Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Update on Rosie

Sorry that I haven't been by everyone's blogs and left comments. There just doesn't seem to be enough time to get everything done. But I wanted to post a quick update.
Jimmy is doing much better after his adjustment. His back was really out and after talking with Doc, it most likely is from Ralphie jumping and pouncing on him all the time. He is on a pain mediation for his sore back and an inflammatory.
and Rosie.....
At first neither she nor I were getting any sleep. She would whine or yip every time I was about to fall asleep. I suppose I could have left her in her kennel downstairs but she was really crying then, so I had to make a bed for her on top of mine. She had not improved at all by morning so I took her to work on Monday. They immediately did xrays on her chest and spine. They gave her fluids and pain injections and something for swelling. Then they wanted to do xrays on her head and neck. We were starting to think that maybe the pole had actually come down on either her head or neck and knocked her over and ended up with the pole on her chest. Doc gave her a chiro adjustment and said that she needed to rest. The other Veterinarian wasn't as optimistic. She and my friend the Head Tech wanted me to prepare myself. They said that if she didn't have a dramatic improvement after 48 hrs more had passed, that I would have to think about what I would need to do. So I had the two doctors at polar opposite ends. I decided to just "believe" she would get better. Last night I sat with her and though she was twisted and her neck still turned to the side with her tongue hanging out, I worked at trying to get her to stand up. There was a brief moment, seconds really where she stayed up.
Then this morning while getting ready for work I saw her in her kennel trying to raise up on her front legs as she was "pooping".  I took her out and washed her bottom and laid her on a towel about a foot away as I cleaned her kennel. I walked into the other room to discard everything and when I came back, she was in her kennel!
I don't know how she did it. but she was in there.
I took her with me to work again and they hooking her up to fluids and gave her the medications. Doc decided that she needed a laser treatment on her neck, so that was done too. Later, I fed her some canned food and she took HUGE bites and gobbled it quickly. Her head isn't as tilted as it was but her tongue is still hanging out. She's not walking but she's sitting up and standing for a few minutes. The other Vet thinks it's a miracle that she's come this far so fast.
I am hoping for the day when she runs like a little horse around the house again and dances circles on my bed at bedtime in happiness.
Thank you for all your kind words and prayers!
XOXO - Cindi


sassypackrat said...

I was just sitting down to email you when I saw your post. I'm not one to normally pray but I am praying for Rosie! Poor sweet girl! She's a fighter that one! Glad to hear Jimmy is doing better too. I feel for his bad back! I'm thinking of all of you!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Oh..my gosh. I've been checking my email over and over to find out if there was any news. I was fearing the worst. But her eyes look very brite and she is eating...that is soooo good. And that she's walking some. You know my Violet got hit by a car a long time ago....and she was totally out of it for days...could not walk...could not see...would not eat....she just growned. I had her at OSU vet school for a week where they had her hooked up to IV's and a heart monitor. Her heart was barely beating. She had swelling on her brain.

She stayed there a week and I brought her home when she started lifting her head and seemed to respond to people again and she started eating. When I took her home I expected a long healing process...but no.....as soon as she got home this dog that we thought was almost dead a week before barked at the other dogs like "leave me alone". She ate well...we'd bought puppy pads expecting her not to be able to go out but we never needed them. Within another week she was 95% back. Another month and you could not ever tell anything had ever happened to her if she didn't still have a few skinned place on her leg.

One of my sister's dogs too got hit by a car and he had a terrible hole in his head. It was awful...he'd dug out of the backyard and they couldn't find him for two days. They finally found him lying under a bush at a neighbors. He spent a week at the vet and today....except for a little indent in his head...you would never ever know anything had happened to him. He is the most joyful dog. He was even happy as a lark in the hospital and yet he looked so bad and was so sick...but he smiled and wagged his tail the whole time. Now Violet was not like this....she moaned and groaned and was very very sick acting till she got home and all of a sudden she acted almost completely well.

It's just amazing how dogs can recover. I think because they don't worry that they might not every be the same. They just assume they will.

I will be watching anxiously for updates on her condition.

yoborobo said...

I'm am sending all good thoughts and prayers your way! xox Pam

thecottagebythecranelakeolof1 said...

Animals do recover so much better than us humans so I do hope little Rosie comes back to normal soon!

Eating is always a good sign :-)

Take care!

Sandy Mastroni said...

your update AND Nita's stories are very encouraging..
God answers prayer
looking forward to hearing more good news Cindi
thank you .... again , thank you for making me laugh
your comment ... ha ha ha
you're the best !