Friday, August 26, 2011

She's Galloping like a Little Horse Again!

Well, I have GOOD news as far as little Rosie is concerned. Last Saturday we had a little set back and I thought it was because I had forgotten to give Rosie her last dose of medicine until late in the day.  I was telling another vet about how well she had been doing and then later in the day she was a bit crooked again and wobbly. He said the fact that I had forgotten the meds should have not made a difference especially being the last dose. I had told him how I was cleaning house and moving things around and being busy while the dogs were lounging about. He believes something caused her to revert back a little bit. He said it could be as simple was someone knocking into her and he asked me if that was possible.
I told him it was not only possible but probable. So, he told me to keep her kennelled at all times and away from everyone until she's healed and to stop her meds and see how she would do. He was thinking about possibly switching her to a different medication but first we would have to wait 2 weeks. He was going to do a blood test but when I brought her out and when he saw how well she was doing, he decided to just give her time. So she's off the meds and every day has improved. Yesterday she ran several feet but today she GALLOPED!
I weighed her and she's also now over 5lbs! 5lbs and 3 ounces. The canned food is helping pack on a few ounces, that and the fact that she eats in her kennel now and no one can steal any of her meal.
Today I put her out in the play area with one of my boarders that is the same size as her.
 short for "MarshMellie", and they ignored each other.
They walked around the play area and when it was time to go in Rosie ignored me.
Little Mellie ran up to the top where the yard turns to rock and stopped. Mellie doesn't like walking on the rocks so I always carry her from there. So, I called Rosie and she looked at me but didn't come. Then I bent down and picked up Mellie and OH Boy!
THAT did it! Rosie ran across the whole yard in a hurry.
I think that she might have been a little bit jealous!
So things have been definitely improved as far as Rosie goes.
Then there's Ralphie.

(photo from last winter)
Lately Ralph as been jumping on Jimmy, his buddy. I hate to use the word "attacking" him but that's pretty much what he's been doing. The other day he scared Jimmy so bad that Jim tried to climb from the sofa onto my desk. To make matters worse, Ralphie also came running in from outside and Rosie was in her kennel with her half-eaten bowl of food. While the other dogs scurried up close to smell, Ralphie jumped and banged on her kennel until I quickly grabbed him and put him outside again.
So, I've been upset about his behavior.
(photo from last Spring as Ralph tries to scoot Blue off of sofa)
He's also taken to jumping from sofa to love seat to chair to sofa to loveseat to chair to sofa to love seat....well you get the idea and he's barking like CRAZY the whole time!
(photo from last Summer after his haircut)
Other times he will just sit in the living-room windowsill and watch. I live on a street that alot of people walk on and he barks furiously at everyone of them.
(last Summer BEFORE haircut)
So I had it. I called a woman that comes to the clinic who has agility dogs. She knows a rescue group that looks for high energy dogs (terriers) to foster and teach "fly-ball" and then puts them in good homes that want dogs for fly-ball and agility. She said she would call the rescue group and get back to me today.
So that was Plan A.
Everyone at work said it was a great idea. They said he needed something "to do" with all the high energy. I used to bring him and Jimmy to work every day and now they are kennelled at home all day. So I am sure that is part of the problem.
I was crossing my fingers. I thought he would love doing something like that!
One of my co-workers said she had a Plan B for me, just in case. She rescues aggressive dogs and works with them. She keeps them outside but she said they had large runs and plenty of straw in the winter. She said he could be in the big run she had constructed with her little Chow. (?)
Another co-worker thought I should do Plan C.
and put him down......(?!?!?!?!?!)
So the woman talked with me today and said the rescue group said "NO".
He was too old for them.
(He's three.)
The vet techs and I had already muzzled and wrestled him down to cut his nails and clean his ears and I had taken him back into my area and bathed him and fluffed him dry with the hand-dryer and as I looked at his little shaggy face, I decided what to do.
(photo from last winter)
I went back up to the office area and the girls asked me what I had decided?
I answered "Plan D".
"Cesar" would say to walk him, walk him until he's tired.
That's what Cesar always says - EXERCISE.
That's what my own doctor has been telling ME to do too, so we will be walking.

And finally, I feel uncomfortable even talking about THESE problems when my DEAR friend has suffered an unexpected and tragic loss.
I do not feel like I can or should talk about what has happened. She will tell her heartbreaking story when she has the strength. But she is constantly in my thoughts these past few days and I worry so much about her. Her heart is completely broken and she already has so much on her plate. Life can be so unfair. Please send out positive thoughts to the universe and/or say a prayer for all those in need.


Anonymous said...

I´m so glad Rosie is so much better and jealousy is a great motivator :-) :-) :-)

To bad they considered him to old for fly ball?! I don´t think age has anything to do with his ability to learn that and then be replaced.

He would however soon learn that some dogs aren´t to be messed with, especially chows :-) :-) It could actually be what he needs. But then again, long walks is never wrong :-)

Have a great day!

yoborobo said...

Come get me, Cindi. I could use some long walks, too. And so could Gizmo, the pug slug. ;)) I hope your friend feels better soon - life can sure sock it to you sometimes. Take care! xo Pam

sassypackrat said...

So happy to hear about Rosie! Lita sends happy yips!
I think we could all use lots of longs walks to tire us out. I'm sure Ralphie is reacting to all the drama with Rosie too.
I hope your friend is going to be o.k.

Robin Kent said...

Hope Rosie continues to heal. She is deserves to and is SO cute. And will send good thoughts to your friend. Nothing better than healing comfort sent from a far.
Yay for Cesar's advice and good for both of you! I've been thinking about getting a walking partner (aka little dog) to make me get out and walk (or put both of us on the treadmill when winter comes?). I'm not motivated and having to get out 2xs a day would be a good thing. The problem is the 2 house cats - not sure they'd warm up to a 3rd canine sib. Plus doggies are more work and care than a cat or two. Hmmm.

Mundo Mundaca said...

I am glad that Rosie is again small galloping with his paw in a better position.
I love seeing the photos of their dogs. they are so beautiful.
I will pray for your friend that God brings comfort to your heart.
Life is not fair. but God is the .. and one day he will give us all the answers.