Tuesday, May 15, 2012


left of my vacation.
(My little Jimmy Chew lounging on the chaise lounge)
Friday I got some Snapdragons for 50 cents a 6pk.
Saturday went back and got some Coleus for 20 cents a 6pk and then worked in the yard all day long taking apart my fence that I built years ago to last forever.
Yep, I unscrewed it picket by picket....
Finally it started to get dark so I stopped and strung lights around my patio.
You can kind of make out my new fence and gate that I built.
(please ignore all the other crap sitting around, it's a work in progress)
I encircled the whole patio area with little blue Xmas lights bought for $1.50 a pack last January.

Sunday, went to the Beaux Arts Fair with my sister.
We always buy each other something for Mothers Day...since we sort of raised each other. I got her metal flowers to stick in her yard and she got me this metal flower twisted garden thing that holds a solar light. But of course I don't have photos of them. Maybe later.

Monday I got some more Coleus, they were now marked down to 10 cents a 6pk.
Yep. I got 48 - 6pks....$4.80!
I HAD to!

Then I drove out to the hardware store, I wanted to get some enamel paint to match my spray paint.
While I was waiting on the kid to stop flirting with his co-worker, I milled around and found this enamel paint in the mis-tints for $5.00!
Since I was on a roll, I went to Salvation Army.
Sitting on their sidewalk for $15.00 was this Mid-Century Modern end table.
I hurried inside but made myself take a quick look around when I spied the 50% of all furniture sign.
I found a vintage desk lamp similar to a new one I had seen for $45. This was only $3.50.
So I got the end table for $7.50 and the lamp (I should have unwrapped the cord so you could have a better look at it, oh well.)
and jumped back into my van and headed for Goodwill.
I walked to the back and BAM!
Just put out on the floor.
An upholstered bench for the end of my bed. $25.00
I will make a cover for it.
Even though I hate sewing, I can do THAT.

Then I came home and worked on the fence some more.
I had forgotten how I had stapled chicken wire under EVERYTHING and then buried that and the bottom cross bars in the ground. My neighbor was out grilling and yelled over that he liked my blue lights.
When I went out front to water the flowers, the other neighbor said that she was amazed at all the work I had done so far and also how they loved my blue lights. She said it was very cool.
Then she commented that she thought I was wasting away!
Now THAT made me very happy. I didn't realize there was any noticeable difference yet!

Then Today...
85 degrees out. I took my Sawzall out and started cutting that stinking fence apart.
I am SO tired of doing that. I got it all dismantled and all the posts dug out of the ground but 2. I was so tired that I staggered inside.
I fed my critters and then made tofu and brussel sprouts in herb & lemon marinade.
I had a few prunes for dessert.
And posting this I will turn on my blue lights and make a drink to match.
One more day left!


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

sounds like a great vacation! I think twinkle lights make any patio look way better. What a great deal you got on plants. I wish I'd find a deal like that. But I never do. I bought coleus seed and scattered them about and then Franklin immediately started digging them up. So I don't expect any plants any time soon.

Sorry, you have to go back to work. I'm so happy to hear your eating healthy is going well.

yoborobo said...

Love the blue lights, and I really love all your $$deals. You are the Queen of Thrift Shopping! Sounds like it was a great vacation, and your garden is all ready to enjoy. Mine is overrun with weeds, and the plants I got as gifts (per my request!) for Mother's Day are just sitting in the driveway. I need some of your energy, Cindi!!!!! xox

An Urban Cottage said...

I'm envious you've gotten so much done AND that you're wasting away. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

We do spend our vacations very differently :-) I do very little useful things on my vacations :-) :-) :-)

I like the lights too! But up here there's very little use to put up lights in summer. Now we get daylight already before four am (the sun goes up just before five am now) and the sun goes down 9:31 pm and the light stays for more than an hour after that :-) :-)

What great deals You did! I almost never do that :-)

Have a great day!

Gillian said...

Holy cow! Great day or WHAT?! I'm glad you are having fun and everything went your way!

I might just go snip (hack) a few things in the garden too. You've inspired me.

: ) x

Robin Kent said...

Good work for a lot of effort, but now you can look back and get the warm fuzzies over and over again. Great rewards for good work.