Monday, April 18, 2011


I love a good bargain. I find little tables for $5.00. A chair for $2.00. A painting at an estate sale, a cabinet on clearance at Target. I haunt the paint aisle at Lowes where they mark down "mis-tint" gallons of paint for $5.00....and what do I end up with? Several different options on how to decorate a room.
and then...I just can't decide what to do!
Sometimes I think it would just be better to pick a color, a scheme and pay full price and GO with it.
It doesn't help that every other day I change my mind about what I like!
So, here's the problem.
My bedroom. 2 years ago I bought several discounted gallons of green paint that were all the same finish and very good quality and very close in color and I mixed them all together and come up with a citrus, lime green. Then I hung some paintings and stood back and looked at my room. I was NOT happy. I felt it looked juvenile. So, I've been searching for inspiration. I found THESE and I like them ALL!
See how I am all over the place!
#1 - This is pretty close to the color of my room. I could go for this kinda artsy look.
My sister did something similar to this in one of her daughters room. She hung vine woven with twinkle lights from the ceiling. Her room was actually was a purple/lavender shade and at night it looked magical!
#2 - Or maybe I could tone down the green and go for a more Arts & Crafts? contemporary look.
I like the use of VINTAGE and INDUSTRIAL...but maybe too masculine?
#3 -  Or maybe just wallpaper over it.
#4 - Or paint it white and just paint one wall for a POP of color.
#5 - or blue? I looovvvveeee BLUE.
#6 - OR  WHITE and BLACK, my favorite colors!? Hmmmm
#7 - Or go really vintage...except for all that stuff over the bed. I don't like THAT. Too fussy.
#8 -or this! I ADORE this! and I have a couple of gallons of brown mis-tinted paint!
(this is from ) My bedding is all white and I could paint my furniture white! Sigh...I wish I had these windows!
I do think this is my favorite!
(though I really love that brown!...if only I had the windows!)
I have a couple of gallons of PINK!
I could swap out my French Provincial for my Modern Retro furniture.
And maybe hang just a single small painting above my bed.
OR maybe the photo at the TOP of this post is my favorite...Hmmmm
So what's YOUR favorite?


ODD imagination said...

If it was me, I would take the cool branches with the hanging stars from the first photo and hand them on the ceiling in the second photo and THAT would be my room. :o)

carla ( said...

HI!!!! I love the green and the branches!!!! I like the idea of purple with it...but think you could use pinks as well...the blue is nice and comfortable looking...but def the green!!! hugs

Georgina said...

Oh Lord, Cindi, you have me all so confused and that's really easy to do especially on a Monday morning!! LOL Sorry, my friend, but I just don't know which direction you should take. However, I'm not a fan of wallpaper...just don't like it...too limited, but the other colour palettes you've suggested sound wonderful.

My mother painted her kitchen that lime daughter calls it "Beaner Green!!" LOLOLOLOL...well what can I say, to translate a saying from Spanish to English, "You can't fight the dust from your land!" Ok, doesn't translate well, but you get the drift!!

Which ever you decide will be uniquely "you," and that's the absolute best thing!!

Happy deciding.


Suzie said...

Hmmmm, decisions, decisions! lol As you know, blues and greens are the most restful colors, and sometimes shades of brown. But you have to be careful, because sometimes browns can cause depression too.

It sounds like you don't have a lot of natural light in your room, but you didn't say if it is northern light, southern. .are you greeted with sunlight in the morning, or hot afternoon sun in the afternoon? If you have bright natural light, then you can get away with darker tones, but beware that bright colors can become too strong. (my cousin found out the hard way with a bright yellow room! You had to wear sunglasses to be in there! lol)

You love gardens so much, I could see you having a room with dried branches and twinkle lights. .you could also change them out according to season. .like I have a strand that has silk Autumn leaves on it too. .you could find floral ones for Spring. .change the whole tone of your room with just a couple of easy changes. You could soften the look with a runner of silky fabric woven through it. I've seen in several stores now, where they have standing twigs with twinkle lights in them. If you want to go for that look without having to hang vines or branches, get some of those, and put them in a vase or urn (there are both floor and tabletop sizes) Collect some vintage or new, made to look old, birdhouses, etc. to display. .

OR, you are talented, so you can pull this off. .how about painting a garden on one wall? You could either paint a garden scene, with clouds, a gazebo, a path and gardens of flowers, or simply paint a collage of different flowers. you could stick to a color theme if you like, such as flowers that are blue, or a type, like roses, or an English Garden, of heirloom blooms. OR, you could do a fantasy garden of nondescript flowers. Your choice! lol

Each of the rooms that you showed, has its perks, and some of them do better for a test that I do for myself. .it sounds really stupid, but over the years, I've found it to be a good gauge. .although I haven't been sick that much over the years, I remember what it feels like to have a fever, with my head pounding, and stomach churning. .and how some patterns and colors just seemed to make me feel worse to look at it. .so when looking at wall colors or coverings, or coverlets, flooring, etc. ask yourself if you were feeling horribly ICK, could you lay there and look at it? lol

Make sure and let us know what you decided. .and we'll want to see photos, too, of course! Good luck!!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I see why you are confused. I love all these examples and could be happy in any of them. I think you need to go with whichever one your furniture is most similar to. I love the brown bedroom but without windows....I think it would look like a cave.

I think your problem is buying all those bargains. A bargain is not a bargain if it is not something you will use. I remind myself of this every time I pick up a good deal....does it go with my house? Do I want to deal with this thing for the rest of my life? And most of the time the answer is no and I put it back on the shelf. Or back in the garage sale.

I think you should paint your bedroom whatever color makes you most happy to look at and then let the color dictate the rest of your choices.

Are you going to be super happy looking at brown? Will you feel relaxed in blue? Will pink bring you joy?

sassypackrat said...

Well now I'm just as confused as you are! Best of luck making a decision!

oldblackcatboo said...

Whoa! You are ALL so GREAT!
I just got home from work and discovered all these great comments!
XOXO! Thanks for being so helpful everyone! I have to REALLY think about this one! I'll be sure to take pictures and let you know what I end up doing!
:) - Cindi

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Hey Cindi, Hello sweets! Love your post. I love bedrooms. I love the third one cause it's simple and love green but especially the windows do it for me. To see the ocean or a field from my bedroom window is perfection!

Thank you for your lovely visit and your lovely comment hon.

un beso mua!!!!!

Mundo Mundaca said...

Hi Cindi,is difficult to choose only one option because they are all very beautiful.
I like the green and garlic which has a tree on top .. makes me remember an enchanted forest.
also like .. which is just below the green bedspread with ocher walls .. they are my favorites.
A good idea is to choose furniture and white walls and go changing the colors of objects and linens .. so you do not get tired and can always vary the colors.