Tuesday, July 26, 2016

HOT, the POOL, Paint Colors and the Kanga Book.

Sorry that I haven't been stopping to comment on blogs lately!
I'm reading them on my phone.
In fact I'm doing this post by phone!
It seems like I never have very much time to set down to the computer.

It's been SUPER HOT here
and I've been putting in a TON of overtime.
Don't ask why, let's just say, same old same old!
Anyway, the pool has saved me.
Relaxing and refreshing.... 

Except for yesterday when I came home and within the course of ONE day, it had turned an ugly green color.
I had been adding chlorine tablets but apparently I need to change the "filter" and also to "test" the water and to, at least weekly, "shock" it with chlorine.
Luckily I will have some overtime pay because it's becoming clear that pools aren't cheap.
I mean yes, THE pool was cheap but the maintenance is not.

There's a metaphor here but my brain is too fried to think of what it is.

Other news: I've finally chosen paint colors for my kitchen and laundry room!
This is HUGE for me as I'm addicted to White.
I'll share more on that later.

Other news. My Kanga book...
I have had it written for quite some time.
I've had the sketches scribbled out in a storybook fashion too.
But then I was stalled.
I just couldn't move forward.
Then the other day as I as floating, it hit me.
I felt the story was too generic.
Too typical.
But as I floated, I thought about how I wanted the story to be so many things.
#1 Dealing with a handicap
#2 Rescuing animals, especially ones that aren't perfect
#3 (most importantly) How to choose be happy.

So as I floated, it suddenly started to come together in my mind's eye.
It's still not completely worked out but I'm ALMOST totally sure on how I want it to be.
I just need some chlorine and stuff so that I can get back to floating/visualizing so that I can complete the process!
OK! See ya later!
Try to stay cool and hydrated!


tammy j said...

might be a good idea to wear ear plugs while you're floating.
I know. not a great feeling...
but the worst ear infection I ever got once was from a dirty pool.
still it'll be great when you treat it.
i'm so glad you've got it. I can think of nothing more relaxing or lovelier in the summer heat than your very own cool swimming pool!
and the kanga book...oh cindi.
congratulations! it's coming together. YAYYY!
i'm envisioning it DONE and selling.
it's for a wonderful cause. in every way. human and animal. it's needed.
and it will happen! XOXOXO♥

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

How wonderful that floating brought you insight as well as cooling down. They have these floater things that will dispense pool chems to make it easier on you. Over time is a double edged sword. Hang in there! And put me on your list of people who will buy your book as soon as it is published.

CheerfulMonk said...

Yay, Cindi! Good luck! We're looking forward to hearing more about your book.

Cindi Myers said...

Thanks for the advice but I can't get in a green pool!
LOL! I can't stand the river here either. Yuck.
So I put more "shock" into it and now it's clear!
It's amazing that it works so well.
Even if it costs me more than expected, I'm happy I got it and I'm brown-bagging it to make up the difference! :D
I floated for a half hour when I got home last night, I was so exhausted
but I came up with another idea and now I'm reading to tackle my Kanga book!
It's all coming together!
I'm excited.
Thanks for envisioning it done and selling!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you!
I will share more for sure!
After next week, boarding should slow enough for me to have a couple of days off and I'm excited!
I have so much I want to do and then blog about.
Thanks for always being a cheerleader for me!

Cindi Myers said...

How are you doing?
I've been thinking about you.
We had another sad loss at the clinic and I immediately thought about your loss.

I have one of those floater things but I've only been putting one tablet in.
Apparently I need to put more and also I need to change the filter.
I will definitely being doing both as the sight of the yuck green made me ill to look at it. But thanks for suggesting it!
and Yep, I guess everything in life is that way, Ying and Yang.
Oh well! LOL!

And Thank you about the Kanga book!
You will know ASAP when it happens!

Janneke said...

Keep floating Cindy, the best ideas rise when you are cool. Can understand you are often stressed, a job, your creativities, the care for your own animals, Blue wants his special attention too I think.
So keep cool and take care of yourself!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

That's wonderful Cindi (the pool and the book!). Sometimes you just need to take a step back and reevaluate, and things somehow come together.


Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Janneke,
I will keep floating!
I'm surprised how calming it has been for me!
I do have a lot going on and having the pool to cool me off and relax
has really helped.
And Blue, he'll always be a top priority!
Thanks again and take care!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, you are right.
I just needed to find a way to slow down and think!
I'm full of ideas now!