures and my story made you smile!

Cindi Myers said...

I thought you would like the pictures, since Jimmy Chew kinda looks like a French Bulldog! LOL!
And I know how much you love him. :)
I'm glad you enjoyed the story too!
When I got my car, the salesman only had one set of keys but said he knew the previous owner and would call for the second set. Well, I ended up emailing him non-stop for those keys and FINALLY got them.
There was no way I could only have one set because I knew that someday I'd need them!

Vicki said...

Yes. Thank goodness to all of that.

On more than one occasion, I've had to squeeze myself into an almost impossibly small window because I'm locked out, so I know the feeling.

Home, safe and sound.
At the end of the day, that's all that matters :)

Cindi Myers said...

Yes! Thank goodness!
I think I'll be hiding a key from now on but I'm kinda scared to do that in case a snake hides in the same place!
and you are right, safe and sound is all that matters!

Raj said...

"She will be late to her own funeral" made me laugh. But see, so many things aligned to ensure you were back in action -- kind of connecting the dots !

Cindi Myers said...

Yes I was lucky that it all just fell into place like it did! Lol!
So I guess I can't be too upset.
Thanks so much for commenting!