Saturday, November 10, 2012

Being SICK and a Business IDEA!

 I've been sick.
Physically. Achy, tired, dizzy with a sore throat type of thing.
Mentally. Because I've seen ugliness.
The last few months have opened my eyes to what is really inside of some people.
Sometimes it was just a difference of opinion and we might have said things that we shouldn't have but we listened to each others point of view, and then agreed to disagree, still be friends and move on.
I find that there are times when you don't always LIKE someone but it doesn't mean you don't still LOVE them .
But when things are said or written that creates a crack and lets you glimpse inside and you are able to see the awful truth, the hate and the ugliness that lives inside their heart.
When that happens it's best to step away before the evilness leaks out and contaminates you.
If it's rotten to the core, that's a waste of time and time is too short to waste energy trying to help and heal.
Maybe I'm a Pollyanna but it still shocks me that people can be so unkind and uncaring and hate-filled.
I'm not just talking politics, although that has definitely shined the light on some people lately.
I'm not just talking about heartless disregard of dogs and cats.
It's just that lately I've encountered so many mean self-centered people who can't figure out why they are so unhappy.
I realize that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
I know that I can be sarcastic and stubborn. Sometimes I'm lazy and whiny. I 'm indecisive on everything and then procrastinate when I do decide on something. I'm outgoing but secretively antisocial ...
a borderline-hermit. I'm judgmental and I have no time or use for anyone that doesn't care about animals and I harbor horrible thoughts about people who abuse them.
But I do believe that I am aware of my bad behavior and try to work on it.
(except for the animal part, that's in my DNA)
So, I'm trying to rid myself of these poison people in my life.
Sometimes it's easy and you're able to just "UN-friend" them.
Other times it's harder and you have to hide in the kitchen until they quit knocking and let the calls go to voice-mail.
Some are impossibly difficult because they are related to someone you care about.
Or worse yet, you work with them and you just nod, walk away and go hold a cat close.

Holding a cat close...
that gave me any idea.
I recently read about "Cat Cafes" in Tokyo.
I thought I could open one here. A place for people to come in for coffee or tea and sit and play with cats.
Maybe it would soften their souls.
Maybe they wouldn't take life so seriously and relax and just be.
I was thinking, what could be better than a a warm kitty purring against your heart?
and if it couldn't change some peoples mindsets, maybe it could be a refuge for others from those people.
But then I started having doubts.
What if the business failed? Where would the cats go?
I would need a bigger house.
My head hurts.
I think I will go not finish something.


Georgina said...

Oh wow, Cindi, you've been doing some major thinkin', girl. I learned long ago, that some people, regardless as to who they are, can be very toxic and yes, if your related to them, it makes it more difficult. My brother is a major douche, but he's my brother and I know he's not a bad person, just a douche!!! I can't toss him out of my life, but I can keep my contact with him to a minimal, and I do...makes life much simpler.

As for animal haters and abusers, well, I think we think in the same lines, but my thoughts are more virulent when it comes to child to them what they've done...hey, that can work on the animal abusers too!!

My daughter got a kitten recently, his name is Lennon, named after you-know-who. He's adorable and is a little purring machine...not sure if he purrs because he's happy or if he's stressed out about the 3 year old "loving" him too much or the 10 month old trying to up him in her mouth!! LOL Anyway, the whole time I was there, he followed me around...slept with me stayed close. He reminded me of that little bird character in Dr. Suess' story, "Are You My Mother?" LOL

Just do what you have to do, Cindi...remember, "If Mama ain't happy, no one is happy!" Have a good one and take care of that nasty stuff going on in your bod.


Robin Kent said...

That's a great idea! Wonder what the shelters around would think? Does it undermine adoptions or would it help them? Could they offer a location? So many angles to think about. Maybe the Japanese Consulate could refer some contacts on how it's done there. I remember contacting one as a student and they were very eager and helpful.
Just something to dream/purr about - without deadlines or pressure - as you get well!

sassypackrat said...

Oh I so agree with you! I've struggled with un-friending people, but you are right the glimpse into the ugly is more than can be tolerated. Sometimes differences are too different and no peace or truce can come from it. It's unfortunate and sad. Getting rid of those people in my life has made me happier, the ones I can't I just ignore. Everyone should hold and pet a cat and chill!

thecottagebythecranelaketwo said...

Some souls can't even be softened with the help of a kitten or a puppy. I've lost hope for humanity long ago and I think I passed that border to being a hermit :-) :-) :-)

Take care!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

A Cat Cafe....sounds interesting and if it goes could open a Dog Bar! Now would food and drink be served in this place or do you just come in and sit with cats? During the election process...I had several customers come in and say nasty things without even thinking I might support the other candidate. Well, I don't think they even cared. I held my tongue because my politics don't belong at work. And it's not my store. But by and large most of who I meet there are very nice and very kind.

I struggle with having some people in my life that seem to always need me and they keep me from doing what I need and want to do. But then I tell myself its god to be needed. It's hard for me to put myself first when it would hurt someone else's feelings.

yoborobo said...

Hope you are feeling much better! And as for mean people, I always picture them like the Dementors in Harry Potter. Say a protective spell and get the heck out of their way. The cafe sounds wonderful, and I would definitely visit it, but you're right about the worries. What if someone walked out with one of the cats? See how I think? Cat nappers in your cafe. Take care of yourself!! xox

20 North Ora said...

I am fairly new to the blogging scene and have been taken aback at the mean things people can say on these comments. My Mother always taught me that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all and I try so hard to live by that. If someone doesn't like your blog or your views, just don't go there. It's really simple. But, I also know some people that have really been hurt by meanies. I just don't understand.