Friday, November 30, 2012



(This is Griffin, 6 years ago)
Just a post to update.
I wasn't going to write about this originally.
I didn't want people to dread coming to my blog.
But.... the next day after losing Horton, I found a tumor in Griffin's mouth.
It was on his lip and also on the floor of his mouth.
Everyone I talked to at work and all my friends and family said that if he's still eating and active, to leave it be.
He's "at least 15" years old.
I say that because when I rescued him 12 years ago, I was told he was "at least 3"...
So, he's probably older.
I didn't even think about surgery to remove it because he "died" on the surgery table during a dental a few years back.
Doc and his tech (who's a good friend of mine) worked like crazy to bring him back.
His "numbers" were good before the surgery so there really wasn't a good reason except he just doesn't handle anesthesia very well.
Then there's the fact that my niece who called Horton "her cat" loves Griffin the most out of all my dogs.
She was 5 when I brought him home and she's grown up with him.
She knows he is old and that he's confused most days, in fact I'm sure he doesn't even know who I am anymore.
I will walk in to the room, he looks startled and runs away from me.
I call his name and he stares at me.
But he eats, in fact he's chubby and he "runs" rather than walks.
So I planned to leave it be. Like the big lump (the size of  my palm) he's had on his chest for the last few years.
Then I came home tonight and as I walked into the house I smelled "blood".
In the laundry it looked like someone had been murdered.
There was just so much it.
I quickly called work since I knew they were closing. (it took me 3 tries, I was shaking so bad.)
The Office manager said Doc would wait until we got there.
So Griff and I drove through rush hour traffic and it took forever.
Doc had to cut the hair away from his mouth that was clotted with blood.
Somehow Griffin had broken the tumor open.
Doc said it was Bad, and that it felt like it was into the bone.
Most likely Bone Cancer.
I told him that Griffin is over 15 and I also said he was my niece's favorite dog.
Doc wants to do surgery on Monday, unless it starts bleeding tomorrow and then he will come in special and do emergency surgery.
I reminded him of the past problems Griffin's had with anesthesia and he said not to worry. He said that "I'm REALLY good."
Then he said we will keep him on pain meds afterwards and he has other plans for keeping him alive and happy for as long as possible.
I do know that he's a really good vet, I'm not doubting that but....
We could use all the positive energy and healing thoughts you can spare.
Jeez, when it rains it pours.

(This is Griffin, last year)


Anonymous said...

You've had a tough week and I really hate when the decision that must be taken comes closer. But as long as he's happy and pain free there's no reason to take that decision.

I do hope things will improve from now on!


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...'ll be praying for Griffin. I know you must be so distraught. I would have been the same as you...just leave it be and let whatever happens happen...since he is so old and his history. But I guess if the Vet thinks it's worth a should do it. I do feel like when it rains it pours. I'm still trying to get my friend hoping that situation improves...and now my Mom has to have open heart surgery. Don't know when it will happen yet...I'll be thinking of you....

Robin Kent said...

Will send good thoughts to you and Griffin, and Nita. Hang tough. Take comfort in knowing the best of all things humanly possible will be done for all concerned.

yoborobo said...

Oh, Cindi, I am so very sorry. I know how much Griffin means to you, and that Horton did, too. Your heart must be so heavy. love & hugs to you, and you'll all be in my thoughts. xox

Sundays Child said...

Oh dear, what a time you have had, I am so sorry. I'm thinking of you, believe it!
Hugs, if you want one,
Julie Andrea

An Urban Cottage said...

Oh, my. That's not good news at all. Hoping and praying for the best.

barbandemily said...

Sending positive energy your way!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am praying for all your furry family members... and you too! I am so sorry for your pain. Love you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart