Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rosie is WALKING ! ! !

Yesterday Rosie stood up by herself and ate her canned food without me holding it to her mouth. She still had trouble drinking water. It seemed like her tongue won't work like she wanted.
That morning I had found her bedding covered in blood. I had tried not to be worried but I was. When I got to work they said it was "stress colitis", that's something which sometimes happens to my boarding dogs when they get really anxious....and they said considering all that she had been through, we weren't surprised. So we've changed her food to something for sensitive stomach.
But she was standing. Kinda swaying but she was UP. Doc gave her another adjustment yesterday and thought she was doing really well. She still wasn't walking last night but she was standing outside of her kennel and then she suddenly "hurled" herself in a kind of wild run into the kennel.
I was typing an email to one of my friends about Rosie as she was standing in her kennel barking. (I had the door to it open) and she's done this before, for no reason. So I continued typing. I had this big towel in front of the kennel so that if she were to try to venture out, she wouldn't slip on the floor and as I'm typing I heard the door "rattle" and I stand up and look over my desk and she's scurried out and was PEEING on the towel. I was SO HAPPY!
This morning I took her to work and made a bed for her on the floor behind my desk. I walked into the laundry area and left the door open and I turned around and there she was! Teetering a bit but she had made it on her own. I walked back to my office area and she wobbled after me. So I hurried up front and made my co-workers come back and see her. Everyone was SO excited.
She also started drinking water by herself and had finally pulled her tongue back in her mouth (though sometimes it still slips out because she is minus a few teeth).

Later in the day I took her outside in the enclosed grassy play area and she followed me all around it.
The only problem was that while she was in my office area, she started to bark (yip) very loudly when I would leave the room. Finally I set her up a kennel in the boarding area where the other little dogs stay. After a few protest barks, she settled down for a nap. I think she might be a little spoiled now! LOL! Oh well!
One of the Veterinarians thinks that she must have gotten hit on the head first because she said that her symptoms are all in line with a brain injury. They said that the injection for reducing the swelling helped her to recover so quickly. (I think that all the positive thoughts and prayers helped too!)
Now the only thing to worry about is when the drug wears off, which takes between 7 to 10 days.
But I am very optimistic and so happy that she's come this far so fast.....Thanks again everyone for all your support!


sassypackrat said...

So happy to see she's up and about!!!! I thought perhaps it was a head injury because of her tongue hanging out. I'll continue to think of her!

Robin Kent said...

SUCH GOOD NEWS!! She is so adorable and I want her to heal and get well. Please keep us posted. Have you ever read the Rolling Dog Ranch (New Hampshire) blog? I think you'd like their even tone and caring ways. So inspiring. Just FYI:

Sandy Mastroni said...

my tongue's been hanging out .... but I think because it's still freakin' hot
I'm so happy she is eating and folowing you and being a brat [ spoiled ]
this is great news Cindi !

Gillian said...

Wowee! Things are looking UP baby. : )

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Oh...this is all good news. Yes, it does sound like a brain injury. When Violet got hit by the car...she bounced off the wheel and hit her head on the pavement so we were dealing with a brain injury and road rash. Violet could not walk...could not stand...could not see for a week. So I would say Rosie is doing very well. I would think she will have a full recovery. And if you think I am a bad dog Mom because Violet got hit. I wasn't there when it happened. My Mom had gone to walk her and was going to walk her across the street to her house. This inspite of my numerous requests for her to never walk her but to drive her. I did not want Violet to get used to running across the busy street. But did she listen to And one day my Mom had gone to get Violet and my little Rosie and she hooked up their leashes and as they started across the lawn she realized she'd missed violets hook...hard to see because she has so much hair.

Violet was running as fast as she could to the street...thinking Mom had her and that she was doing just what she was suppose to be doing. She ran right in front of a car some teenagers were driving. They stopped and were just sick.

Everyone thought for sure she would die....but no....the car's wheel had brushed her and knocked her to the side of the road. We were very lucky in that broken bones or internal injuries...but a terrible head injury.

I was devastated....I'd just lost my Father the month before. I just know Rosie will be 100% again soon.

I have a friends whose little dog's tongue sticks out like that all the time.

Such good news!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I forgot to say the only lasting effect this has had on Violet is she is scared of things falling on her. I don't think she knows a car hit her that day. She just thinks something fell or hit her hard. If she sees something leaning against a wall....she won't walk past it for fear it might fall on her. Like say sometimes I might have large canvases propped against a wall or poster board or anything flat and big. She will bark at me until I move it and then she will scurry past. And if something does fall near her...she jumps out of her skin...whereas the other dogs don't pay it any attention. But Violet remembers that some inanimate object hit her hard one day and caused her pain and she does not what that to ever happen again.

It will be interesting to see if Rosie has the same reaction....if she will be cautious of things falling on her.

yoborobo said...

Yay, Rosie!!! This is great news, Cindi! She is getting such great care, and just look at that face - she looks very perky! :) xox! Pam

Anonymous said...

I´m so happy reading this! I´m amazed how fast she recovers and it´s no use in worrying about the future, she is on the mend now :-)

Have a great day!

Curmudgeon said...

I love dogs so much more than most people. I'm glad you're puppy is better. Our old thirteen yr old is slowing down and it's sad. Been giving her thyroid and antibiotics she seems to be doing better, everyone in this house except for the cats are limping. Ma-plantar facitis, son sprained ankle, Me knee replacement probs. Shaggy and Poppy both limp and always have since before we rescued them. It's funny to see all of us get around. I have an article called barking mad you should read, you would enjoy it.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

i was thinking about you and Rosie and had to come by today for an update !!!! and GOOD NEWS !!!!

this makes me so Happy !!!

i am continuing you and Rosie in my prayers...

best wishes for a full speedy recovery !!!

sending love,
kary and teddy