Friday, May 27, 2011


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Well, it looks like things might be getting better at my day job. A few days of being really short-handed  and a couple of people quitting seems to have made all the difference! I have also made it known that I want to be back working with my "dogs". I know that most people would rather sit in the air-conditioning and not have make-up run down their face. They would rather have their hair stay stylish than to have it frizz and twisted up on their head.
They would rather have their padded rolling chairs than to be out in the heat scooping up poop. But that is not for me. I've had jobs like that before and I always felt like I was playing a role. I need to be true to myself, but I also need to pay my bills.
So I've decided to start "Frugal Friday!"
Every Friday I want to give a frugal tip and/or ask for frugal tips.
Or maybe I will find a Frugal Blog and talk about that.
But I hope to make it informative and REALLY helpful.
I see SO many tips like:
Stop getting Speciality Coffee on your way to work or
Get rid of Cable or
Buy in Bulk.
These are no help to ME. I don't ever get drive-through coffee and I don't have cable and I am only one person so buying in bulk isn't always the solution.
To me being frugal doesn't mean to go without the important things in life. Things like Art, Pets, Flowers.
I think it's better to buy one delicious cookie than a whole bag of funny after-taste off brand cookies.
I think it's silly to cut the pocket off of a pair of old jeans and make a handbag with a piece of discarded ribbon as the handle....
unless you are really into that style. I think it's better to haunt the garage sales or Goodwills in the "rich" neighborhoods and pick up a beautiful crafted discarded handbag for $1 or 2.

I mean REALLY, when you figure the amount of time spent making your jean bag, well..... don't you have better things to do?
Suddenly the FREE homemade bag isn't so free anymore.
And then there's price comparison deals. The other day on a morning show they were talking about bathroom scales. One was over $60. and the other one could be found at a competitors for $20! Such a deal! Or as my Dad would have said..."What kind of deal is that!?" He would have said, "What do you need a scale for? Are your jeans getting tight?"
"Then cut back on the food! What do you need to see numbers for? Look in the mirror!" Yep, my Dad was very frugal. He had nice things and he believed in buying quality items that last. He didn't hang on to much but he used everything to it's fullest.
I remember when he got new carpeting. There were left over pieces and he cut it up into smaller pieces. He lined his toolbox and his tools didn't rattle.
He lined the shelves in his work room and I came home to find he had stopped by and lined my dog's kennel with a piece. And then he discarded the the rest, he wasn't a packrat. He was a frugal tidy man who grew up in the Depression. He would use the card board roll left from a toilet paper roll and fold up his extension cords and slide them into it.
Nice and tidy. Everything in it's place and not much wasted.
I think that I rebelled from that upbringing because he got rid of so many of my things. Now I find myself hanging on to "things" and spending money on silly useless items. I think that after all these years of living paycheck to paycheck and never having enough. Always needing more money...
I think that I need to try to be even more frugal than I have been. And that's why I'm starting Frugal Friday!
So? Do YOU have a frugal tip to share?!?


yoborobo said...

I'm not terrible about saving money unless it comes to seeing a piece of art I want. SO I'm no help in that department. One thing I do is, I have a little slush fund for stuff like that. I can either use my etsy money or I put some cash away in an envelope. This is also my 'thrifting' money. :) I agree about Big Box stores. We end up wasting more food that saving money. I have a big family, but no one wants to eat chicken for a week, and I would have to buy a freezer to store it all. I try to buy food for 2-3 days and no more than that. I'm not much help, Cindi! LOL!!! You come help me, okay? xo Pam

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Great idea! I know when the economy first went bad...people were talking about all the cut backs we'd have to make to get by better. They were all things I already did without in a good economy. So thanks for nothing.

Georgina said...

Well, I don't know about me, but my hubby can make a penny scream!!! I suppose I'm similar, but like your father and both my parents, they bought high quality stuff because it would last lots longer...nowadays, I don't know if that's the rule.

This repairman told me once that the appliances we buy now, are only built to last at least 10 years, as compared to my mother's Maytag washer and dryer that's still kicking into high gear after 35 years, has had no repairs done either.

I also don't buy into that Starbucks many of of my friends do...we love our Folgers! And like you, it's just the two of us, so we don't buy in bulk, even when my youngest comes and stays with us for extended periods of time...see no point.

As for art supplies, well, I must admit, I don't really skimp on that, but if there's a deal and I could use it, really could use it, I'll buy it, money allowing. Just recently, I wrote Polyform and told them about the problems I was having with their Sculpey II series of clay...the ones I purchased were hard and unusable. I got a quick response, and they're going to send me every package of clay I purchased that was bad...talking about standing on the reputation of their product!! If you're not happy with a product, write!! Not all will be as conscientious as Polyform, but at least it doesn't hurt to write and politely complain...the least they will can tell you is to jump off a cliff!! LOL Then you'll know to never invest in that product again...never!

Well, have a great and frugal Friday and a safe Memorial Day weekend...hope you get your old position back outside with your precious little guys and gals!!


sassypackrat said...

I can pinch a penny until it cries so I guess my tip is don't buy what you don't need. Make a list and stick to it. There is nothing worse to me than wasting money. Look forward to see what others say.

Abi said...

Is this going to work... will I be able to leave a message. Time will tell.
Great post darling. You stole my tips :O)
Have a great weekend. X

Anonymous said...

well the only frugal thing I can think of is that I plan all my driving so I don´t have to drive unnecessary.

I would choose just the same way as You do, stay outdoors scoping dog poop :-)

Have a great day!

Gillian said...


We have been being more frugal lately by planning what food we buy. Our fridge broke down a few months ago and everything went in the bin. As I turfed it I couldn't help thinking HOW LONG HAS THAT BEEN THERE, WHAT DID I HAVE THREE YOGHURTS FOR?

It saves heaps. Teaching the kids to eat the leftovers. "This is not a restaurant" (they will be repeating that long after I'm gone!).

: ) x

Mundo Mundaca said...

I think there is nothing bad mair to buy on impulse.
I have noticed that many of my purchase were simply because I was inside the store and had to choose something I gostase and buy more.
've got to feel silly when you leave the store with something that deep down it would be useless to buy a stay at home earning some dust el bookcase or closet.
Now it comes to clothes .. if we stop to think we are hardly really need something.
Unless your only have ripped jeans and you only have one and nothing to wear.
So now if I go into large department stores I experience everything I like but not buy.
I leave everything in the reserve and the next day I still believe that I really need to get back to the store.
it made ​​my spending diminuirim and stopped buying so much that even I like it actually could do without.
as the food already .. apreda not deprive me of anything.
I just decreases Tamaho of servings.
that eating is a pleasure of which I do not give.