Friday, May 25, 2012


I've written several posts since the last one that I actually "published".
Most were never even typed out,
but rather remained as just words swirling around in my head.
Others made it as far as a "draft" but ended up being "deleted".
It just seemed like I couldn't carry out a thought or idea without changing my mind.
I guess I just sometimes let things happen or actually NOT happen.
I don't make up my mind, so in the end a decision is made on its own.
So I guess I need to think and make some decisions,
before another 25 years are gone.
Life is short.
Do I want to stay at the job that I am at?
Do I want something different? What would that be?
I have to worry about the financial aspect of the whole situation.
Why don't I get off my duff and finish anything?
Why do I scribble out "ideas" and never create anything.
I need some deadlines.
I need to figure this out.
But not a "plan".
Maybe a chart.

This last one gives me hope.

Kinda explains why I feel like ERMA who said -
If Life is a Bowl of Cherries
What Am I Doing in the Pits?


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

This explains everything. Does this mean...we are due to get happier and happier? Gosh, I hope so.

Anonymous said...

I almost don't plan anything any longer and life got so much easier :-) I usually just take the day as it comes because when I plan something, like building that greenhouse of mine, things happens and I can't do it :-) :-) :-)
But my thumb is ok now so maybe I can start next week, or maybe not :-)

Have a great day!

Robin Kent said...

The occupational therapist had Jim set up a simple daily chart. Made a big difference and helped him a lot.

yoborobo said...

I'm not sure I believe that chart that says we get happier with age. I do think we get more accepting of things, and battle less. The choices begin to narrow, so maybe it's easier to enjoy the moment? Maybe that acceptance translates into contentment. Contentment would be great! :))
And the only way I ever finish anything is to give myself a deadline. Writing especially. I still miss/blow off deadlines, but It gets done a lot quicker than if I don't make myself feel accountable. That being said, I am on vacation this weekend. Doing nada. Hope you are sneaking in some snail time, too. xox!!