Sunday, January 5, 2014

I'm Not moving. So...

First, thanks again for all the wonderful comments to yesterdays post.
The comments really touched my heart and motivated me .
I will try to ignore that number count.
I mean, that's just Followers on Blogger and doesn't include email, Bloglovin, etc.
And whoever stopped Following me...maybe they quit Following a lot of people.
I shouldn't take stuff so personal.

Moving on,
OK then. I'm not doing my "I'm Not moving...But" Sunday posts anymore.
Instead I'm doing "I'm Not moving. So..."
Yeah. I'm going to post ideas and photos of what I'm going to do to my own home
to make it be the best it can be...for me.
Eventually I'm going to actually post pictures of my house.
Kinda scary territory for me.
Even though I spill my guts here on the blog, it's intimidating to think I will show the interiors of my home.
After all, I don't even like letting people in the house.
I'm so conscious of all the things that need to be done.
And the fact that there are so many amazing homes in blogland has me very apprehensive.
But I'm gonna do it.
....pretty soon.
So today I will start with photos of home exteriors that are inspiring me.
Little houses pinned to one of my Pinterest boards.
Here's one:
I went to the link to read more about it and found that it's an actual tiny DOLL house!
OK and there's this one, LOVE this one -
that link takes me to the message warning that the link could be SPAM and to go back.

Love this one too. - 
that link APPEARS to be house plans but it's not, it's more SPAM
This link said that the website could be "spammy or unseemly".

This one is cool. On HGTV but when I went to their site, I couldn't find it.

and finally, this one. LOVE LOVE this one!

and the link was back to HOUZZ.
I adore Houzz, I have "boards" over there too.
I can get lost for an hour, easy.

So there are some ideas about what I like and might get inspiration from.
If I can find the links!
Maybe I'll just stick with Houzz.
I haven't had any SPAM problems over there.

I'm looking forward to 2014, working on my home, working on my Art and on my writing and sharing the journey.
Thanks for reading!


Vicki said...

Those are so fun; I like the idea of going tiny but, in practicality, maybe I'd feel suffocated. But I love the idea of all the creative storage in the tiny houses. Don't feel badly; I downsized, my house is a mess, nothing I had in the other house goes in this one and I don't know what to do with any of it right now. It's a lovely way to start 2014 (not!) except if we could just look forward to the end result! Hang in there.

Nita Stacy said...

Love all these darling little cottages! All very good inspiration. I could totally live in a house that looks like any of these.

lynn said...

You make me laugh. I don't like people in my house either and don't really know why. I live in a nice old house and it is clean so I should put out the welcome sign. I for one would love to see your home. How fun to see what changes you make.

Anonymous said...

I like that second house, look like it's small and that I like :-)

I saw on Fb that it's cold where You live! I hope everything will be ok and that the weather will be warmer soon!
Have a great day despite the weather!

An Urban Cottage said...

ADORE the last one. If I could find some exactly like that, about 45 minutes from here, on the ocean but not close enough to get swept away in a storm, my life would be complete.