Wednesday, January 13, 2010


As most of you know, I take my dog Blue with me to work everyday, I take my Boston Terrier mix - Jimmy (Chew) and my Jack Russell mix Ralphie (Lauren) along with us too. The little guys sleep in the back of the car and then go into high gear as soon as we arrive at work. Those little guys love to race around the huge enclosed play area. They chase each other around with tennis balls and rope toys and sometimes Blue will join in the fun. He's like a big horse romping around with them. They haven't really been able to play as much since the snow came and it's been so unbelievably cold outside. But God as my witness I really thought that Blue was getting some good exercise! I assumed that he might have even lost a few pounds.
So... I take him into the clinic to get his nails trimmed.This is usually a four person deal with me on one side holding him and another person on the other side bracing up against him and then someone standing in front of him rubbing his head and talking(mouthing) words to him, (remember he's deaf) and then the fourth person actually cutting his nails. ( He hates people messing with his feet!)
Anyway, in conversation I'm telling everyone how the day before someone was screaming out their car window as Blue and I stood in the driveway -"Oh My GOD! Look how big that dog is!" and I was saying that there isn't a day that goes by without someone wavy, pointing or gawking at him. I go on to say that I know he's a big guy but haven't these people seen a BIG dog before!?
All of a sudden I notice this exchange of looks between everyone and then they all start telling me that they think he's gained weight and how bad it is for him. So of course I get very indignant and say that he HASN'T! and I will weigh him to prove it. One of the Veterinarians said he would make a bet on it and RUNS up to the big floor scale to see what Blue weighs in at...............173 lbs.
I could feel the tears just well up. I am so embarrassed. I am one of the stupid Mothers who are in denial.
Maybe it's because he's with me night and day but I truly didn't see it.
This winter has been hard on both of us. To say we are pudgy would be putting it lightly. The word they used for Blue was Morbidly Obese. (I'd hate to know what word they use for me when I'm not there)
anyway, drastic measures need to be taken. I must measure out his food. The cup that I was using and thought was 1 1/2 cups turns out to be 2 1/4cups! So instead of the 3 cups AM and PM totally 6 cups a day turns out to be 9 CUPS!!AAHHHHH! and no more cookie bone treats! I bought some baby carrots for treats and when I tossed him one he jumped up and grabbed it in his mouth like usual but rolled it around for a moment and then dropped it on the floor....poor guy, I know what he's feeling! Tomorrow I'm going to pick up some rice cakes and try pieces of that.
So today while he was sleeping in his kennel at work I took a photo of him and Whoa, he does look big! I had the same reaction to that photo as I do when I see one of myself! It's like "How did that happen!"
So, most of my life I've been on that roller-coaster of weight loss. In my twenties I was thin but weighed myself 3 times a day, so terrified I'd gain an ounce. As the years have gone by my priorities have changed.
I know that I started to gain weight after my Dad passed away and then I had a MAJOR career change where I no longer had to wear dresses to work and every year a few pounds more....
well. 2010, a nice ROUND number! And while I couldn't find the motivation in the past for myself, I know that I will find it for my BLUE.
Here's a couple of photos. These will be Blue's "before" pics!


sassypackrat said...

Awww, poor Blue! Everyone tells me Lita is fat but I don't see it, she's just a bigger than average Chihuahua, I think. Next time she goes to the vet I'll ask cause now you've got me worried I'm in "mommy denial"! I can't wait until Spring, then you and Blue and me and Lita can get out and run around. It'll be great for all of us!

oldblackcatboo said...

Thanks Sassy! Yeah, I forgot to put in the part where they were trying to show me a chart that shows how weight can shorten a dogs life span! (Blue is 4) and then they said something about bigger dogs not living as long that point my eyes were blurred and my head was yeah we all need to be out running around A LOT! I guess!
You and Lita take care!

yoborobo said...

Oh, Cindi! Don't be too hard on yourself! Blue is healthy and he will drop the weight and be fine. You are a fabulous dog Mommy! I had a Golden Retriever named Halley who literally acted like she was starving 24-7, and so, of course, being the soft touch I am, I would give her little 'nibbles' during the day. One day, I got the same look from our vet. Halley was HUGE. LOL!! So I did feed her rice cakes for treats (she liked the ones with cheddar) and also she decided she liked carrots and apple slices (it took some time with those, maybe because I wasn't feeding her as much other food). I had to take her leather chewbones away from her, because she just ATE them! haha! She lived a good long life (almost 14 years). Now I have Sophie and Gizmo 'carrot trained'. :) Gizmo would eat everything in the house if I let him. He would look like a bowling ball. :) Blue will lose the weight, you are a good mama. xoxoxoxo Pam

PS Now if you could get me to lose some weight, I would really appreciate it.

PPSS I love the pic of Blue on the couch - so cute!

oldblackcatboo said...

Thanks so much Pam for the support!
I am feeling a bit better about it now, I've been measuring everything and he gobbles down his meal and gives me this look like "nice appetizer! Where's the entree?" he is also spending a lot of time in the laundry room (where I feed my little dogs) searching for a stray piece of kibble!
We have so much in common that I wasn't surprised to hear that you had a Golden. I had my Golden for 12 years. Maddie was her name and to this day I get choked up talking about her. She was absolutely Perfect in every way. The only negative about her was that she broke my heart when she went to Heaven.

Georgina said...

Oh, he's adorable. Hey I know what poor ol' Blue is going through...been cutting back myself, from 3 sacks of groceries to One!! LOL


oldblackcatboo said...

Thanks Georgina! Now I'll be buying MORE groceries! No more drive-thru food and I need to start cooking at home. Stuff in different bright colors like green,red and yellow, orange... not my usual brown (chocolate)and tans (bread and chips) LOL!
It's going to be an adventure!

LoopyBoopy said...

But he's so cute being so beefy! If you get him to loose some weight be sure to give me his diet regiment, I need to shed a few pounds myself.

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

awwwww I love your dog so much Cindi! You are a great mom to your animals. He is loved for sure!!

some good diet will do and love love!!

As for you my dear in terms of finding your groove - just keep at it and don't loose faith please!! I went through this years ago. Just believe that you can. The plushies that you created is a start and it's adorable. Doodle away and find your magic!! you have it there somewhere. All the love for you sweetie pie. Thanks for the inspiring comment. and the hair is crotchet. It was fun fun creating these two beauties. Have fun, you'll see!!

oldblackcatboo said...

Thanks Magaly!
I'll keep creating and I know eventually I'll be able to express in my art what I truly am feeling!