Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Don't Know What This Is But ...

I know what it's going to be!
Almost every month on a Friday my friend/co-worker go to lunch together and we drive over to the ReStore.
The ReStore is just the coolest place. It's a non-profit organization run by a few employees and a lot of volunteers. All the building materials are donated and then sold to the general public. They run specials and discounts and send out emails for special events and they hold classes where they make something new and different out of the things that probably would have just ended up in a landfill. Most of the stuff is from old houses that have been torn down or remodeled. Then they use that money to help build homes for the poor and needy.
 I have bought old cupboard doors there and used them for my paintings. I took some old drawers and converted them into dog beds. I just bought a box of tiles for a project that I'm working on and will unveil at a later date (I'm still collecting things for that one). My friend is a "regular" there. The ladies always give her a wave and a chuckle. Once when they had a 75% discount on doors, she bought TEN! She called her husband and told him to stop by after work with his truck and pick them up. (He no longer even asks what her purchases are for, he just comes and gets them! Ha! Ha!) She ended up making an awesome headboard for their bed and a raised platform. They are now doing a bathroom remodel and it will be exciting to she how she uses all her "salvaged stuff"!
On our last visit I found these things. It's a metal plate measuring 6" X 6" and the curved metal bars are welded to the base and at their highest point, it comes to 4 1/2" tall. They sold for 25 cents a piece! I was so excited that I bought them ALL!  That was a total of ten!
While my friend is little "Miss Mechanically Inclined" and seems to know what everything was originally, she had no clue on these things. The ladies at the register were puzzled too. One of them said to me "What the heck are you going to use these for!?"
So I told her. "I'm going to use them as a base for the dolls I'm going to make". She replied "What!?"
So I told her "Like, these weird different type of dolls"....(sometimes it's just better not to tell the truth or to mumble...I like to mumble and say "ya know" a lot) so, we just looked at each other and she said "Well, take a picture!" and I will!


yoborobo said...

I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!!! LOL! Seriously, I would have arm-wrestled you for these (and lost, because I am a complete wimp!). I can see where you are going with these, and maybe one should be a dog (I can't help myself!). Nice score! :) I am excited to see the dolls you are going to make. xo Pam

sassypackrat said...

How exciting! Can't wait to see what you do. I have an idea in my head so it'll be fun to see if my idea is anywhere near what you come up with!

Anonymous said...

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oldblackcatboo said...

Thanks Pam, Sassy and Sarah!
I have to finish a project today but this week I plan on starting my "doll" using the metal base!

teddy bears Marin to Venice said...

Dear and distant friend,
today have read also that writing on your blog and I am very curious to know how doll will be with bases metal....... have thought to as could be... certainly very beautiful and artistic!


suze said...

I would love to have a place like that around here. I would be a regular. It looks like a funky spider to me.