Saturday, May 21, 2011


Oh wait, I just got back from one!?
Yep, one week, That's all it took to get back to square one.
My vacation started on a real roll. I cleared my side yard and filled 15 tall leaf bags FULL of limbs and yard waste and TWO van fulls of branches.
I sorted through all my STUFF and got rid of SO MUCH of it.
I pitched furniture and doors and old bikes and that little trampoline!
(Don't worry! Most of it was carted away by pickers!)
I worked in my garden transplanting my daisies and catmint that is now growing EVERYWHERE.
And I gathered together my art supplies and got them closer to my work space where I can begin to CREATE. I felt HAPPY and SURE about how I wanted to LIVE my LIFE. I would not let my Day Job cause me stress any longer. I would put in my time and FOCUS on my time at HOME.
I felt at PEACE.
Then I went back to work.
After several months of everyone covering for people who were gone on maternity leave, working various hours and overtime in a team effort for the good of the clinic we have been told that our hours will be cut from 40 hours to 35.
That's 10 hours off of every paycheck. Most of us work paycheck to paycheck. Those 10 hours is what pays for gas and groceries.
Oh well, I wanted to lose weight and
I wanted to have more time to work on my PASSIONS.
I have to remember that "when one door closes, a window opens"  (Is that right?! or is it another door? Hmmm, anyway....)
I wish that window wasn't so damn high.


1 Funky Woman said...

Oh sorry to hear about your hours being cut back. That door or window will open for you just don't be consumed by your day job that you miss it!

Maybe getting organized and your art supplies where you will use them to create wonderful things is that door!

Remember how you want to live your life and that your day job helps put food on your table.

My husband would love the picture of those "Pickers" are they boar?


sassypackrat said...

Hang in there! Money wise this really sucks but maybe it'll give you the opportunity to do those creative things. Sending you positive thoughts!

Georgina said...

Cindi, you're hilarious!! Love your "pickers!" And I think if it's a door, another opens...same as a window!! LOL Get going on your art work, do some really cool stuff and build enough to hit the summer outdoor'll kill 'um!!

Thanks for your really funny story about Stuckey's...I laughed so hard my husband came back here to see if I was alright!! LOL We used to stop too as mom loved those pecan rolls and we loved all the great, colourful tourist stuff...all made in Japan at the time!!

Have a great weekend, darlin'...and watch for that door, because it's going to swing open for ya and just might hit ya in the face, so pay attention!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Ten hour is much to loose so I do hope You soon will be able to get those hours back!!

Since I fill up the area around my pond with wood chips I would have loved all those branches :-) :-)

Thankfully I have almost no storage place in my cottage, I have only one wardrobe for instance :-) so I can´t have to many things around in my home :-)

Have a great day now!

Abi said...

I love the way you use photos to tell your story. Just precious. I'm sorry about the pay cut... not good. I am deliberating over going to work fulltime.. not had a 'proper' job since I left Texas... will I fit it all in I wonder? Am I thinking the grass is greener? I don't know :O)