Sunday, August 14, 2011


Today I was working outside in the backyard. I was planting my shrubs and moving things around. I decided to dig up the clothes-line posts. I dug deeper holes to set them further down into, so that the weight of laundry would stop pulling them forward. The bottom of the posts are encased in cement from the first time I "set" them. I have several Rubbermaid containers lining the inside edge of my privacy fence. Inside some of them are bags of cement and others hold broken ceramic pieces that I plan on using for mosaics.
I pulled one of the containers up close to one of the holes and propped a post against it. As I dug, the pole fell to the side, but not to the ground because one of the Rubbermaid containers broke the fall.
I dug another shovel full. I'm not sure what made me look over but I did. There is a cross-bar that forms a "T" at the top of the posts and one end was laying across Rosie's chest. I had not noticed that she had followed me down to the end of the yard and apparently jumped up onto one of the Rubbermaid containers to lay in the sun. She rarely jumps up on anything and most of the time has to be lifted. I have no idea how she got up there. But the cross-bar was on her chest and her eyes were open but blank and her body was completely still. I ran the few steps to her and lifted up the end of the post. It's not that heavy. But if you weigh only 5 and 1/2 pounds, it must have felt like a tree.
I picked her up and my hand completely circled her chest. I could feel her heartbeat but see no breaths.
I don't know why but I blew hard into her nostrils and then I opened her mouth and pulled out her tongue and blew down her throat. And then I ran into the house.
I put Blue in a room and hurried the little ones into the laundry room. I was shaking so bad that I could barely press the buttons on my phone. I don't know why but first I called my friend. The head vet tech and she told me to call Doc. So I did. I asked if he could meet me at the clinic. Luckily he was already there doing paperwork.
I drove like a bat out of Hell. The clinic is in another city across the river. Thank God the draw-span wasn't open.  I roared past people and drove up the side of turning lanes.
I ran into the clinic and Doc took her into the surgery room and gave her oxygen. He listened to her lungs, I was afraid that one of them might be collapsed, but he said they were fine. We keep her on oxygen and he said that it was good that I had gotten some air into her.  He didn't think that she had a spinal injury but one of her ribs could be broken. He gave her some injections, one for swelling and another for pain. Finally her pulse came back to normal and her temperature rose to what it should be.
She is still in a "curled" position and her tongue keeps slipping out of the side of her mouth.
Now 4 hours later as she rests in my lap while I type this, she finally begins to actually "focus" on me.
She is still unable to stand, much less walk. Doc said to let her rest and see how she is in the morning and if she's not better to bring her with me when I come to work. I would take a photo of her but you don't want to see her like this, it's not a pretty sight and I also want to respect her dignity....
Yesterday I came home from errands to find Jimmy Chew my terrier crying in pain when he came out of his kennel.
Sad Jimmy Chew
It was obvious that something was wrong with his lower back. I slowly massaged it and then gave him a "pain" pill that I keep on hand for my ancient little Shih-tzu "Griffin" when he's having a bad day. Jimmy seemed much better by the evening, though I had to lift him up on the bed when we all went to sleep. And then in the morning, I had to lift him off again.
Sometimes when I wake up, I feel the same way.
So I massaged him again and gave him another pill.
I told Doc about him as I was leaving the clinic with Rosie.
I'll be bringing Jimmy in with me tomorrow too.
For a chiropractic adjustment.

When I got home, I took a photo with my cell phone of my neighbors fishing boat covered with a tarp parked along the border of my yard. I sent the photo to my sister and typed "Garden View" in the subject line. She text me back "Ohhh Noooo!"
Why do I even try to make my yard pretty when I end up looking out my window at an old boat?
Then I called my sister and told her about Rosie.
I didn't realize that they had decided to go out of town, up to Wisconsin. She said they were just about to go swimming in the lake. I said that someday I would like to go. Apparently it had been a spur of the moment idea. I mumbled that I would have needed some notice ahead of time so I could make arrangements about my dogs. She said that if I didn't have those little dogs, I wouldn't have those problems. She's a big dog person and has a personal limit of 2.....
Anyway, my plate is full and I'm taking a break to take care of stuff.

Waiting for the heat to come on!...
It's starting to blow, she can feel it!....
(see her hair flying up! LOL!)
Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
Thanks so much and see you later.
- Cindi


yoborobo said...

Oh, Cindi! I will keep little Rosie in my thoughts and prayers for sure. She is so adorable. And prayers for Jimmy Chew, too! Take care of you as well - xoxo Pam

sassypackrat said...

Oh poor Rosie! She's a mini-me version of my monster 15 lb Lita. Both Lita and I are sending positive healing thoughts to Rosie and will continue to think of her! We'll also think about Jimmy and sending virtual hugs to you too!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

oh cindi...i read every single word of this...i have had little dogs too and now have Teddy...i know how fragile they are...i am so sorry to read about this...

please know i am thinking about you all and am sending best wishes for a speedy recovery for both of them...they are just precious...and they are LUCKY to have YOU to take such good care of them..
i will check back and i have you and your sweeties in my prayers tonight...

sending love to all,
kary and little teddy

Gillian said...

Oh no! It doesn't rain but it pours doesn't it? All the best wishes for the sick pups, my fingers are crossed for them.

: ) xx

Sandy Mastroni said...

oh Cindi
oh .... gee .... Cindi
I will be praying for both of your dogs ,,, and YOU
everything will be okay

Anonymous said...

Poor little Rose and Jimmy! I do hope They both recover fast! I can imagine how heavy that pole must have been when it hit her. Great that You did blow some air in to her!

Well as boat lover I would probably love to see that boat, no matter what state it is in :-) :-) :-)

Take care of Your dogs and Yourself!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said... gosh....I can't wait to hear how she is tomorrow. How terrible for you. ? She is just a darling dog. Dogs are very resilient. They can come back from things that you never thought they would. I will be praying for Rosie. This just breaks my heart.

Robin Kent said...

Yes please let us all know how they both (and YOU) are doing. Sounds like they got all the medical attention they could need. Hope time will take care of the rest. Wishing all three of you healing, calm, and comfort.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am sending you loving hugs and keep the power of touch in mind. She is a precious angel here on earth. Love , Mary helen