Saturday, April 23, 2011



sassypackrat said...

Cute bunny!

Suzie said...

LOL. .this makes me think of our rescue bun, Bailey. Baily was an Easter gift for some neighbor kids who didn't have the foggiest idea of how to care for a bunny. .neither did the parents, nor did any of them care to learn. After the novelty wore off, they stuck the cage outside, and let Bailey (what we named him), run wild. .with the hawks in the area, it is a miracle that he survived. .every few days, they would stick some expired iceberg lettuce out for him (which wasn't good for him in the first place!)
He started venturing further and further from his home yard, and one evening, when he came into our front yard, which wasn't visible to anyone, he mysteriously disappeared. ."Bailey" became an indoor bun. One that caught on to using a litter pan, immediately. His only fault was that he liked to chew, so we had to cover all electrical cords with a very hard plastic cover. Bails lived a long bunny life, and I still miss him. .he was such a cuddle boy, and made us laugh with his antics.

Thanks for triggering my trip down memory lane.

Georgina said...

Just too funny, bunny!! However, he reminds me of my Chihuahua, Maya...she moves very similar!!! LOL

Have a great Easter, my friend.


denise said...

Funny!! this is how Little Bug runs around. Makes me want a bunny.

Mundo Mundaca said...

I loved the movie Bunny , what is he? cells in the ass ?ahahah :D