Thursday, December 22, 2011

82, now 81

I was recently given an award from Garden Girl. It's an award given to some of her favorite blogs that have less than 200 Followers and it's kinda funny. Funny because I had 82 the day before and now I have 81. I don't think this award is working for me! LOL!
I guess I don't really THINK about it too much. I mean, yeah I NOTICED that I had 82 Followers and I sometimes forget that. Usually comments to my posts are from pretty much the same group of Blogger friends. I have no idea if anyone else is still reading... and I ramble on and on and on. Every once in a while a comment from someone other than my core group of blog buddies will appear and I am SO surprised! Whoa, I forget there are other people out there, possibly reading or maybe just stumbling into my little world for a moment.
So, with this award I am supposed to list 5 fav blogs that have under 200 Followers and tell a little something about them, in an effort to help them get some more Followers.
Well, I discovered that MOST of my Fav blogs are well over 200, but that is really no big surprise. They are all FABULOUS.
OK, but now I'm getting a complex. I've been blogging since June of 2009 and I haven't even hit 100.
Am I doing something wrong?
Am I boring?
Do I jump around too much from topic to topic.
Art. Writing, Dogs, Cats, Gardening, Decorating and who knows what. Maybe I need to focus on a topic and stay there...uh, I can't do that.
My mind doesn't work that way. But when I looked up and noticed my number had dropped to 81. OMG! It was KINDA funny, that I get an award to help gain Followers and I lose one.
Who dropped me?!
OK, I don't really care.
I quickly scan my Followers list. Whew, all my friends are there.
I haven't accidentally offended someone that I care about.
I don't want to even think about this now.
I don't even care how many Followers I have, do I?
I do want people to like my writing and someday I hope to write my book(s).
So now that I DO think about it, I guess it would be WISE to get more Followers. If people know me, then maybe when I get my book(s) written and published, they will buy them!
Maybe I need to make sure I include "labels" on the bottom of my posts. I usually forget that. Maybe that links up to Google searches or something. I'm not really sure how THAT works.
Maybe I should respond to every comment in the comments box following the post. Or maybe in email. Sometimes I do, but then I feel like maybe I'm bugging people. Like -
"Jeez, I left her a comment and now she emails me!"
Personally I love when I get an email but....
Why am I suddenly worrying about this?
I feel like Sally Fields
All happy that people like her, Really like her!
I don't want to be like her! I don't care what people think!
um, thanks Garden Girl! really! LOL! Thanks.
My award
is supposed to be passed on....
OK here's the blogs that I love that have less than 200 Followers.
Christer? Maybe. He's on Wordpress and I can't find where his Followers are listed. I would think that he would have thousands but just in case he doesn't. Then I would say definitely his blog.
Everyday but Wednesdays he posts beautiful photos. Mostly from his walks by his home with his dogs (and a cat or 2 following) his blog is a MUST. My daily escape from my reality.
Denise: is so busy rescuing Schnauzers and painting murals.:
Denise: creating sculpture, paintings and awesome photos:
Of course, Garden Girl: Dog lover, Nature lover and Foodie:
Robin, who's busy knocking out Fabulous Art work and JUST started blogging.:
Suzie, she really knows how to do Halloween!:
Deanna, artist and "Chicken" Mom:
and, oh that's 7. OK. I'll stop there but that doesn't mean I don't love all the rest.
Do with it what you will. Pass it along if you wish.  Don't fret about like I did.


An Urban Cottage said...

I wouldn't worry about it. I see some pretty heinous blogs that have over 1000 followers, some of them thousands and I can't understand their attraction. I think they originally bribed their followers with giveaways of various doo-dads. Everyone loves free doo-dads, I guess.

I don't need any more doo-dads, I just want to be entertained by interesting and/or funny people that have a different viewpoint on life. I think the masses need to be visually stimuated by decor porn. I guess there are maybe only 81 brilliant people who get you.


Garden Girl☺ said...

This is so funny! The same thing happens to me, I have 56 followers but only about five of them read my blog! Hahaha.
I love how you talk about everything! It is what makes your blog unique!
I will go ahead and check out those other blogs!

sassypackrat said...

I don't think it matters how many followers you have as long as you get a comment once in a while. I have about 6 people who regularly comment and over 400 followers. I have no idea if those other people are really reading me or not but I only really care about those 6 great people. ;0)

Georgina said...

Hey Cindi, my followers are a steady 136, then someone drops me or they just leave blogland, and poof, another one hits the dust till someone else discovers me.

I thought of you yesterday. Had to take my little Chihuahuas in for their dental cleaning. My poor little Mr. Peanut has terrible teeth...lost 4 of them during the process...real bad decay...explains why he was such a stinky dog. I feel awful and such a bad mommy, but they assured me it wasn't my fault..I've been vigilant about their care, but the idea he might have been in discomfort, saddens me. He was a rescue dog and the previous owner had kicked him in the face, breaking his jaw therefore, causing all kinds of dental poor baby..would love to kick him not only in the face, but you know where else. Anyway, he's feeling better, no more stinky boy and is back in his little bed happy as can be. Maya was a hoot...she's a typical Chihuahua...a nervous shaker, while Mr. Peanut is the cool guy!! Took extra notice of the ladies that work there...they all own many doggies and kitties...just like you!! Must be part of the job and they're all such good people.

Have a great day and if I don't have a chance to tell you, have a very Merry Christmas.


oldblackcatboo said...

