Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Life is Good!

I'm not sure how to explain this but I'll try.
Sometimes I think I block things from my mind.
I mean I'm not completely oblivious but I just refuse to think about it.
I can feel it floating around in my head.
In my subconscious and then peeking out into my conscious thought.
Do you know what I mean?
See, I knew I couldn't explain this right but... 
it's like having a dream and you know you are dreaming and then you wake up and for a moment that dream is still there, floating in the room and then you get up and go about your day and just forget what you dreamt.

So I noticed this marble size lump on Blue's back foot and when I brought him in for a nail trim,
Doc said he didn't think it was anything to worry about.

Then Blue was being grumpy.
It seemed like everything was irritating him.
So I got to thinking, I mean he's 10 years and 8 months old,
maybe he's feeling some aches and pains that seniors have.
So I talked with Doc and started him on a medication for pain and inflammation.

On a side note, one of the women at work whom I have mentioned before, made a comment to me.
She asked if I was trying to have the oldest Great Dane ever.
I didn't look at her but just replied, Yes! He'll be in the World Guinness Book of Records!
Doc didn't say anything and just went and got the pill bottle
but there was this weird jibe in the air.
Seriously, you don't want to know what I was thinking at the time
or what I wanted to say, when she said that.

So I got the pills and because of his size, the chewable pills would cost $60 a month.
They were flavored and he'd gobble them down with his meal.
He'd eat it first and look at me, like it was a treat. 
He'd come up to me and lean his head hard against my leg.
He'd look up at me as if to say 
"Another treat please".

But he'd still be grumpy at times and show his teeth sometimes when little dogs would bump into him as they played
or when I'd nudge him with my toe to move over or
When I'd try to clean around his eye-

Of course I'm Alpha, so I nipped that behavior in the bud right away!

Then my co-worker/friend went on vacation and left her two dogs to board with me.
As she was leaving she said to me that maybe I could ask Doc about the 2 lumps on her dog.
She was sure they were just fatty lumps but since they would be at the clinic anyway....
One of the lumps turned out to be Cancer. 
They called her and then did surgery and the good news is that the results came back with clean margins and they got it all.
But my friend said she felt bad because she almost hadn't had the lumps checked. 

So the end of last week, I searched all over Blue. He grumbled and ROARED!
Then I found another lump.
It wasn't just below the surface but deeper.
Below his rib cage and close to his tummy.
I took him to work Monday.
He was SO happy to go!
He loves riding in the car.

(Jimmy about had a heart attack as we left. Jimmy loves playing with my little dog Ricochet but he needs his Blue).

So we went to work.
I had an official appointment for later in the day at 4.
At 10:00 I couldn't handle it.
I noticed a cancellation at 11:30 so we took that appointment instead.

Years ago, Blue didn't like Doc and would jump and bark at him like crazy.
It was kinda embarrassing actually.
I think Blue was feeding off my energy at the time.
Now I think things are better. I feel like I'm treated with more respect now.
So on Monday Blue was happy to see him.
He was happy to see everyone!

Doc looked him over.
I told him about the pills having no real effect on him so we'd decided not to continue those.
I told him that Blue no longer had the skin irritation or the scratching and seemed to be doing really well on the grain-free food.
Blue is doing good at maintaining his weight and was still 145lbs.
Doc said he looked good.
Then I showed him the new lump and he aspirated it with a needle and it turned out to just be a fatty lump!
I swear I felt like someone took a huge wet backpack off of my back.
Suddenly I felt like I could stand straight again.
Then Doc gave him a chiro adjustment.
I asked if there was anything else?
So Doc got out his stethoscope and listened to Blue's heart.
He said - Sounds Good!
I thanked him and took Blue back to my area.
I swear, it was hard not to skip.
I felt so happy!
I felt like my head cleared suddenly and I could think!
It was like suddenly remembering a dream.
It was a good dream! A happy dream!

After work I loaded Blue up into the car 

and as happy as he had been to come, he was just as happy to be leaving.
I'd glance at him as I drove and he sat there, looking straight ahead.
We got to a stoplight and he leaned over and tried to lean his head on my shoulder.
I laughed and gently pushed him back into his seat.
Blue is healthy and
Life is Good.


Janneke said...

So glad Blue is all right!!!

CheerfulMonk said...

What a relief! I'm so happy about that.

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

wow love your dog! Its been a while. How are you hon?

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Janneke!
I'm so happy too!
:D xoxo

Cindi Myers said...

I know! I can finally exhale.
Thank you!
I'm so happy too!

Cindi Myers said...

