Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fairy Gardens, Possums, Raccoons, Puppies and More

A lot of things happened this week!
Before I went back to work on Monday, 
I created my Fairy Garden.
I've been collecting things for it for a while.

I got the bird bath with a cracked bowl for $12.00 at the ReStore a while back.
The clay house I found for a couple of dollars at Goodwill.
It's first life was as a tissue holder but now has flowers growing into it.
The clay woman was at Goodwill too
for 88 cents!
I bought the plants at the garden nursery and some of the accessories. 
But some of them were also from Hobby Lobby when they were on sale last year.
I'm happy with how it turned out!

My roses suddenly exploded along the driveway -

Other gardening news...
In regards to my neighbor and how I planned to put up a privacy fence
next to their section of chain link so I could block the view.
They have a disgustingly small enclosed patio area
that's enclosed with chain link panels.

Mud has washed up onto it and wild trees and weeds are growing in there
and that's where their TWO labs get their outside time. 
There nothing to be done about it as they are brought inside at night
and at different times throughout the day. They are chubby so they are fed but
they are always itching and never get out to run...

I decided to plant climbing plants instead.

and Clematis
And I planted a Butterfly Bush.
I also have Catmint growing and plan to add some yellow roses eventually.
Hopefully all that will block out the dog pen
and the non-working hot tub that's been on their driveway for years and years...

OK, so on Monday, I returned to work from my vacation.
I'm training a new girl who seems to be doing great. So that's a positive!
She'll work some nights and weekends.

Some cool things happened.
Not really good things but still kinda cool.
First. One of the girls at work who is a vet tech/receptionist and one of the coolest people I know
and who I plan to blog about at some point is always rescuing someone.
Because of this fact some people brought baby possums to her home that they had found.
She brought them to work and cared for them until the wildlife people could come and pick them up and care for them.
They were so little!

I've had never held one until then.

This girl is also currently caring for a several baby raccoons at her home but she brings them to work so they can get their bottle feedings.

All of us are in love with these little ones!

In her spare time this girl is a horse trainer and she's also a mom to two boys!
Like I said, she's very cool.

Other news,
My sister's puppies are growing. 

There's much debate as to who they will keep. They have both parents and had planned originally to keep a female.
So this is probably the one they are keeping -

There has been whispers that they might keep TWO!
If they do that, that's where the debate starts.
Apparently this guy might be the other one.
He's the biggest and the only one that looks like his dad.

But like I said, there's a debate going on.

I don't want a Husky puppy.
I rescue older little dogs.
Huskies are big and energetic and shed A LOT!
Huskies can easily go over fences and run.
Yep, I definitely don't need a Husky.
Besides my sister would charge me big bucks for one and I don't have big bucks.
So that's good, because I don't need or want one....
I kinda think I will avoid going over to her house for a while though
because it's like an alcoholic going into a bar.
Surrounded by alcohol and being tempted but knowing having a drink would be so wrong for them.
There's this black and white female with sapphire blue eyes... 

I hope she gets a new home ASAP.


Janneke said...

Oh those little huskies look so cute, I'm certain that I also could not resist them when I should be there and see them. But I know huskies and I definitely should not like to have one. They almost never can go off leash, they are real runaways. I think they belong in the far and cold north to pull sleds through the snow.
So nice to see the little possum and the racoons, lovely you all do such good work.

CheerfulMonk said...

Wow! What a week! I hope it was refreshing and you had a chance to recharge your batteries.

Cindi Myers said...

I know! they are SO cute but they are runners!
My sister and her husband have land up in Vermont and plan to move there for retirement with their dogs.
Lots of cold weather up there! LOL!

Yes, sometimes work is interesting! I feel bad that the possum and raccoons are orphaned but it was kinda cool to hold them.
Thanks for commenting!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes! and actually I had a few other things that I didn't blog about!
HAHA! But I need to save that for a later post!