Georgina! 136?!
I never even thought to look at YOUR Followers!
I just assumed they were standing in line around the block waiting to get in. You are so funny. Dang. You are DEFINITELY on my FAV lists.
love ya and Merry Christmas to you.
XOXO - Cindi

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindi!
Thank You :-) It's always nice to get an award but I always have so big trouble passing it on :-) I like all blogs I read for one or another reason :-) So I'm not sure if I pass this on or just stays happy getting the award :-)

I haven't found any word press blog that has a followers list anywhere?! But I do know people follow my blog via mail, there's a subscription button somewhere :-) :-)

But Followers and readers aren't the same thing, I bet You have more readers than followers. You can check that in the statistics. Blogger has that just as Word Press has.

Have a great day!

oldblackcatboo said...

Steve, you are so right!
I just heard on the News that the "Friday" song was the most viewed video on Youtube!
I'm happy with my few brilliant Followers! LOL!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Merry Christmas and BAH humbug to those who do not understand now. Merry Christmas, Mary Helen

denise said...

Thanks Cindi for the support!!

Funny thing is I also occasionally check the followers numbers and I recently lost two! LOL Maybe I haven't been posting enough for them, maybe I'm boring to them, maybe maybe maybe. You're right, maybe only a few followers are actually reading anyway. I have a handful that will post comments, but I also follow many blogs where I seldom write a comment. What I decided awhile ago was to write the blog because I want to, for me, for some record of my life and definitely for a record of the dogs I foster. I'll look back at a post and remember the event, or be appalled that I actually put the words out there to read! oh well. It is what it is. I follow many blogs and some have a few followers and some have many. Just the nature of the beast. I am lucky to have made a few special blogger friends, and if others find what I offer interesting or informative, that's great, too. It's wonderful actually. I do seem to be more focused on the Schnauzers lately and I don't have give-aways. A trick I find that brings in many followers. I don't always have time to to add to the blog although just about every day I say, 'I need to put that on the blog' then life gets in the way. It's not how I make my money, which I think is a key to many followers, too. You have to be on the blog all the time to promote yourself, to have sponsors and readers, to make some do-ray-me. I write stories because of what I find interesting or humorous, and maybe it will interest others as well.

I read a blog once and the woman said she doesn't post the followers list because she doesn't want it to be about that. I thought of doing the same but I'm secretly intrigued by how many followers there are on my blog or another's.

I like 'An Urban Cottages' view on the "the masses...and decor porn." I fell into that following category for a long while and what happened was I lost who I really was, I felt bad about my life, and then I had cut down all that stimulation and I was clear again on my style and I painted my living room walls, and am forging ahead to do the rest of the planned painted decoration.

I guess the point is that you are staying true to who you are and what you like to talk about. That's really all that matters no matter if you have 3 followers or 300.

Know what has me racking my brain? when I get a comment from 'Anonymous' Is it the same Anon as before? or a new one? is it someone I know in real life and they don't want me to know they are reading? do they follow by email? All these questions, Anons (that aren't out to say mean things) make me curious.

oldblackcatboo said...

Thanks Denise, you are right. Who cares as long as I have the Blogger friends who I adore.
I agree on how some of the design sites make me feel bad or make me question what I want to hang up on my walls. I know that as long as my decor makes ME smile, that's all that really matters. Besides, I never have been one to want to go along with the norm. If I was, I'd still be at the Bank instead of picking up dog poop. OK, maybe that's not a good example, but you know what I'm trying to say.
But there will always be design blogs that I adore and wish they were mine because they are beautiful but not cookie-cutter houses. (Yes, I'm talking about A.U.C. I want his home so bad! LOL!) anyway...
about the anonymous. Sometimes, most times, "Blogger" makes you sign in again to post a comment and if the person does NOT "uncheck" the "keep me signed in" box, it will post the comment as Anonymous. So I'm assuming your secret comments are just people that don't know about that. Thanks for commenting, I KNOW that YOU are always lurking out there. LOL!
Merry Christmas! XOXO - Cindi

Robin Kent said...

Thanks from me too Cindi for the shout out. It's nice to be acknowledged by someone I admire. The real prize is finding a kindred spirit I never would have and making true connections. Can you imagine how excited Emily Dickinson would have been with this ability!?
Will get my blog reading backup when things settle down. Nursing keeps interfering with blog time!

Sandy Mastroni said...

well You KNOW I love your blog .. your writing , your photos
and I don't do labels either [ I always forget ]
Merry Christmas Cindi !
I'm off to visit these blogs ! Thanks Cindi !

ODD imagination said...

Hi Cindi!
I am playing catch up and it was so wonderful to find your comment on my blog leading me here! What a sweetheart you are!
I hope your Christmas was a joyful one and that the New Year brings EVERYTHING your heart desires!
Lot's of hugs to you girl,

Blue Dragon Arts said...

Hi Cindi! Thank you so much for the mention, that is way too kind! I'm sorry I haven't been online before now. I totally enjoy Christer's blog too. His photos just take my breath away. Thanks again for thinking of me, you're the best!!!

Blue Dragon Arts said...

Hi Cindi!!! I just suck at trying to get comments up, can't ever do it right. Anyway, THANK YOU for the mention, that is so kind of you!!! I adore Christer's blog and his photos always make me wish I lived there - without the cold though. Thanks again Cindi!