How are YOU?!
It's been forever!
I'm doing good because Blue is doing good!
I hope you are blogging again, I've missed your beautiful Art!

tammy j said...

i don't know but i think i held my breath through this whole post!
i'm so happy TOO!!!
oh beloved sweet boy blue! xoxoxo♥
ANY lump should always be checked.
i didn't know it then.
zeke might have lived longer.
i live with that guilt.
it's always worth checking.
maybe that one on blue's foot causes him discomfort when he walks even though it's benign? it might put pressure on it? just a thought.
but then doc should know. and he didn't mention it. so...
shut up tammy! LOL. ♥

Cindi Myers said...

I know!
I'm so Happy too!
I think you are right, all lumps should be looked at
whether on a pet or a person.

I don't think Blue has any discomfort because it's not actually ON his foot but rather near his foot.
It's a couple of inches up, kinda on his ankle.
Doc said just to keep an eye on it but he's not concerned at all.
So I won't be either.
(Famous last words! LOL!)
Thanks for your concern though!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

You nasty girl! I was on the edge on my seat worry about Blue this entire post! Don't do that again!!

Ok, now that I got that off my chest, maybe Blue is just grumpy because of the weather, or maybe he's just getting old. I know I like to use that as an excuse to be grumpy ;).


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so glad that was a happy ending!

Cindi Myers said...

Sorry Doreen!
That's kinda how I've been feeling too...
on the edge of my seat with worry.
Doc gave him a chiropractic adjustment and he's less grumpy these last few days!
I think I need to take him in more often for adjustments.

Yeah! I'm grumpy because I'm getting old too!


Cindi Myers said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!
I'm glad for the happy ending too!

Jan said...

what a relief! glad you and blue are doing well. how did he do with the chiro treatment? Hope it helped his discomfort.

Cindi Myers said...

The chiro adjustment really helped.
I should mention that I took my old little poodle in a few days ago for one too.
She was having trouble jumping up on the ottoman.
It would take her at least 4 -5 tries.
Doc adjusted her and now she's jumping clear up on my bed and that's a lot higher!
And she does it in one try.
I swear by chiropractic adjustments for my pets.
:D :D :D

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Yay for Blue. He is such a pretty fella. I've missed these last posts of yours as one of our family's dogs was put to sleep last Thursday. Dee's parents noticed she had a lump several years ago. The vet took it out and all was well. Another year, another lump. Finally in 2015, the vet took out as much as was possible and all agreed it would be the last time. At Christmas when we were at our daughter and son-in-law Mike's house. Mike was playing with Dee after their nightly ritual walk and Mike found a new tumor. We knew then it was only a matter of time. Last Monday she stopped eating and had to be carried in and out. Not even a piece of roast beef could entice her. Dee hated going to the vet as you can imagine. So her parents had a service come to the house, Dee laid on her favorite couch with her head in her dad's lap and her butt on her mom while she got a shot and drifted out of this life she loved. People who are in the animal business are not given enough credit for the service they render. Bless you and everyone who help owners care for their pets.

Cindi Myers said...

Omg! You have me in tears!
I am so sorry. Poor Dee.
But how wonderful for her to have such a loving family.
How touching that her parents thought what was easiest and the least scary for HER.
Just rereading that part about her on her dad's lap and her butt on her mom, has tears streaming.
Again, I'm so sorry, my deepest sympathies.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Cindi, thank you. I knew you were the one person I know who would understand. I know you don't like doing commissioned pieces, but when you could I would like to have you look at Sweet Dee's last picture and tell me if you could do a piece from it for her parents. She was a rascal who got kicked out of doggie day care for jumping over a 4 foot fence to greet people in the waiting room, almost failed obedience school because she hated another dog and had to be locked in a hallway while that dog completed her test, dearly loved a cousin's dog named Ray-Ray who died a few years ago. As she was lying on her mom and dad in the last minutes, mom told her she would be seeing Ray-Ray soon. Her eyes perked up at Ray-Ray's name even though it had been so long and she seemed pleased. I would like to have her final picture done with her and Ray-Ray playing in the background. I know you will get it as no one else but her family can. I get headaches from crying so much. Sorry to keep pouring this on you.

Cindi Myers said...

I'm sorry that your heart is broken.
Sadly I know the feeling. It's like you just can't stop thinking about them.
There are no words to lessen the grief.
Try to take comfort in the happier memories and how blessed you all were to have her in your life and she, having you all is hers.
Please email me photos, details like size etc and I'll try to capture it for you.
Again, please know you are in my thoughts.