I'm not sure about being refreshed, maybe a bit mentally.
But physically I'm still battling this pain
Although I had all the symptoms of shingles without a rash, now I'm feeling sharp stabbing pain, like a hurt muscle.
Friday and Saturday I had them laser me at work and I felt much better yesterday.
Unfortunately it's back today. I suppose I should take it super easy but I have a lot of stuff I want to do.
Maybe I have to face the fact that I'm not 30 anymore.
Dang it!
Anyway, Thanks!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Try BioFreeze for the aches. It comes in a package with individual packs. Love the stuff. At first it doesn't feel that deep reaching but soon you feel the a good way.

shortybear said...

awesome fairy garden

Cindi Myers said...

Thanks! Yes! A girl at work had some of that and I used it.
Then I went to the store to buy it but couldn't find it so I bought a different cream they had but said comparably to it and OMG! I felt the burn!
I'm going to force myself to not lift or move stuff and hopefully it will go away pretty soon.

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What a week, and all those little ones could not be any cuter or sweeter -- I do think it's the only time that a opossum is cute is when it's a youngin'! How good of your friend to help them find their way!!

I love the pups, but they are a lot of work -- Just like a job, isn't it?

Hope all goes well as your return to work this week, take care!!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

In so many ways you live my dream life Cindi! I know it's not easy, but I would love to care for little animals like this. Those possum and raccoons are precious, and don't even get me started on the huskys! But like you, I would never want a pet that sheds. Btdt and ain't gonna do it again :)


Vicki said...

Well, it's a good thing I don't live near you after all... a husky puppy would be toooo tempting to pass up. I don't have big bucks either, but I'd sell some furniture or something, lol.

I think climbing plants is a good idea for the fence, as you get the coverage without the bulk.

Baby Opossums are so sweet! They don't at all resemble Australian possums - nor do ours have sharp teeth, but they are just adorable all the same.
Speaking of adorable... baby raccoons! You have such unique wildlife! Those masked faces and black paws and arms are too cute!


Cindi Myers said...

Yes, actually I think possums are scary when they are adults.
I heard that they eat ticks though, so that's a good thing!
They puppies are adorable but they are more work than I could handle. At least right now!
and besides.... I don't need one.
Thanks for the well wishes about work.
Tomorrow will be crazy because it's after a holiday and the day after a holiday is always out of control.
Hopefully the rest of the week will mellow out.

I hope you have a great week too!

Cindi Myers said...

Sometimes it is fun being around all the different critters.
It's cool to see them and handle them but I'm glad I'm not the one bottle feeding them.
(I've done that with puppies a few times and it's impossible to get proper sleep! LOL!)

Huskies shed so much!
At my sisters house they vacuum three times a day, really! I'm not kidding.
Most of my dogs are non-shedding right now but that means they have to be groomed.
But I'd rather groom them than have hair. The only one that really sheds is Blue.
That's one of the reasons that I bathe him rather frequently and also why I have some much "white" in my house! It blends right in! LOLOL!
But yeah, I don't think I'd want to deal with a heavy shedder again. I have a Newfie mix and that was a nightmare! Ugh. (but he was a wonderful dog).
Anyway.... no puppies for me!

Cindi Myers said...

I wish you lived near!
For several reasons, but you are exactly the kind of owner that my sister would want for her puppies!

Yes, I thought climbing plants were a better idea because visually it's nicer to look at and also, it doesn't block the sun and it's cheaper and it's less labor intensive, since I'd be the one digging the holes and hauling cement and... all that stuff.

I looked up "opossum" since both you and Kim used that spelling. I didn't realized that's the proper way! LOL! Most people around here just say possum. How funny! I learned something!
:D :D :D
They are very cute right now but I've always been told to stay away from them as they can grow quite large and have sharp teeth. Still, it was fun to briefly hold one!

The girl raising the raccoons had two rescued ones before this and unfortunately they met with a tragic end. (I'll spare you the story) so I'm surprised she's willing to do it again as I know her heart was broken over the last two. These little ones are very adorable and she's named them all and points out their personality traits. She's a brave soul to do this again.
I'm glad to know her though. The fact that she's willing to ope her heart again.

Thanks for commenting!
I know how busy you are and I know you have so much going on and
I hope your health is improving! I'm visualizing that you are doing better!

Vicki said...

Thank you Cindi :) ♥

Cindi Myers said...