Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Have you read the book "Water for Elephants"?
I loved that book.
Now the movie is coming out on Friday and I hope that they follow the book. I'm so afraid that they will cut out important parts. I don't usually go to the theatre to see movies. I usually wait for the DVD. But maybe this time I will go. I like Reese Witherspoon but she really wasn't the person that I envisioned as I read the book, but who knows?! I'm hoping that she pulls it off. I am also a bit afraid to see it in public because I am sure that I will cry in certain parts. I hate to cry in a dark room full of strangers.....

And that brings me to the other movie that I want to see:
 Born To Be Wild IMAX 3D
another movie with elephants and sure to make me cry.....

One of the reasons that I brought up these movies is because I was thinking about my upcoming vacation.
I REALLY need a vacation. I'm frazzled. The clinic I work at had 2 women on maternity leave and at the same time they added 2 new doctors. Because of this, I have been working up front in the reception area instead of being with my boarding "clients". I REALLY miss the dogs but I do have 4 excellent workers covering the shifts. One of the new moms returned a couple of weeks ago and the other one returns next week. Maybe then the overtime will stop. I don't mind having a little bit extra in my paycheck but I hate being so tired that I never get anything done. So in a couple of weeks I am going to take a WHOLE week off. I usually just break my vacation time up into days but this time I NEED a week. I plan to finish sorting through my "junk" (the whole basement is already done and organized! Waahoo!) but I want to get rid of EVERYTHING that I don't have a plan for. In my town we are allowed ONE big trash pick-up a year for free. So during my vacation I will be dragging a bunch of junk to the curb. Last time I did this I actually ended up helping people load up their cars with my stuff.
I mean BIZARRE stuff. I had a 3 foot tall picket fence that I just cut up randomly and pulled out of the ground and a woman took it all. It even had the cement still attached to the bottom of the posts. I had rusted, broken things that people dragged off. So who knows how this year will be but I'm getting rid of stuff and taking what I can to the recycling center.
I also plan on building a new enclosed area for my dogs and taking down some of the older fencing and then cutting down several wild trees and start working on terracing the backyard area that drops off. I'm investigating about getting fill dirt to try to level the yard some more.
And if it rains, I will be painting. Painting the kitchen, laundry room and my bedroom. I also want to "create" some paintings. I've got a huge list of things to get done! I haven't decided yet if I will take the week off from blogging or not. I might need to, so that I don't get distracted and spend valuable work time visiting my blogger buddies. I might do that and then come back with "after" photos!
Now for the reason that these movies made me think of my vacation. OK, yes the book was a bit of a romance but it was much more. And then of course there was the elephant, Rosie. I won't say anything more, I don't want to SPOIL anything. But I highly recommend the book. The other movie has footage from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a haven for elephants and rhinos.
The reason this all made me think of my vacation is because my DREAM vacation, a vacation I HOPE to one day take is to someplace like: the baby elephant orphanage.
I need to do some research, I'm not sure if they have volunteer programs but I do know there are other places that do. Most of these babies are orphaned because their mothers have been killed by poachers.
They have handlers that spend 24 hours a day with them, nurturing and caring for them. I originally saw it on 60 minutes... I think, or maybe it was CBS Sunday Morning. Then I saw it again on Oprah when Kristin Davis visited there. It just really touched my heart.
So, you can see my train of thought. Water for Elephants movie coming out, the new Born To Be Wild IMAX 3D film that's out and me thinking of my upcoming vacation and someday having a dream vacation.


Miss Whammy said...

One woman's trash is another's treasure!

Also, I absolutely LOVE elephants. I love how they are matriarchal (sp?), wise, big and sturdy. Definitely check into the refuge because to spend time there would be awesome!

Georgina said...

Cindi, I love elephants! When I was a kid, my Dad brought home 3 stuffed animals from some promotional thing at his stores, so he gave me the choice for 2 of them, since my sis didn't want one and my bro wasn't all that interested, so I picked the elephant and the white donkey. They were my pals for years.

I haven't read that book yet but I'm planning on heading to B&N to pick up a copy. I never see the movie before I read the books and like you, we too do the DVD rental thing. I waited years before I saw "Water for Chocolate" because I hadn't had time to read the book...when I finished it, I rented the movie...sooo worth it and didn't have to read the subtitles either!!! LOL

As for vacation, how about going somewhere for a few days...get energized!! Although, that's how so many of us spend our vacations now...killing little rats or dragons....they just hang around till you have to shove them out the door and into the trash can!! LOL

Well, have a great one and watch yourself with those chocolate bunnies...they have a tendency to just jump onto your lap and into your mouth!!


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I'm fascinated by elephants. They are such wonderful animals...they really do remember things forever. I'd like to work at an Elephant Reserve too. I have not read the book but it's on my list of musts. I really want to read the book before I see it. I hope you have a great week off.

Anonymous said...

Well I have read the reviews on Water for Elephants and the one they think really is good in that movie is Reese Witherspoon, the others are good but not as good as her. The other movies I have never heard of though.

I realize how lucky I am having five weeks of payed vacation. I hardly manage to do even one of those things You mention during those weeks :-) :-) :-)I shut down totally when vacation starts :-)

Have a great easter!

Blue Dragon Arts said...

Girl you go! I would need a vacation from my vacation if I got that much done in one week!

Mundo Mundaca said...

I have not read the book, but I'm dying to see the movie.
I saw an article about the film on television and was blown away .. say the elephant steals the show.
Certainly the book should be better than the movie .. always.
It happened with the movie "Blindness" the movie was good .. .. but the book is much better.
I think it's very good you get rid of things that do not need more .. believe me, it always makes someone happy out there.
My mother put an old door on the sidewalk and took no longer than 2 hours and had already gone .. do you believe? .. an old door stripped and made ​​the happiness of someone.
I believe that we all .. it is new or old returns in happiness for us.
On vacation with volunteering .. only a special and generous person like you to think about it ... so I love you.