Sunday, April 17, 2011

OK, well no...this isn't MY herb garden. But it's my inspiration.
Maybe on a smaller scale would be nice... with a little stone bench.
But I probably need something raised up, away from bunnies and little male dogs who lift their legs.
But if you know me, you know that I always have HUGE plans.
Maybe I could move my fence and enclose an area just for the dogs and then clear the side yard and terrace the hill and put a little shed at the bottom!?
Or maybe not.
maybe something more...SIMPLE.
Which brings me to.....I'M SO LUCKY!
I won the drawing over at Suzie's!
Please take a moment and stop over to her blog! She's just a wonderful person and she LOVES Halloween!
She has another blog called devoted to Halloween.
So look what I won!
Everything I need for planting and recording
and Drying
and making my herb "concoctions"!
 Thanks again Suzie!


yoborobo said...

Cindi - I am completely in the 'container' phase of gardening - lol! I have to keep things away from deer, rabbits, Gizmo and Sophie. Maybe I should put barbed wire around my pots, just to be sure. :) LOVE your prize. That is so you! I hope you're getting some warm weather, so you can go outside and plan that garden in person. ;) xox! Pam

Georgina said...

Cindi, you just crack me up, girl!!! I was watching the "Barefoot Contessa" yesterday and that woman's herb garden looks like something from the Versailles!! LOL Well, it motivated me to get going on mine, but like Pam, I too am in the "container" stages and will probably remain that way!! LOL

The other day, I went to Lowes and bought Lemon Verbena Thyme and Italian Parsley in pots. I bought seeds for Basil and Dill. Lost my Greek Oregano during the 3 day freeze out here in early Feb., along with lots more plants, flower and fauna...stupid freeze!! I'm not going to grow any oregano this year...I like the packaged Mexican oregano I can buy here locally...da best!!

Today, my honey is going to buy tomato plants...sooo good. Last year it was so hot, they were attacked my spider mites and we couldn't kill those little's as if they were thriving the 7 powder!! Hoping for a nice bumper crop this year again and if not, we give up!!! LOL

Have a great week, thanks for the blog recommendation, love your prize and like you, I too have a couple of pair of those hu-eg shoulder pads in the back of a drawer, but I will never wear them again...with all this weight hanging off of me, I'll look like a linebacker!! LOL


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Oh...what a pretty little herb garden kit. I love it. Yes, I always want to plant herbs in the ground but I'm doing good to get my big pot planted every year. And it's plenty of herbs for me. I love that chicken wire basket thingy and that pots of course.

Anonymous said...

What great things to win! I always plans to have a herb garden but sort of never comes to it :-) It´s something with herbs and me that doesn´t work, only the weedy ones survives here in my garden :-)

Have a great day now!

Abi said...

WOW! look what you won! lucky devil :O)
Thanks for visiting me too - you are always so generous with your feedback - thank you Cindi XX
Hope you have a fab week X

Suzie said...

When you get through planning and planting your herbal garden, you want to come and work on mine? I'd LOVE for mine to look like any of the gorgeous and innovative ones you tempted us with!

Sadly though, much of my garden is in shade, so with the exception of some sages, chives and a few others that easily live year around in the ground, I have pots of herbs growing on my patio. They are easy to move around, and I bring them inside in the Fall, to winter-over on my kitchen window sills.

I'm happy that everything arrived safely, and that you are enjoying them. They found the perfect home!