Thursday, December 8, 2011


OK, not really. I'm broke. Paycheck to paycheck kinda thing like most people.
Robbing Peter to pay Paul.
Getting a paycheck every other week and depositing it on my lunch hour at the credit union and then coming home after work to pay bills on-line until it's gone.
I like paying on-line. Much less painful then the old days of writing out check after check and then addressing an envelope and getting a stamp and mailing it. Oh wow, I'm glad THOSE days are over!
So, I got paid on Monday and as I drove home, I have to drive past a section of town lined with little antique and collectibles shops. They are closed by the time I come home at night but sitting at the stoplight I could feel my eyes being pulled towards the sidewalk to some "chairs" bike-chained to the front of one of shops.
I went home and paid "some" of the bills.
The next morning, through frost covered windows I squinted out at them. Blue leaned forward for a look but didn't have any appreciation for them.

At work I told some of the "girls" about them. I was starting to describe them,
"They're Mid-Century Modern..." and was met with laughter.- "What is THAT?!"
OK, I know not everyone is into the "stuff" that I like but what's with the laughter.
Why am I EVEN explaining?
Why am I TRYING to talk to them?

I had Wednesday off. I drove to the shop and she made a deal. All 4 chairs and a table for a $100.
But I don't need a table. I have a table. and THIS table was NOT a Tulip table.
If it was, well I would have needed THAT.
But I only need 2 chairs. I already have 2 high-back iron chairs and I don't like too matchy-matchy.
My style is Mid-Century Modern/Old Weird stuff Eclectic.
Now the old me would have wanted it all and would plan on fixing up the other 2 chairs and reselling them.
But the new me, the WIP me, knows that the basement is full of that kind of junk so...
I'm proud to say, I just got TWO.
But since I'm paycheck to paycheck, I won't be paying one of the Paul's.
That Paul being the Phone/Internet Paul.
So if I disappear for a while, you know why.
So I will end the suspense, here's the chairs....they need some work. They each have a crack at the front of the seat and there's rust on the pedestal part. But they are the REAL DEAL and not some Target knock-off. I don't think it should be that hard to repair them back to being bright white and shiny!
(Don't look at my house, I hate the floor. Just look at the chair.)
Oh, and here's Rosie.
I didn't talk about this before but after the horrible "pole falling on her" accident, I took her in for a dental. She had some very bad teeth and her gums were looking horrible.
I didn't want to do it because my dear friend Nita lost her little dog the day after he had a dental and then my sister's cat died right after his dental! So I was fit to be tied. I REALLY didn't want to do it. The head tech told me that she had a little Pomeranian once with teeth as bad as Rosie's and she told the vet that she would rather lose her than have her continue on with her mouth being so bad. I told her that I would rather have Rosie have a bad mouth and be ALIVE than have her DEAD.
I said she had been through SO much and it was such a miracle that she recovered, that I didn't want to lose her now. So, they did the dental and I stood at their elbow. I questioned everything they did. I watched the monitor, I read the numbers out loud to them. I drove them crazy. After the procedure, as she woke up she started gagging up blood and phlegm. They said that was usual. Then she coughed up more.
And more.
I stood and watched her as the tech put her in her kennel. Then she started to twist. I loudly exclaimed, "What's wrong! What's wrong?!"
So they pulled her out of the kennel and she was having seizures. Doc commented on how she was making figure eights with her body. Finally they stopped. They said it most likely was because of the brain trauma she had experienced from the pole accident.
Finally she was completely awake. I took her back into my work area with me. She gagged up more but finally stopped that too. I took her home and gave her meds for several days and now....
She's not 100%.
I think she's 110%! She's sassier than she's ever been. I guess they were right. Her mouth must have been really hurting her and making her feel "not so great".
Now she's running around the house, attacking her little stuffed animals.
She sits on the floor heat vents and does her "Marilyn Monroe" thing.
She gallops around the yard and dances in circles on the bed.
And poses in my new chair.
Yep, I got me some cool chairs and I got a healthy Rosie, so


sassypackrat said...

So glad Rosie is doing so great! I'm terrified about having Lita's teeth cleaned.
OMG GIRL! Those chairs are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great find! I completely appreciate and love Mid Century Modern and I'm jealous of you with those chairs! Totally worth robbing Peter for a while. ;0)

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said... had me at the name of your beloved little pup...Rosie. I have a small Rosie and we have had our teeth issues and bad breath...but she is still with me and full of Zippity-do-dah! Yes we may live paycheck to paycheck but our lives are rich...because we are living in the moment as artists...creating because we want to make this world a more humane place to live! Blessings to you! Mary Helen p.s. I do love the chairs also!!!!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Oh Cindi
Your stories take one on quite a ride ... how could a story about 'chairs' and paying bills be so fascinating ... ha ha
and I am happy about your Rosie too

yoborobo said...

OOOOOH! COOL CHAIRS!!!!! You scored, sista! Who needs internet - you have chairs AND Rosie. :) I am hoping to get my laptop tomorrow and return to the real world - haha. xox

An Urban Cottage said...

You must have tons of material because this is two good posts in one. So happy that Rosie did well.

Two of cats have had major dental issues. After getting all of those removed, his personality totally changed for the better. I was worried about doing it, but it was well worth it.

Funny story about telling people about the chairs. I'm always trying to explain to people what I want to buy or do. They always say, Oh, I don't know about that but when they see it, they always love it. Ignore the naysayers. Apparently the chairs are Rosie approved!

Anonymous said...

I think good teeth is a must for any pet. I know that sometimes bacteria gets in the system when they do dental on pets (and humans too) but they would most probably have become ill later on anyway. I'm glad You let her have the dental done :-)

I'm a bit different when it comes to buying things now days :-) :-) I never buy anything I really don't need and I always save the money before buying it :-) :-)

After I almost got baknrupt after the garden centre I've become a totally different person and now when times are bad and I never know when I can loose my job I always have a buffer too :-)

Have a great day!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I am happy Rosie is feeling better. I would have been scared to death and driving everyone at the vet crazy if it had been my Westie! Your chairs are a great find. I think they are fantastic! I am linking from Mod Vintage Life.

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Love the chairs and so glad to hear that Rosie is good. But very scary....I know you must have been panicked.

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I featured Rosie and her chair on Mod Mix Monday!

denise said...

Nice find on those chairs!! but nicer that Rosie is 110%. And I love her on that chair, but as you know, I love her no matter what or where and would steal her if I lived near you.

I recently had a dental done on Hanzie, it had been a couple years. I had NO IDEA that his four top incisors were so loose. He always gave me that toothy 'play with me' grin that I loved so much, I didn't know it was causing him discomfort. After the dental and the teeth removal, he came home and started playing 'tug the toy' games with Bug, and he wasn't whining anymore. He's not a big player of toys and he's a whiney boy naturally so I didn't pay much mind to he's feeling better and he's happier, which makes me happy.