Sunday, April 3, 2011


Last year, July 4th to be exact. I did a post about my dream of a little shop. I had picked out the location.
It was currently a hair salon. 
Well, as I often do, I've changed my mind. After my "antique/collectibles mall booth" experience I have decided that I just do not have the time and energy for a shop. At least not a physical, brick and mortar one. I will instead work on setting up shop online. SO... if I can't have the little shop, then the only person that I could envision having it is Karolyn. I meet her when she had her store "More than Memories". It was located in the same neighborhood as this place and she always had WONDERFUL window displays. When I drove home at night I always hoped for a red light so that I could sit in my car and just stare. Inside she had the most gorgeous "rooms" all in a big open area. You would find vintage and antique finds set in a "room" setting. Here's the kitchen area, the bedroom area, the garden wasn't a hodge-podge of things, it was a visual treat that helped you realize how beautifully the items could be displayed in your home. And then she closed up shop and moved.
The shop became "Cool Beans", a coffee shop. Cool enough,
but we all missed "More than Memories".
and now she's back! And in my dream location!
30th St and 13th Ave in Rock Island, IL.
Isn't that the most original name!? I love it.

So without further ado.
Meet Grace, Karolyn's dog.
She is so sweet! I get to see her sometimes at my "day" job. Grace comes in for Chiropractic care at the clinic. Both she and Karolyn were hit by a car as they walked across a crosswalk. The car was quickly turning the corner and did not see them crossing.
Thank goodness they both survived but sadly they both still feel the pain of that accident.
So if you are in the area, please stop into her MAGICAL shop and meet these 2 amazing females!
I stopped in with my sister and 2 of my nieces. We were all in awe.
The girls were immediately entranced.
In the front part of the shop are beautiful displays and towards the back is her "work" area. I love how she has it all open and you can see her at work in the process of creating!
She might be at her sewing machine or working on her jewelry. I tell you, this woman is so multi-talented. She has made fabulous necklaces in various themes, one of a kind creations. She has also taken faces of watches and turned them into beautiful elegant necklaces.
I saw some many items that I adored that I needed to go home and think about them all. I want this:
I 'm still thinking about it. I've been trying to be frugal but it's just screaming out my name.
My niece wants one of the necklaces (Hmmm, might be a great birthday idea!)
My sister bought a little antique stand for one of her plants
and has still been talking about a pedestal that she saw....
Sigh. I'm so happy that Karolyn and Grace have brought some style and beauty to the neighborhood!


sassypackrat said...

I remember your post about this building. Goals and ideas change and that's o.k. it's all a part of learning about ourselves. How wonderful that this location now houses what you dreamed of by someone that you so admire. Rock Island isn't too far from me so if I'm ever there I'll be sure to stop by this lovely place.

Anonymous said...

I would like to have that cupboard? You show on the second photograph beneath where You´ve written the name of her shop. I do hope You know what I mean :-) :-)

The typewriter and the thing to the left (with a typewriter between the legs of it) in the photo above Grace is other things I really like :-)

Grace head and ears looks just like my old Erna!! I do hope they both gets well soon!

Have a great day now!

carla ( said...

Hi!!!! I remember that post too!!!! This looks like a wonderful shop!!!! I would have a hard time not spending money in there...probably everytime I went by!!!! At least window shopping!!!! I am glad it is there for you!!!! hugs

Gillian said...

That shop looks fabulous. So many interesting little bits and pieces.

I'm sure a whole card stand of quirky cards would look great too (hint hint! okay not really). ; )

Wish I had a shop like that near me... *wistful*

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I love the name of that store! And especially after hearing who it's named after. looks like a place I would love to shop. I've never had a desire to have a store because I don't want to be stuck in it all day. But I do think I could do it if my studio were in the back. This has always been a dream for have a studio that had a storefront.

I love what she did to the building. Really...wouldn't it be nice to have a store named after Blue? "My Blue Heaven" or something like that.

Great post.

yoborobo said...

How wonderful to have a place to shop that is full of unique treasures, a lovely lady and a fabulous dog! Sounds like heaven to me. Now we just need to make more money, Cindi! xox!!

Georgina said...

What a fun place!! I love that angel stand....would look great next to my "santo" in my living room.

I've never been into antiques, except jewelry and there's this place out here that sells great silver antique jewelry and silver items...she sells by weight. I have this wonderful necklace from Ecuador that's just too wonderful!! Hey, but I still love that angel!!

Have a great week and a big hug to my man, "Blue!" Love that pooch!!


Mundo Mundaca said...

That fantastic store and with so many treasures.
I would probably get lost oh and it would never be found :0
I examined each picture with zoom to see the details well,I understand when you say that it is difficult not to give in to temptations of spending.
The necklaces are beautiful, especially the one of clock.
And the one what saying of the mannequin's white dress? blinding!!!!!
I want a dress of those for me.. I want something old and of incomes.. of course probably in a larger mannequin... but :X
xoxo my dear.