Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I've tried over and over again! I'm supposed to "select"  an account such as Google.
I do.
Then it takes me to the LOG-IN screen. Then it says INVALID PASSWORD, then back it takes me and goes back to the comment and then I try to post and then it says ANONYMOUS
and then I hit POST anyway and back to the LOG-IN screen. So I went to Blogger HELP and left a message along with a 1000 other people...
SO, I'm reading your blogs, and laughing and agreeing and ooh and ahh-ing and I can't leave you any comments! AARRGGGHHHHH!
I'm going to bed.

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yoborobo said...

That pic is hysterical! Blogger is being a very bad troll lately. I think we need to withhold all treats until he shapes up. Let's see if I can post this. I was getting the dreaded 503 earlier. lol!! xox Pam