Tuesday, December 13, 2011


that irritate the HELL out of me.
Like when I tell people at work - "There's a HUGE hawk outside watching the little dogs!"
and they nod their heads and dismiss me with a wave of their hand.
Then later they come up to me and say -
"There's a HUGE hawk outside, you better watch the little dogs!"
I want to say - "DUH! Do ya think?"
Instead I just nod and give them a wave.


An Urban Cottage said...

That's scary!

My mom lives in the sticks and occasionally a hawk will swoop in out of nowhere and grab a cardinal. She's always shakes her fist and yells. TAKE THE STARLINGS OR COW BIRDS; NOT THE CARDINALS!

It was pretty shocking to see I must admit.

yoborobo said...

We have turkey vultures the size of cadillacs here, although I guess they are the clean-up crew, and not the original offenders. Good eye! The little dogs are lucky to have you! xox

Garden Girl☺ said...

I have one hawk that lives in my woods. But I highly doubt I have to watch out for my dogs. :) I dont think a hawk could carry off a 70 pound foxhound. hahahah

Georgina said...

I laughed so hard that my hubby had to come in and see what all the guffawing was about!! We don't ever see hawks out here in our neck of the desert, well, out in the desert yes, but not in the city, so a couple of weeks ago, we heard this odd bird sound...not the usual. It turned out it was this huge, friggin' hawk up in our pine tree!!

I went outside and threw pine cones at him to shoo him away...he looked at me like "yea, right, moron...oooo, pine cones....I'm so scared!!" LOL He eventually left, but I didn't allow my little Chihuahuas out till I knew the coast was clear. Senor Cacahuate would have made quite a tasty morsel. Maya's too muscular, so she would have been too tough!! LOL

Anyway, have a great day and thanks for that morning laugh!!


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am well aware of the Hawks...i have a small dog...Rosie and a pair of nesting Hawks on the acreage. Blessings. mary helen

sassypackrat said...

People are so silly! Listening is apparently not a skill taught anymore.
We have some hawks here who stalk Lita and I when we walk through the park. Sometimes they get bold enough to come in my yard. If I have to let Lita out I stand right by her. One once actually sat on my fence watching the neighbor's little dogs for a long time but no way was it going to be able to lift one of those fat dogs.
We have an overabundance of wild rabbits so mostly they go for those but I worry so have trained Lita to run to the door if I yell Hawk!

thecottagebythecranelakeolof1 said...

Isn't that fun :-)
That's the reason I never say anything when my neighbor says we have lots of eagles in the air, I never see any but that doesn't mean there aren't any up there :-)

Have a great day and keep an eye on those small dogs opf Yours :-)


Ali Mc said...

that is the biggest hawk I've ever seen! once I saw a great grey owl and I freaked out! lol