Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Muse...Harry

I've created some small weighted black cats. I think I like this tiny little size! Maybe I will create more small little things.I actually liked making those little houses too.(The ones I made for my sister for Christmas) Hmmm.....I'm starting to get a whole bunch of new ideas now. Maybe I'll start creating smaller things!
 And this is Harry! my Muse...OK, I'm kind of  hesitant to talk about Harry because I am unsure about revealing this side of me, but...
I have several cats (and dogs!) but there is "something about Harry". Of course all my pets have their distinct personalities but Harry is different. To say he is a smart cat would be an understatement. I've seen him actually reason out  problems. He comes running to me when I call him and he throws his front paws around my neck and leans back and "looks" at me. He's not scared of ANY of my dogs and all the other cats bow to all his wishes.  He used to slip outside all the time a couple of years ago when I had a doggie door. Some of the dogs took awhile to figure that door out but not Harry! Within a few minutes of the installation, he ran into the room and out the door! It got to the point where I was bungee cording the doggie door closed, especially when he started to drag his trophy half-dead kills inside! I would slam the laundry room door shut and hear awful sounds as he finished off some poor bird. Sometimes it was a field mouse or mole and later I would set him down in the laundry sink wipe him down and he actually seemed to enjoy that, sort of like I was grooming him! Then he started to sneak my timid little cat "Ghost" outside with him. I would be in a panic but people I knew with cats said that cats know where their homes are and not to worry. Well (as I talked about in my very first post) Ghost disappeared for a month and 3 days.
After that I nailed up the doggie door and then after some research, I found an article about how cats won't jump up on unsecured things. They said that if a person has a privacy fence (I do) that you could staple gun bunched up chicken wire to the top and when the cat springs up there unto the springy loose wire, they would jump back down and not go over the fence. So I spent a weekend (and a small fortune) staple gunning chicken wire to the inside top of my fence. Then next time the cats went out, it worked like a charm! Up they sprang and back down they came, very content to just lounge in my backyard...except Harry. He prowled back and forth staring at the top of the fence, back and forth and back and forth. Then suddenly he stopped. Ran full force to one corner, up to the top and perched for a moment as he actually pounded down the wire fencing with one of his front paws! Over he went and was gone. Later in the early evening, he was sleeping on my front porch....
Last year I got replacement windows, the windows in the basement have a gadget that you pull back to pop out the screen and I opened up the windows and went outside. I turned around and saw Harry staring at me through the screen as I was gardening. Next thing I know, he reaches up with his paw and pops out the screen!
 What I'm trying to convey is that, well, I don't think he's really a cat! Oh sure he has a cat body and he can "act" like a cat but I think there's "someone" in there! OK, now you see why I didn't want to reveal this for fear of being thought NUTS! Crazy cat lady! But if you asked my sensible cynical sister, she too would tell you...there's something about Harry.
Maybe now you are wondering, Well who the hell is BOO!? (as in oldblackcatboo) well,  Boo was my first black kitty I ever owned. I had stopped down at a kill shelter with a friend to see if her cat was there. I didn't even have a cat at the time (amazing!) So anyway the man at this shelter said that they had maybe one adoption a MONTH for cats. If people want a cat, he said, they go to the no-kill Humane Society or get one out of the paper. Well, in the far corner cage was this full grown but little black cat. She had this perfect little round face and she just looked at me. She didn't get up or cry or meow but just looked at me. It was like "You know I am the ONE."
So I adopted her. From the moment I brought her home she was always with me, very quiet and never making a sound. She would be VERY aloof around all people and just tolerated my dogs. She would only love up to my Golden Retriever, Maddie, and no one else but me. Then one night I woke up and she was making this very weird crying sound. I got up and looked out into the darkness. I could see nothing down below but then Maddie woke up and started to loudly bark. Someone was in the shadows but then I could see the shadow hurrying down the sidewalk. I scooped up Boo and held her close.
 My Boo went to heaven four years ago.
Some cats are cats and some aren't. Everyone can believe what they will and I believe that not everything is always as it seems.


yoborobo said...

Cindi! I love your cat stories! And who knows who Harry REALLY is. I'm just glad he is there for you. We have 2 black cats, Luna and Opie. Luna runs the house, and has everyone under her control, included the huge Sophie. Opie is 'my' cat. Caity found him at her HS and brought him home - I think someone abandoned him. He's very shy, but loves me. :)) He's a funny cat - like a shadow. He goes into the bathroom and closes the door to be alone (I am NOT kidding). haha! Okay, we are BOTH crazy cat ladies! xox pam

PS LOVE LOVE LOVE the small little group of black cats. There is something about working smaller - I love it, too. :)

carla ( said...

OH I believe!!!!! But someday I probably will get the name the old cat lady!!!! hee hee
Yes, some of them seem like old souls and maybe they are!!!!! hugs carla Ps I love your little cats and I love the little houses too!!!!

oldblackcatboo said...

Thanks so much Pam! I love hearing about Luna and Opie! I always say if someone doesn't like cats that they just haven't met the right one yet! There's a cat personality for everyone. (And if they TRULY don't like cats, well - I don't want to know them anyway LOL!)
Thanks so the comment on my little cats. I think I will make some more!

oldblackcatboo said...

Carla! Hey Thanks so much for the kind comments on my little cats and houses! That's so sweet of you! And we both can be Crazy Cat Ladies! Every neighborhood needs one! LOL!


These are so great! and the real cat in the photo looks amazing :)

Georgina said...

Cindi, sounds like your cat is a real pistol. As for your stuffed ones, they're adorable...just too cute!!

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Cindi I love your post!! It touched me! You did a fabulous job on those plushies woman. I love them!!!! I love your cat and your dogs so adorable. I love my cat and now he is sitting at my art table. He knows he is not allowed there but hey he is looking out the window enjoying himself a bit. My puppy is is laying on the couch sleeping - she love's it there. Where I live there are bobcats and fishers some sort of weasel I was told that attack cats AND I live close to a road up a hill. 23MP MY ROAD BUT WHEN CARS COME THEY DRIVE SOOO FAST DOWN THAT HILL ANDI'M AFRAID THAT IF I LET MY CAT OUT HE WILL BE EATEN BY A FISHER OR BOBCAT OR HIT BY CAR. SAMMY IS A REAL REAL SMART CAT. i SHOULD GIVE HIM CREDIT!! WHEN I USE TO LIVE IN FALLS VILLAGE IN A SMALL SHACK HE WOULD ROAM IN THE FIELD STAY IN THE BARN FOR HOURS AND THEN I WHISTLE AND HE COMES MEOWING DOWN MY DIRT ROAD AND FOLLOW ME. bUT NOT HERE - HE STAYS HOME. IT MAKES ME SAD TO LEAVE HIM IN BUT HEY HE IS SAFE AND FULL WITH LOVE LOVE AND PLAY.





oldblackcatboo said...

Magaly! WithOUT the fishes!?
Is she crazy? I love the fishies!
Good Luck with Sammy, I would keep him in too! maybe give him a lot of different toys and distractions! maybe hang something for him to swat at and maybe hide toys for him to stalk! I think they can be happy inside and SAFE!!
Thanks so much for the kind words on my cat dolls! Take care! - Cindi

Bone*Head*Studios said...

I love the simple design of these kitties, theyare soooo sweet and full of whimsy!!!

Confounded Concoctions said...

Love every single one of the kitties here! Real and made up ones!

Their expressions are awesome!